Asenati Lole-Taylor

See ya, don’t let the door smack you in the arse on the way out

Regular readers will know we focussed on Asenati Lole-Taylor and her bizarre antics.

Well it appears she has done a bolter before things turned a little uncomfortable with her here.

A former NZ First MP and her husband have left the country under the cloud of a police investigation.

Asenati Lole-Taylor and her husband Dennis Taylor packed up their belongings and moved to Australia in March, effectively stalling a police investigation into allegations they wrongly accessed the criminal records of a former NZ First Party official.

Speaking from Australia, Lole-Taylor denied any suggestion she or her husband were avoiding police.

“They know how to get hold of me. I was very available, phone email. Nobody bothered to pick up the phone. ?? Read more »

Getting rid of dud MPs – Ask Winston

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

The National Party is dead set useless at getting rid of dud MPs. They took weeks to run Aaron ?Do you know who I am?” Gilmore out of parliament.

Instead of quickly and quietly knifing him they left him flopping around for a couple of weeks before he finally reached the inevitable conclusion.

Claudette Hauiti would have probably faced a police investigation if it hadn?t been politically expedient to let her get away with a little bit of personal spending of taxpayers money. ? Read more »

Winston knew this was coming, and dumped her from the party


I tried to run this as an important story about an MP breaking the law at the time, but the media were so pre-occupied with their own little games, it allowed Winston Peters to duck quite the controversy. ?It may have earned him a few percentage points for the final party vote.

Former NZ First MP?Asenati?Lole-Taylor inappropriately accessed the criminal?records of a former party official, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

Dennis Taylor, her husband, lost his job last month after an investigation found he looked up historic convictions of NZ First’s former director and?Mana?electorate chairwoman?Marise?Bishop.

Now, in a letter to Bishop, Corrections has revealed the investigation found?Lole-Taylor, who was a rehabilitation?and reintegration services adviser at the time, also broke the rules.

But because she quit Corrections after becoming a list MP in 2011, they can take no action. Read more »

Here is some REAL dirty politics

Not from National, nope…not from Labour, though the wanted to be in coalition with them…here is some real dirty politics being played by NZ First.

And Winston was so sanctimonious over it all in the parliament last week.

Still he is so shameless he will carry on, ignoring that it was one of his MPs digging the dirt with illegally obtained information.

The husband of a former NZ First MP has lost his job after inappropriately accessing the criminal records of a former party official.

The Corrections Department confirmed manager Dennis Taylor, husband of Asenati Lole-Taylor, is no longer employed after an investigation into a complaint by former director and Mana electorate chairwoman Marise Bishop.

Her historic drink-driving convictions were divulged to senior party members when she sought re-election at a 2012 convention. ?? Read more »

Our lollies may be safe, but our lives are poorer for it


The little lolly stealers are out of a job anyway

Turns out the Speaker is clamping down on nepotism around the country’s electorates

Politicians could find it harder to hire relatives in taxpayer-funded jobs after changes to the way support staff are recruited.

After the General Election, Parliamentary Services will require job applicants to register on an electronic recruitment system that will favour candidates with experience.

The majority of the 730 staff have to reapply for jobs at the end of each three-year parliamentary term.

Under new guidelines issued by the Speaker, Parliamentary Services can block an MP from hiring staff if they are “clearly lacking the skills to meet the requirements of the role”.

MPs are not allowed to employ their spouse or partner, in or outside Parliament, or any dependents. But many MPs filled their offices with immediate family members.

NZ First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor employs two of her daughters, Fleur and Amy, in her Papatoetoe office.

Lole-Taylor appeared unaware of the rules around hiring family members as staff. “Is that a rule that they’re not allowed to be employed?”

I wonder if she’s got her?daughters chasing after prostitutes when she’s too busy? ? Read more »

Ass nasty lolly stealer has her own reality field

Asenati Lole-Taylor is a bit of a treasure really. ?She has her own reality field. ?No matter what people say, show or otherwise present to her as the truth, she has her own way of seeing things.

For example:


I’m sure someone has told her New Zealand had a Prostitution Reform Bill some years ago, and prostitution is now a legal and legitimate business. ? Instead, here we have a NZ First MP interfering with legal business transactions by chasing them down the street trying to take photos.

It’s this kind of la-la-land behaviour that’s come home to roost.

Having been dumped down to an unelectable list position of number 13, Asenati Lole-Taylor sees it as a postitive – her reality distortion field appears to unaffected: ? Read more »

Ass Nasty Lolly Stealer is trying to frame the argument


She knows what’s coming her way with the investigation into her alleged use of police resources for political purposes. ?So why not start acting the victim now, and throw yourself into the same pile as one of New Zealand’s worst offenders of political corruption.

Because Taito wasn’t guilty, just like her.

This won’t end well for Asenati, mark my words. ? She could be looking at jail time herself.

NZ First enter a siege mentality around Lolly Stealer [ UPDATED ]





…oh deary me….

Bob Jones on the demise of NZ First

I’ll spare you the detailed description on Barry Soper and Audrey Young’s mandatory buttock grabbing (you can read that here, if you really want), ?instead, picking up the story here:

I never thought anything could top Laila Harre’s 2002 defeat explanation with her “unfortunately the public voted with their heads”, but, by God, there’s been some serious challenges – notably from Laila herself.

Even the most hardened hacks were dumbstruck by her protest at allowing her boss into the country. But she was immediately trumped by Kim Dotcom himself, who agreed it was an outrage. If he feels that strongly then America – where he’s destined to end up anyway – will give him a big hello, plus free accommodation for a very long time, although decidedly smaller than his current abode.

Colin Craig continues to delight. Explaining away his nutty image, he instead cemented it by saying: “It was logical to platform off the rhetoric already being discussed.” Psychiatrists are banned from entering, but there’s a trip to Upper Volta for anyone making sense of that.

Having lost female voters after declaring New Zealand women promiscuous, Colin is now targeting homosexuals by an advertising campaign showing him lying in long grass with a come-hither look. Missing is a rose stem between his teeth.

To add to the madness, Labour’s normally sane Andrew Little, jealous of Trevor Mallard’s moa headlines, declared men charged with sex crimes will be automatically guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

Then to further alienate male voters, Labour’s serial apologiser leader chimed in, unbelievably apologising for being a man.

If you were writing a script, you’f be going: ?”no, too much, it’s starting to get to the point nobody would believe this could actually happen”. ?And yet… the current farce isn’t over yet!
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