Arthur Anae

Auckland Future’s Lack of Candidates

The nascent Auckland Future appears to have been soundly rejected by the current right wingers on council.

So far we have?been able to confirm that Councillors Wood, Quax & Stewart will not be joining. Cr Krum is concerned that Auckland Future will damage her chances in a tight election, and is also concerned that they will try to force her into policies that please Nikki Kaye voters but do not please Denise Krum voters. None of the new right wing candidates I know?about, declared or undeclared, are intending to join.

Chris Fletcher may join but is sitting on the fence (like she has always done) and waiting to see what is happening.

Desley ?Anastasia? Simpson, running in Orakei, is going to join, and the opportunist and all round dopey bastard Calum Penrose may be signed up. Penrose is likely to do what Noelene Raffils did with C&R, refuse to contribute to their campaign fund but leverage off their brand. ?? Read more »

Face of the day


Auckland councillors have voted 10-9 to approve Mayor Len Brown’s new 10-year budget.

Those to vote for the budget were Mayor Len Brown, Arthur Anae, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker, Penny Webster.


Councillors to vote against the budget were Cameron Brewer, Cathy Casey, Ross Clow, Chris Fletcher, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood.

Time to rinse the Terrible Ten

There are at least ten councillors in Auckland who will need a strong third party campaign against them at the next election.

Auckland councillors have voted 10-9 to approve Mayor Len Brown’s new 10-year budget.

Those to vote for the budget were Mayor Len Brown, Arthur Anae, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker, Penny Webster.

Councillors to vote against the budget were Cameron Brewer, Cathy Casey, Ross Clow, Chris Fletcher, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood.

Those ten councillors, plus many in the opposing list have enabled Len Brown’s wasteful spending and budgets over two council terms.

This vote won’t save them as we head into next year’s local body elections. ? Read more »

Pressure builds on the abstainers, two more cave

Pressure is building on the abstainers with two of them caving to pressure.

Two more Auckland councillors have come forward today to say they will vote on tomorrow’s final budget vote.

This follows reports that Mayor Len Brown does not appear to have a majority and is relying on four or five councillors to change their mind or abstain to pass the budget tomorrow.

Councillor Cathy Casey said she had never considered abstaining from the vote, saying in 20-plus years as a councillor she had never sat on the fence on anything.

She did not say if she would support or oppose the budget.

Ms Casey did not respond to earlier questions by the New Zealand Herald on her position.

Councillor Wayne Walker today said he would never be abstaining on the vote.

“It had been suggested to me.

But I have never abstained. I will make my decision on the day,” he said.

On Sunday, Mr Walker told the Herald “abstaining was a possibility”, saying in many respects he would like to vote against it.

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The 15 councillors that need voting out after imposing a poll tax on Auckland

Yesterday 15 councillors and unelected Maori representatives, including Len Brown voted to increase Aucklanders rates by 9.9% despite promises from Len Brown to limit rates rises to just 2.5%.

These are the 15 who need rinsing at next year’s local body elections. They are dead to citizens of Auckland. Useless. A waste of space. If only we had recall legislation.

Mayor Len Brown, deputy mayor Penny Hulse, Penny Webster, Arthur Anae, Cathy Casey, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Chris Fletcher, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker and Maori Statutory Board members David Taipari and Glen Wilcox voted for the increase.

These people need to be voted out.

They are completely out of touch with the feelings of the ratepayers. Those ratepayers need to ensure they are never in the position to rape our pockets again.

Those who votes against should be rewarded.

Cameron Brewer, Ross Clow, Denise Krum, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Watson and George Wood voted against the rises.

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Len Brown breaks yet another promise, ratchets rates ever higher

Len Brown has become the lying Mayor.

Another of his election promises has gone by the wayside as his council keeps on increasing rates rather than reining in spending.

Auckland Council’s budget committee has voted 16-7 for a proposal to increase rates by 3.5 per cent for each year of a new 10-year budget.

The proposal got the backing of Mayor Len Brown, who promised voters to hold rates at 2.5 per cent this term.

This is on top of the massive rates rises of the last 3 years, some way more than 10% but capped under now expired legislation. Remember too that this is average rates rises of 3.5%, there will be some with even higher rates rises.

These are the tax, spend and hope councillors.

For a 3.5 per cent increase: Len Brown, Penny Webster, Arthur Anae, Cathy Casey, Bill Cashmore, Ross Clow, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Penny Hulse, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, John Walker, Wayne Walker and Maori Statutory Board members David Taipari and John Tamihere.

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These Auckland Muppets should be voted out

These are the muppets who voted for Cathy Casey’s motion for Auckland Council to reject a free convention centre. They do not deserve any support and should be booted from the council including George Wood.


“The governing body does not support the Government’s proposal for SkyCity to develop a convention centre in return for changes in our gambling legislation to increase gambling at the SkyCity casino.”


Cathy Casey, Sandra Coney, Alf Filipaina, Michael Goudie, Ann Hartley, Penny Hulse, Mike Lee, Richard Northey, Wayne Walker, George Wood

All of them need to go.? Read more »

Council fratricide on Thursday – pass it on

The streets will flow with the blood of left-wingers after this coming Thurday’s Auckland Council committee meeting on the Ports of Auckland industrial dispute.

To be discussed at the meeting will be a series of questions posed by Richard Northey and answered by Auckland Council Investments’ Gary Swift.

Also on the table will be the nutty and pathetic tablings of Local Boards (they who are so clearly not tasked with regional and investment matters) who have even had MUNZ come and whinge to them about what is happening. This is all a bit ho-hum.

What is going to really set the cat amongst the pigeons is Richard Northey’s motion as chair:

? That the Accountability and Performance Committee express to the Ports of Auckland and to the Maritime Union:

i) its strong desire for an immediate return to good faith bargaining aimed at the achievement of a fair collective agreements that further significantly improves port efficiency, and
ii) its opposition to the redundancy and contracting out of 292 port workforce positions as proposed.

This amounts to political interference amongst the management of the Ports. Should this motion pass, then the left will have massively backflipped – and in the process handing a massive humiliation to Len Brown who has said his hands are tied and he won’t interfere.

It will also be interesting to see which councillors do not turn up (like last time), or choose to abstain. This includes Len Brown, whose failure to turn up last time kicked off the cunning C&R strategy of baiting Len into a foolish and compromising position of “supporting both sides” in mid January.

Brown is now tasked with an even worse set of choices thanks to Richard Northey’s desperation to show he is a worker’s mate.

a) Don’t turn up and be called a coward
b) Turn up and vote for the motion, completely upending his council and risking central government wrath (with the wrath rumoured to include legislation that the council might not like)
c) Turn up and vote down the motion, doing the right thing but further hurting his support with the militant left

I will be counting on the votes of the 5 C&R councillors, plus independents to show that it’s NOT the business of council politicians to publicly contradict and countermand previous decisions it made to support the boards of its investment wing. (Remember than on 8 December, the council voted at this same committee to back the Ports board and Auckland Council Investments). Nominally centre-right councillors like Penny Webster, Michael Goudie, and Calum Penrose, plus centrists like Arthur Anae, Sir John Walker and Sharon Stewart will be scrutinised heavily to see if they back this hard left retrograde step to inferfere in the management of the Ports.

On top of this – the votes of the two unelected Maori Statutory Board members will be scrutinised hard too.

This is going to be the showdown of the council term – this vote may define the Len Brown and Labour-left led council in the same way the Waterfront Stadium debate of the Hubbard Council wrecked the inter-personal relationships between left-wing councillors and humiliated Dick Hubbard publicly.

The Secret Mayor

Len Brown is the Secret Mayor. He didn’t want anyone to know who he had dinner with and fought for 8 months all the way to the Ombudsman. He lost that fight. He wanted board appointments held in secret so he could put his mates on the board unchallenged. And now he has fought an attempt to have the business of the Maori Statutory Authority conducted with openness and transparency.

Secrecy surrounds a new funding plan for the Maori Statutory Board after Mayor Len Brown yesterday crushed a move by many councillors for an open debate on the issue.

