Blasphemy laws are the foundation of an authoritarian state

Pakistani Christian villagers march during a protest against the country’s strict blasphemy laws against Islam. Getty images

Pakistan is a?Muslim country and when they introduced blasphemy laws they said they were created to protect people’s religious beliefs but the laws resulted in public death sentences. Naive Canada is being led down the same garden path by a leader known more for his boyish good looks than his common sense. He has introduced motions against “Islamophobia” that are not legally binding but Muslim extremists are already agitating for them to become laws.

A resolution, M-103, seeking to condemn so-called “Islamophobia,” was introduced a few weeks ago in the peaceful country of Canada by Liberal Party MP Iqra Khalid in the House of Commons, sparking a controversy.

A similar motion, labelled M-37, was later tabled in the Ontario provincial legislature by MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers on February 23, 2017, and was passed by the provincial parliament.

M-37, like its predecessor, demanded that lawmakers condemn “all forms of Islamophobia” and reaffirm “support for government efforts, through the Anti-Racism Directorate, to address and prevent systemic racism across government policy, programs and services”…

There are, of course, no comparable motions against “Judeophobia” or “Christianophobia”.

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Appease one “it” and next you diminish a “she”

As a society, we really have to think through the true cost of appeasing the most exotic of human needs at the inconvenience of others.

When did the rights of an “it” outweigh the rights of a “she”? ? Because that’s what this world is coming to.

A Kiwi teenager has spoken out about her school’s decision to allow a transgender student to use the girls’ bathrooms, saying it was made without consultation and her rights were overlooked.

In a video titled Ask Me First About School Toilet Privacy: Laura the girl, known only as Laura, says the management’s decision to allow a transgender teenager, who was born male but identifies as female, to attend the all-girls’ school last year shocked her.

School leadership initially told the transgender student she could use the gender-neutral toilets, but she successfully campaigned to access the girls’ halfway through the school year.

Laura said it was then that she spoke up to the school’s management, voicing her concerns for her and other students’ safety.

“And at that point I was like ‘No this isn’t right’,” she says in the video.

“As a girl I feel uncomfortable with a guy being in the same toilets [as me]. There are already gender-neutral toilets in the school.

And that’s a good point. ?By pandering to one individual that has boy parts but deeply believes in his/her heart that she’s a girl, it interfered with the natural rights of all natural born girls. ?In short, it makes no bloody sense! ? Read more »

Shouldn’t NZ’s leading academics be objective and non-political?

In New Zealand, we have a problem with both journalism and academia. Both careers have historically been all about balance and objectivity but more and more of our leading academics are involving themselves in politics and promoting themselves as experts to the media even when their fields of expertise have nothing to do with the topic they are talking about.

Two terrorist sympathisers who have been held up as experts on the Israel-Palestine problem by the New Zealand Herald are both University of Auckland Dance Studies lecturers. Yes really. Even better another one is a senior lecturer at the Massey University School of People,?Environment and Planning. Perhaps they all have a cunning plan for peace that involves dancing around trees as they plant them on the border?

Dance Studies

…Quite how these academics qualify as experts ? or even objective commentators ? on the complex Israeli-Palestinian question is a moot point. There is much to contest in the letter and numerous factual inaccuracies. What is clear, however, is the academics? eschewing of Western Liberal values for support and appeasement of terrorists.

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Guest Post: National you can count me out, my future vote does not go with you

GuestPost:?Max Sky is a retired NZ/Australian Entrepreneur and Company CEO with international jurisdiction, specifically Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China and Britain.

His continuing political and historic research is generated on a need to know basis, born through the want of attempting to validate the facts to acknowledge and share his conclusions.
Max is a confessed stalwart for Whaleoil and its continued expansion and longevity.

Sharia Islam is infiltrating and taking over western civilisation by confronting us with an ideology that overrides evidence by distorting and falsifying it for its own ends. What is ironic is that for some time the West in Britain and Europe and under Obama in the USA has been doing exactly the same process. By the West advocating man-made global warming, isolating Israel, supporting Iran and ignoring other blatant atrocities, the west has replaced truth with ideology.

Sharia Islam is our enemy that has declared war upon reason, and now that the West is progressively discarding reason, we are basically left literally defenceless?with our reasoned battlements in ruins.

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In France it is now the turn of the ” Sunday people “

In France it is now the Christians’ turn to be targeted ?for attacks by Islamists. This is not a new phenomenon.There is actually an Arabic Islamist slogan that says?“First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”In other words, first Muslims attack Jews; then when the Jews are gone, they attack Christians. We have watched it happen over and over again in the Middle East and now it is happening in Europe. Many French Jews have fled France?and moved to Israel. 8000 of them left France for Israel last year which is a rate far higher than anywhere else in Europe. Once they are all gone the attacks on Christians will increase to fill the void they have left.

The slaughter of French priest Father Jacques Hamel on July 26 in Saint-?tienne-du-Rouvray was significant. The church where Father Jacques Hamel was saying mass was nearly empty.

…Christianity in France is dying out. Jacques Hamel was almost 86 years old; despite his age, he did not want to retire. He knew it would be difficult to find someone to replace him.

…The reaction of the French bishops was also significant. Speaking in their name, Georges Pontier, chairman of the Conference of Bishops of France…asked Muslims living in France to come to church to “share the grief of Christians.” He added that Muslims are welcome in France.

