April Fools

Mediaworks partners with Whaleoil to create a new, independent news organisation


MediaWorks Holdings Limited (?MWL?) and Whaleoil?have announced the formation of a joint venture to launch a new media brand?providing a fresh perspective on news and views. Following on from secret meetings in December 2014 this joint venture has been more than a year in the making.

MediaWorks|Whaleoil?will establish a standalone newsroom to deliver fresh and innovative news-casting using all digital formats.?Initially focused on news, politics, analysis and commentary, the organisation will benefit from the combined capabilities of two of New Zealand?s leading media brands.

Mediaworks?access to unique global content and expertise in news gathering?will be complemented by Whaleoil?s unique media presence as New Zealand’s hardest hitting political journalist with an?in-depth understanding of New Zealand news audience preferences. The new company will also extend the current MWL news?brands including Scout, building a deeper connection between brands, advertisers and audiences.

MediaWorks|Whaleoil will leverage the unmatched promotional platform of MWL?s TV, Radio and Digital assets, which include many of the most well-known?and most effective news commentary?in New Zealand, and have a combined reach of 3.8 million people (97% of the population). ? Read more »

I know it’s a little late to report on this… top notch April Fools prank

Best Youtube video ever to be chosen


Listen carefully. I will zay dees only once! Join la R?sistance against Gareth Morgan!

It seems there is going to be a huge cat lovin’ backlash on the way:

A small cruise ship in Akaroa will soon be home to almost 500 cat lovers and their feline friends.

Tourism operator Black Cat Cruises announced this morning it would host the International Cat Lovers Convention from April 1 to 4 next year.

“This is a serious business for people who love cats,” Black Cat Cruises managing director Paul Bingham said.

The convention would feature a range of seminars about cat yoga and cat physio.

Bingham said the company would host cat lovers on a small cruise ship that would soon be painted black.

“We expect lots of interest in the catwalk competition. It really will be a unique convention and will be a great boost for the town and region.

“Cat lovers are extremely dedicated to their hobby with many spending quite some time travelling to various cat shows and conventions throughout the world. To have their major annual convention in not only New Zealand, but in Akaroa, is a fantastic opportunity.”

Meh. ?If only.

A Day of Announcements

It must be the day for it. Government appointments to new roles start today so why not some announcements.

Keeping Stock published Martyn Bradbury‘s press release announcing that Kiwiblog, Whaleoil, Keeping Stock and Home Paddock will now be syndicating our feeds to The Daily Blog in order to provide some balance.

Scott Yorke also announces some big news.

People who read my posts will know I have not been an uncritical supporter of the Labour Party. The party has struggled from one blunder to the next, and this tendency towards self-injury has driven much of the ongoing speculation about David Shearer’s leadership. Many of us have looked on in dismay as Labour tears itself apart, and more than a few of us have found ourselves questioning our choice of party. ? Read more »

A good April Fools sting

Mashable put up this video on their site suggesting that Conan O’Brien had bought out Mashable: