The Poms should tell the Argies to get stuffed

The Argies are rattling empty sabres again over the Falkland Islands.

This time they are telling off the Brazilians.

Argentina has lodged a protest with Brazil for hosting British military aircraft flying to and from the Falkland Islands. ? Read more »

New Zealand vs Argentina



This is today’s rugby post.? You can join the rest of us “multi-screen” tragics if you like by sharing the excitement/outrage of today’s game by sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Before the game starts, you can post your guess for the final score.? Winner gets bragging rights.

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An angry bumboat woman with a broom handle could defend the Falklands against the Argies

There are claims that defence cuts in?the?UK have left the Falkland Islands vulnerable.

There are growing fears over the security of the Falkland Islands after questions emerged over the level of Royal Navy protection given to the islands in the face of renewed Argentinian territorial claims.

There are claims that the islands, which were invaded by Argentina 34 years ago to the day, have been left without adequate protection after it emerged there is currently no British frigate or destroyer on route to the islands, leaving them with only the small and lightly armed offshore patrol vessel HMS Clyde. Read more »

Sounds like the Argies need another lesson in marching backwards


The Argies are cutting up rough again after some womble outfit at the?UN went and ignored the wishes of the residents of the Falklands Islands and decreed that the Falklands are part of Argentina.

Former SAS Colonel Tim Collins has a crack at the whole shemozzle.

The assertion by the UN’s Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf that Argentina’s maritime territory should include the Falkland Islands is a bit like Jeremy Corbyn?s assertion that the UK should open negotiations over their fate. It does not matter. It is never going to change anything.

It is frustrating, however, that the UN seeks to breath life into a dormant conflict against a settled, peaceful and democratically content people, in a world where Kim Jong-un threatens nuclear war while the European ideal disappears under a wave of humanity displaced by the brutality of militant Islam. Their migrant columns march only a few hundred miles south of the Ukrainian stand-off where death stalks the front lines.

It is typical of this failed institution. I am hoping that the Prime Minister, leader of one of the permanent five members of the UN Security Council, quietly reminds the UN who is paying for their junkets. If I were he I would be getting tired of their recent assertions that sexism is more “pervasive” and “in your face” in the UK than any other country or that the reform of of housing benefit was an attack on human rights and invite them to focus on the real world ? or do what the US does and simply stop the payments. At the same time I would very publicly ask how Argentine?s contributions were at. I would suspect that they are badly in arrears because Argentina is broke. ? Read more »

Dream holidays of bloggers?

For some reason the NZ Herald thinks bloggers and their dream holiday destinations are news.

When I say bloggers, I really have never heard of a single one of them. It seems to just be an arts, lifestyle and travel blogger…plus one called a “self love blogger”…which is…uhmm…interesting.

With summer over for another year, it’s only natural we’re already dreaming of escaping the upcoming winter.

With the help of Contiki, New Zealand’s most popular bloggers have shared their dream destinations and wanderlust inspiration for 2016 – with everywhere from Finland to Coachella making their bucket lists.

Right, so a paid post then…I thought such things were evil…oh wait, it is only evil when I do it.

Since they want to know what bloggers want for holidays (and all theirs are so utterly gay) let’s begin with my dream holidays. ? Read more »


Amazing! Argentina manages to sink something other than their own ships

The Argentinians have achieved something notable, other than challenging France for the world champion of marching backwards title: they’ve managed to sink a ship other than their own.

Argentina’s coast guard says it sank a Chinese fishing vessel that was fishing in a restricted area off the South American country’s coast.

The Argentine Naval Prefecture chased and eventually sank the andvessel after detecting it illegally fishing within the country’s exclusive economic zone, officials said Tuesday.

First, according to a statement from the coast guard, warning shots were fired. The Chinese vessel, Argentine authorities said, responded by turning off its lights and deliberately trying to crash.

“On distinct occasions, the offending boat realized maneuvers aimed at colliding with the coast guard, putting not only its own crew at risk, but also the personnel of the coast guard,” the statement said.

That’s why the coast guard opened fire, Argentine officials said. ? Read more »

Airforce stuffed, submarines stuffed & they want another scrap over the Falklands?

One of the many countries to challenge France in the marching backwards stakes is Argentina.

They have continued to be very bellicose ever since they were forced off the Falkland Islands by the Poms.

But now their armed forces are essentially neutered.

Argentine Minister Julio Martinez has confirmed that all Air Force Lockheed Martin A-4AR Skyhawk fighters are currently grounded according to multiple sources.

This comes after a significant period of decline, the Argentine armed forces have?ceased to be a capable military force. In August 2015, the Argentine air force retired its Mirage fighters, with only a handful of them even flyable. ? Read more »

The money or the goodfeelz?


An Argentine visitor may be a bit blue while reflecting on the scenery at Lake Pukaki after losing his passport and wallet stuffed with cash at the popular tourist spot.

A good Samaritan found the wallet containing Tomas Arce’s passport, bank cards and travel tickets, along with more than $5000 worth of Argentine pesos and US dollars floating around the air yesterday. ? Read more »


That’s why they are so good at marching backwards

I was reading an article about the downfall of the leftists in Argentina and the mad socialist bint leading them, Cristina Fern?ndez de Kirchner, when I came across this quote about Argentina.

?The thing you have to remember about Argentines,? a former Chilean government minister once cautioned me, ?is that they aren?t like other Latin Americans. They?re Italians who speak Spanish, but dream in French.?

And that more than anything else explains why Argentines became one of the best armies in the world at marching backwards…they learned by copying the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Right enough hilarity…the rest of the article is about the collapse of socialism in South America.

Regionally, the collapse of Kirchnerism represents both a sign of the public?s dissatisfaction with the 21st century socialist model espoused by Kirchner and her regional allies, and a potential catalyst for further weakening of South America?s?socialist status quo. Whether this weakening really comes to pass will depend on how closely Macri the president mirrors Macri the candidate. Should he continue to speak out against violations of human rights and civic freedoms in countries like Venezuela and Ecuador, as he has done, this will do much to undermine a shameful legacy of silence that has deeply damaged the region?s democratic norms. ? Read more »

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