Mr Brown, who campaigned last year on openness and transparency, did not want councillors speaking publicly about one of the biggest embarrassments of his six months in the Super City hot seat.

He gathered 11 votes, just enough to stop nine councillors who wanted to debate the council’s new negotiating position with the board in public.

Said councillor Cathy Casey: “It is time to speak out, say what you think and own your words.”

9 Councillors voted for openness. They were Cameron Brewer, Cathy Casey, Christine Fletcher, Mike Lee, Callum Penrose, Sharon Stewart, Des Morrison, John Walker and George Wood. They can hold their heads high.

The other 11 – Len Brown, Wayne Walker, Michael Goudie, Arthur Anae, Alf Filipaina, Richard Northey, Anne Hartley, Penny Webster, Sandra Coney, Penny Hulse, and Noelene Raffils need to be drummed out of the council for letting down their people.

Len Brown sat on a train and campaigned for openness and transparency. He promised “open books”. He has lied to Aucklanders. This discussion is about the budget of the?Maori Statutory Board, if that isn’t part of the books then what on earth is?

Aucklanders know now that Len Brown prefers the shadows, back-room deals and weasel words. He has the spine of a jellyfish and the gumption of a fart. It is unacceptable that discussions about spending ratepayers money are held in secret.

We deserve better.


Possible Suspects

Here is the list of possible suspects in the case of the rorting ex-MP. I think it is unlikely it is a one termer. Possibly a two termer but likely to be one, either with form, or a confusing set of services. Therefore I have eliminated the one termers (except those with form) from the list.

I encourage the innocent to use the tip line to eliminate themselves.

John Blincoe (Labour – two terms 1990-1996)

Bruce Cliffe (National/United Future two terms – 1990-1996)

Michael Laws (National/Winston First – two terms – 1990-1996)

John Robertson (National/United Future ?- two terms -1990-1996)

Trevor Rogers (National/Independent?- two terms – 1990-1996)

Arthur Anae (National – one and bit terms – 1996-1999, 2000-2002)

Tuariki John Delamare (Winston First – one term – 1996-1999)

Grant Gillon (Alliance – two terms – 1996-2002)

Frank Grover (Alliance/Christian Heritage – one term 1996-1999)

Joe Hawke (Labour – two terms – 1996-2002)

Gavan Herlihy (National – two terms -1996-2002)

Owen Jennings (Act – two terms – 1996-2002)

Neil Kirton (Winston First – one term – 1996-1999)

Murray McLean (National – one term – 1996-1999)

Tuku Morgan (Winston First/Mauri Pacific – one term – 1996-1999)

Bob Simcock (National – two terms – 1996-2002)

Rana Waitai (Winston First/Mauri Pacific – one term – 1996 -1999)

John Wright (Alliance – two terms – 1996-2002)

Tu Wyllie (Winston First – one term – 1996-1999)

John Armstrong (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Jeff Grant (National – two terms – 1987-1993)

Hamish Hancock (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Wayne Kimber (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Hamish McIntyre (National/Alliance – one term – 1990-1993)

Rob Munro (National – two terms 1987-1990)

Gilbert Myles (National/Winston First – one and a bit terms – 1990-1993, 1999)

Ian Peters (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Graeme Reeves (National – one term 1990-1993)

Grant Thomas (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Grahame Thorne (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Jeff Whitaker (National – one term – 1990-1993)

Bill Dillon (Labour – two terms – 1984-1990) UPDATED: Deceased, via comments, someone should update his Wikipedia page.

David Robinson (Labour – one term – 1987-1990)

Noel Scott (Labour – two terms – 1984-1990)

Peter Simpson (Labour – one term – 1987 -1990)

Bill Sutton (Labour – two terms – 1984-1990)

Allan Wallbank (Labour – two terms – 1984-1990)

Gary Knapp (Social Credit – two and bit terms – 1980-1987) UPDATED – Eliminated via tip line

Pat Hunt (National – two terms – 1978-1984)

Alec Neill (National – two full terms and two partial terms – 1990-1996, 1999, 2001-2002)