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Susie Ferguson:

Let’s just talk about another New Zealand immigration case which is the one regarding Karel Sroubek, the information regarding Richie Hardcore being in touch with you; did he lobby at all in the Sroubek case?

Jacinda Ardern:

Ah, my understanding from the answers that the Minister of Immigration has given in the House, my understanding is that he ruled that out.


OK, when did you realise that you had been texted specifically about that case by him?


Ah, as I have pointed out many times in the House, I received no correspondence ah until this case was in the public domain, I didn’t know about this case [chuckle] until it was in the public domain, I have been very clear on that, so I received a [sic] unsolicited text ah ah after this was in the public ah in the public um and it was obviously commentary on that.


OK, so the content of that text message, you say it’s unsolicited, what exactly does it say? Read more »


Ardern steps up

According to Newshub, last Saturday Ardern was “off to New York […] for the General Assembly, where she’ll deliver the keynote address at the opening of UN Climate Week.”

Not even the official?United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change website is claiming that “Climate Week” is a UN event.? Obviously, they are supporting and promoting it but Climate Week is run by The Climate Group, a UK based charity.

The official website for Climate Weak?Week says this about the opening ceremony: Quote.

Climate Week NYC 2018 will be a key moment for global climate action. The Opening Ceremony is one of the most critical events in the climate calendar and will set the agenda in a crucial week for those making the changes needed to meet the Paris Agreement. Taking place just a few blocks from the United Nations General Assembly, The Opening Ceremony also plays an important role in bringing together world leaders from both the business and political spheres to act on climate.? End of quote.

So while the New Zealand media may be big-upping the whole boondongle, here at?Whaleoil we know the facts. Read more »


I never tell lies in politics

In the Mike Hosking telephone interview with Ardern on 18 September, these words were used: Quote.

MH: The GDP numbers on Thursday have you seen them? Or got a hint?

JA: Sorry the, sorry the ..

MH: GDP numbers, Thursday.

JA: GDP numbers, we’ll be putting out the audited final results soon.

MH: So you have seen them?

JA: I had a hint, yes.

MH: Are they good?

JA: I’m pretty pleased.

MH: Good, because you need at least 0.8 or 0.9 to rectify the 0.5 don’t you?

JA: (Laughs) Setting expectations already?

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Why Ardern had to fly to Nauru

“It is our nuclear free moment” so Ardern could not possibly miss the signing of the joint declaration of the 49th Pacific Islands Forum which names climate change as the single greatest threat to the region.? ?The small cost of $100,000 so that Ardern could have her signature on such an important declaration was completely worth it. Read more »