Arnaud Montebourg

French government collapses, socialism still isn’t working

The cheese eating surrender monkey’s government has collapsed in acrimony.

Francois Hollande has dissolved the government and is now asking the same failed socialist Prime Minister to pick another bunch of socialists. The Frogs ?clearly haven’t learned that socialism doesn’t work no matter which bunch of socialists is in charge.

France has coherent single party government and socialism fails and hurts the people it purports to help, imagine what a coalition of socialists would be like.

French President Francois Hollande dissolved the government on Monday after open feuding in his Cabinet over the country’s stagnant economy.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls offered up his Socialist government’s resignation after accusing the outspoken economy minister of crossing a line with his blunt criticism of the government’s policies. Hollande accepted the resignation and ordered Valls to form a new government by Tuesday.

France has had effectively no economic growth this year, unemployment is hovering around 10 percent, and Hollande’s approval ratings are in the teens. ?? Read more »

French arts bludgers tell Google and Apple to leave

The cheese eating surrender monkey’s arts bludgers are signalling to business…and Apple and Google especially that they should leave France.

France is preparing to impose taxes on Apple and Google to finance the production of art, films and music in the country, in a move likely to worsen relations between business and Francois Hollande?s socialist government.

The president has asked businessman Pierre Lescure to find ways of funding the arts, as the economy continues to struggle.

France slipped back into recession in the first quarter of this year and the European Commission expects the economy to contract 0.1pc in 2013.? Read more »