The decision to deliver a message of brotherhood is consistent with the spirit of Christianity. The wish to welcome Muslims to France but to leave completely aside that the assassins of Father Jacques Hamel acted in the name of Islam and jihad seem signs of willful blindness, severely pathological denial, and a resigned, suicidal acceptance of what is coming.

The assassins of Father Jacques Hamel are what is coming.

…Father Jacques Hamel was murdered on July 26, in the church of Saint-?tienne-du-Rouvray, by Islamic jihadists.
The French education system does not teach young people to love France and the West. Itteaches them instead that colonialism plundered many poor countries, that colonized people had to fight to free themselves, and that the fight is not over. It teaches them to hate France. But it erroneously describes Islam as a religion that brought “justice, dignity and tolerance” wherever it reigned.

Seventh-grade students spend the first month of the school year learning what Islamic civilization brought to the world in science, architecture, philosophy and wealth. A few weeks later, they have to memorize texts explaining that the Church committed countless atrocious crimes…The Holocaust is still in the curriculum, but is taught less and less; teachers who dare to speak of it face aggressive remarks from Muslim students.

…French mainstream media do their best to hide the truth. Abdel Malik Petitjean and Adel Kermiche are described as troubled and depressed young people who slipped “inexplicably” towards barbarity. Their actions are widely presented as having nothing to do with Islam.

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Why do we teach our children not to fight back?

My father’s generation was taught to fight back. My generation was taught to try and talk one’s way out of a bad situation and only if that failed to fight back. My children’s generation was taught to firstly use their words and if that failed to try and ignore the bad situations. Finally if that failed, they were taught to literally walk away rather than fight back.

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The greatest obstacle to defeating Islamic terrorism is left-wing politics



The left wing is strongly pro-immigration and sees it as a humanitarian gesture, rather than a calculated one, to bring in new skills and hard-working people who will contribute and assimilate well to our society.?It is also more concerned with the rights of criminals than of law-abiding citizens. ?These examples are two ways in which left-wing politics make it easy for Islamic terrorism to come to our shores. Daniel Greenfield is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. ?He explains that the left?wing’s culpability for Islamic terrorism is much more complex than just my two examples.

Men and women, some whose clothes were still marked with gray ash, walked dazedly toward Union Square. Many did not know what to do or where to go. So they kept on walking. They knew the country was under attack, but they did not know how bad it was or what might still be heading for them.

…In the coming days, the statue of Washington would be repeatedly vandalized by leftists drawing peace signs and ?No War? and ?War is Not the Answer? slogans on it. But that moment crystallized my realization that while Muslim terrorists had carried out the attack, it was the left we would have to fight.

While some New Yorkers had gone to help the victims of Islamic terrorists, the left had rushed to aid the terrorists. Unlike the rest of us, they were not shocked or horrified by the attack. They were treasonously working on ways to spin the murder of thousands of Americans to protect the enemy.

The greatest obstacle to defeating Islamic terrorism is still the left.

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Face of the day

Eva Brunne Bishop of Stockholm

Eva Brunne
Bishop of Stockholm ?World?s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space,?

Today’s face of the day is one of those people who make you want to bang your head against a wall. She has taken the Christian habit of turning the other other cheek and turned it into an art form. She is Sweden’s first openly gay bishop and she wants to appease an ideology that punishes homosexuality with death.?She wants to take down the symbols of Christianity to appease an ideology that massacres Christians.Not only that but she wants to make room in a Christian building for Muslims to practice their supremacist and Infidel and Kafir hating ways. Her naivety is terrifying. This is Sweden the rape capital of the world. How could she not notice what Islamic immigration has brought to her country?Does she really think that appeasement will save her and her church?

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John Kerry has an oh f*ck! moment

The fools in Obama’s administration have just had a real oh fuck moment over Iran.

Not more than 24 hours after Murray McCully banged the gavel down approving the Iran nuclear deal were their leaders pronouncing death and destruction upon the US and Israel.

In an interview Tuesday,?Secretary of State John Kerry said?a recent?speech by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calling for “Death to America” and vowing to maintain?anti-American policies was “very disturbing, very troubling.”

“You heard ‘Death to Israel,’?’Death to the U.S.’?You could hear it. The whole nation was shaken by these slogans,”?said?Khamenei in a speech broadcast live on Iranian television Saturday. “So we ask Almighty God to accept these prayers by the people of Iran,? assuring citizens that the regime’s opposition to the “arrogant” U.S.?”won’t change at all”:

KHAMENEI:?The Islamic Republic of Iran will not give up support of its friends in the region ? the oppressed people of Palestine, of Yemen, the Syrian and Iraqi governments, the oppressed people of Bahrain and sincere resistance fighters in Lebanon and Palestine? Our policy will not change with regards to the arrogant US government.

In an?interview Tuesday?with Saudi television network?Al?Arabiya,?Kerry responded to Khamenei’s?”troubling”?speech.

“I don’t know how to interpret it at this point in time, except to take it at face value, that that’s his policy,” said Kerry.?”But I do know that often comments are made publicly and things can evolve that are different,” he said, attempting to insert some sense of optimism, but added,?”If it is the policy, it’s very disturbing, it’s very troubling.”

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More on John Key celebrating the end of Ramadan




Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.32.42 AM

John Key has hosted a celebration for the end of Ramadan. His supporters on Facebook say that this is normal and he has hosted other religious events so it is no big deal. I admit that my knee jerk reaction to hearing about it was this is appeasement and sucking up to an ideology in the hope that they will not bring Islamic terrorism to our country.

Mark Van Boxel had the same knee jerk reaction as me commenting that..

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