Bill Maher: “I see a lot of people talking about guns who don’t know sh*t about guns”

Breitbart reports:

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized liberals “who don’t know sh*t about guns” for speaking about gun control and criticized recent gun control pushes as “a little bit elitist and a little bit racist,” on Friday.

Maher said, “[D]oes it really matter if we are banning certain guns? Because, I see that the liberals, they talk about guns — now, I’m not a gun expert, but I see a lot of people talking about guns who don’t know sh*t about guns. I know a little about — it’s like when the pope talks about vaginas, you know. And that’s when the conservatives stop listening. Like, I know a lot of them think that AR-15. ‘AR’ stands for ‘assault rifle.’ It doesn’t. and it’s not an assault rifle. It’s not an automatic weapon. Those are illegal. There are a lot of weapons they’re not even talking about banning that basically do the same thing as an AR-15, because you have to squeeze each round.”

Maher added, “[T]he Washington Post says in 2015, 39 deaths from mass shootings. Now, of course, we should say, any death is too many, blah, blah, blah. But, let’s get real. A lot of this is a little bit elitist and a little bit racist, like you were starting to say. It’s like when shootings happen to white people in nice places.”

Maher later said that there is gun control legislation he supports, and that he stops listening, “When it starts with the democrats with, ‘Well, I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.’” And agreed the “glorification” of guns should be taken out of the American psyche.

The same applies to Greg O’Connor. He should be ignored. His submission on the gun inquiry was ridiculous. It was probably ghostwritten by Rob Ngamoki, the fool the Police use as their “expert” witness.

You can’t stop criminals obtaining guns through legislation. They are criminals because they ignore laws.


– Breitbart

Pansy reporter needs to hand in man card

When reporters write about guns they are mostly wrong and sometimes they are very very wrong.

Take the ironically named Gersh Kuntzman from the NY Daily News. This little cupcake thinks AR15 rifles are horrifying, menacing and very very loud, so loud one gave the princess “temporary PTSD”.

I’m not kidding.

Stelmach doesn’t think it should be easy. But he thinks it should be allowed. “Guns don’t kill people. The wrong people kill people,” Stelmach added. “We can’t blame the weapon.”

He loves the AR-15 for cops, soldiers, hunters and target shooters. “It’s fun to shoot something like that,” he said.

Not in my hands. I’ve shot pistols before, but never something like an AR-15. Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower is humbling and deafening (even with ear protection).    Read more »

Here is one problem the Police have when discussing MSSA rifles

The Police have a massive credibility issue when they start talking about MSSA rifles.

They rely on the expert testimony of their armourer, Rob Ngamoki.

The problem is that Rob Ngamoki is an idiot and makes statements like this in court:

The High Court heard evidence from senior police armourer Rob Ngamoki and Auckland film set supplier and gun collector Martin Bath. Both said the guns could be modified to fire live ammunition, but disagreed on how easy this was.

Ngamoki said he completed such a modification in about 90 minutes, while it took Bath eight hours.

It was put to Ngamoki that an “average criminal” would not know how to convert the pistols.

“That’s not correct because they have been doing it,” Ngamoki said.

However, under cross-examination he was unable to provide examples of this happening.

Tipple said the police could not produce evidence the pistols were being modified and used by criminals.

“They’re only zinc alloy, whoever fires one, they’re putting themselves in as much danger as the person they’re pointing it at. They’re designed specifically not to be fired.”

Justice Courtney found the pistols could not be regarded as either starting pistols or firearms.

“The seizure of the Kimar pistols is disallowed. The remaining pistols are to be returned to Mr Tipple,” the judge said.

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Why talk about MSSA rifles is silly

Anti-gun loons are already up to mischief calling for a ban of all ‘military-styled’ weapons.

Right at the top of their target list (along with others) are AR15 rifles, which are a semi-automatic .223/5.56mm rifle.


The loons hate these sorts of rifles because of the look of them. The loons assume that they are all owned by criminals. They look military so they must be very, very bad. Like the monster that sleeps under your kid’s bed at night and eats undies.

But military-styled guns work no differently to any other semi-auto rifle, like these very benign-looking semi-auto rifles that kids and farmers and hunters all over the New Zealand and the world learn to shoot with.

