Arkles Bay

This is what caused a bit of excitement this arvo

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

Photo/ Whaleoil Media

This afternoon in Arkles Bay it has been a bit exciting. We have been visited by a waterspout. I was out at the time but Spanish Bride tells me it felt?like a freight train hitting the house.

My neighbour took these photos from his front lawn?of the waterspout just off the point at Arkles Bay. That waterspout is about 300m from our houses. ? Read more »

Dear Calum Penrose, Denise Krum, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Alf Filipaina and George Wood [UPDATED]


Dear Councillors,

You six ignored the hundreds of submissions from locals and voted to allow set nets to be reintroduced to Arkles Bay.

Today, in the middle of summer, someone did just that.

The net is unattended, right in the middle of the swimming area near a council-provided pontoon for swimmers. I hope a small child isn’t injured or drowned. I hope no dolphins are injured. ? Read more »