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Life Magazine/Grace Jones

Life Magazine/Grace Jones

Grace Jones Secrets

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Never give up. Don’t listen to the naysayers

“Ha ha, I don’t cry”

A chance for some effective new education policy


Interesting initiative to fill in the gap between school and when parents come home from work in Decile 1 schools.

Kids who are essentially unsupervised between 3-6 pm are at a huge risk of going off the rails.

Here is something simple, built on common sense, and in need of a political party becoming its champion: ? Read more »

Schwarzenegger vs Reporter looking for an angle.

What does key card mean?

Star Power

One of the easier ones to do, but he nails it

A good Democrat

It isn’t often you find a good Democrat. Jerry Brown is starting to annoy the liberal left with his prudent spending behaviour.

Brown has tried to cut spending so much that the main complaints about him are from the left, and budget-related??especially about his resistance to federal court orders to spend more on California?s enormous and overcrowded prison system. ? Read more »

Do Labour have the guts to stand by their rhetoric? Or are they just a bunch of weasels?

The Labour party has said that they would repeal the Hobbit law…a law that looks set to ?encourage Arnold Schwarzenegger?to make the sequel to Conan the Barbarian in New Zealand.

Are Labour people of their word? Will they match their rhetoric with action?

A Labour-led government would change the law around film workers, even if it meant losing the?The Hobbitfilms overseas, as part of a major policy release around employment relations.

The Work and Wages policy, released yesterday, has at its centrepiece the establishment of an independent Workplace Commission to set minimum standards of pay, conditions and union rights across industries such as security workers, supermarket workers or retail workers.

The standards would apply as statutory minimums, but individual contracts would be exempt and the commission would have the power to exclude small businesses.? Read more »