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An assault rifle that Islamic terrorists literally cannot touch

Muslims are extremely upset over a new type of gun that has just emerged, and it’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Spike’s Tactical is marketing an assault rifle that they claim was “designed to never be used by Muslim terrorists.” The AR-15 assault rifle is laser-etched on one side with a Knights Templar Long Cross – a symbol of the Christian Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslims – and Psalm 144:1 on the other side: “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle”, the Orlando Sentinel reports.
The idea came from Navy Seal, Ben “Mookie” Thomas after he heard that Islamic terrorists were getting a hold of U.S weapons that were left abandoned by the Iraqi Army.
Thomas said he believes no devout Muslim would touch such a weapon. Islamic hate for the Christian cross dates back for centuries.

He makes a great point. In fact even ordinary( non terrorist ) ‘ moderate ‘ Muslim refugees refused food packages because they were from the Red cross and had the symbol of the cross on them.

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NZ Army to replace Steyr with AR15 variant from LMT

LMT rifle

The era of the Steyr AUG in the NZ Army is over with the selection LMT as the preferred tenderer for the replacement programme.

A Request for Tender for the provision of contemporary individual weapons, necessary training, and associated support to the NZDF closed on 12 November 2014. Following the evaluation of the tender responses, the companies listed below were selected for the trials programme phase of the evaluation, which was undertaken between 2 March and 1 June 2015.

The following companies were selected for the Individual Weapon trials phase:

  • Beretta New Zealand Limited
  • Česká zbrojovka a.s.
  • Colt Canada Corporation
  • XTEK Limited (Sig Sauer)
  • Heckler & Kock GmbH
  • Lewis Machine & Tools Co Inc

Following the trials programme phase of the evaluation of tenders, the Ministry has selected Lewis Machine & Tool Co Inc of the USA as preferred Tenderer. Subject to the Ministry undertaking a Due Dilligence activity and negotiation of a contract package, New Zealand Government approval will be sought to proceed to award of a contract.

LMT already supply the Designated Marksman Rifle, a 7.62mm AR platform rifle, selected in 2012.

This is a good development as the AR platform is far more versatile that the Steyr AUG platform and the NZ Army armourers will be very familiar with the capabilities of the rifle. The Aussies though have continued with their developments with a move toward the EF88/F90 variant.

The new rifle is expected to be introduced into service by 2016-17. LMT offer choices in gas/direct or piston impingement on the bolt carrier…piston would be my preference.

No specification details of the exact LMT rifle are available yet.


Forget 3d printing, how about a desktop CNC mill?

The same guy who brought you 3d printed AR15 parts has now moved to the next step.

He has developed a desktop CNC mill for under $1000.

You just download the open source design files, load them up in the appropriate software, attach the plug and play CNC mill and insert your receiver blank and voila…a brand new precision engineered lower receiver without a serial number.

Cody Wilson, the fast-talking techno-libertarian famous for unapologetically championing the 3D-printed gun movement, just announced what’s perhaps his boldest move yet. His company, Defense Distributed, is taking pre-orders for a tiny mill that can machine metal guns automatically. It’s called Ghost Gunner, and it’ll ship in time for the holidays.

Ghost Gunner, named for the colloquial term for unserialized firearms, “ghost guns,” is a desktop-sized, computer-guided mill much like the kind you’d find in any high school shop classroom. The 13×11 inch box is designed to fit an 80 percent lower receiver, a firearm component that can be bought legally but needs some specialized milling to fire a bullet. This is where Ghost Gunner comes in.

CAD files can be loaded into Ghost Gunner, and after a little automatic machining and manual screw turning (screws come in the box), Defense Distributed claims that you’ll have your very own functional and untraceable gun. They plan on releasing open source design files for AR-15 and AR-10 assault rifles, as well as the M1911 pistol, before its release.

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As usual media got it wrong

Now the facts are starting to come out we find out that the killer in Washington DC never had semi-automatic weapons at all…he used a pump action shotgun and stole Glock handguns from his victims.

This is why people like Piers Morgan should just stfu.

Authorities investigating Monday’s D.C. shooting spree believe the gunman brought a shotgun, legally purchased from a suburban Virginia gun shop, to the Navy Yard and acquired additional weapons at the scene, according to three law enforcement officials.

The officials said Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas, a 34-year-old discharged Navy engineer, entered the building with a Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun that he’d purchased last week in Lorton, Va., and was later found with two additional weapons, one of them a Glock handgun.

One scenario authorities were investigating was that he obtained the handgun and the other weapon at the scene, possibly from victims. But officials cautioned the evidence analysis was still very fluid Monday night.  Read more »


Homemade AR-15 rifle without a 3D printer

Why gun control is gay and will never work

Two days ago I posted a video of a 3d printed gun firing 600 rounds in one session.

Watch this remarkable video of the guy who has released the plans for 3d printing of the AR15 into the wild. The discussions over liberty and freedom are fascinating.

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