Hee Haaaaaaaaw!

I really feel sorry for Phil Goff. Which advisor told him it would be a good idea to stand posed with donkeys?

An Ass and two donkeys

An Ass and two donkeys




Labour losers dance to the Whaleoil tune

Behold – Labour losers and the lithium loons dance to the tune of the mighty Whaleoil!

Now authorised by Robert Gallagher of 15 Torrance Street, Auckland – the organisational flunky at City Vision.

(Oh, and how nice to see Shale Chambers rushing to the aid of Bruce Hucker)

Question to MediaTart and Frog – if Powerwank didn’t need to authorise, why does your flunky at City Vision now rush his name onto their website within hours of me posting it?


There's one in every town

From the Clown of Campbell’s Bay to the Wally of Wellington City…. there’s one in every town.

A trespass notice has been issued to a Wellington City councillor who turned up to a meeting despite being banned.

The Wellington City Council voted unanimously to bar Councillor Rob Goulden yesterday, after a series of disruptions culminating when he hurled abuse at other councillors and stormed out.

He sat in the public gallery this afternoon, and refused to leave when asked.

CEO Gary Poole then called police before reading out a trespass notice.

I don’t feel so bad about North Shore now.


ANZAC Tribute Post

ANZAC DayThis post is for all those brave soldiers who went to war to fight to give me the freedom to blog for for other folk to burn flags. it is because they went and fought and died that we are able to enjoy the life we do.

I saw on Not PC the other day a comment that echos my own thoughts.

….if you want to give thanks for peace, then thank a soldier….

I thank my great-grandfather Harry Crozier who left his leg in Gallipoli and I thank Skippy who fought for freedom in Vietnam and never got thanked and still hasn’t had a government say sorry for the treatment he received upon his return. Their sacrifices and the sacrifices of all the others who turned out for freedom mean a great deal to me and I have made sure they mean a great deal for my kids.

You will not be forgotten, ever. Thank you for your sacrifice.


The Ugly Party

I tend to play it hard and fast when it comes to running stories but I’ve waited to get verification of this one. It’s so ugly I wouldn’t want to run it without having confirmation from a couple of RSA members who saw it happen.

On ANZAC day I had a call from a mate of mine – a Vietnam vet – regarding some truly shameful behaviour he saw at Birkenhead RSA. I rang around another vet who was there who confirmed it. It was also shopped to me by a disaffected Labour party member in the Northcote LEC – McCracken’s selection caused a lot of ill-will and he has upset local party members by failing to consult with them over his campaign.

Labour’s East Coast Ba- er, Northcote candidate Hayden McCracken (aka Hayden McCrazyeye aka the John C Turmel of New Zealand politics) was removed by the management of Birkenhead RSA for using ANZAC as a campaign opportunity. Alongside the equally erstwhile Ann Hartley, McCrazyeye was caught handing out Labour party campaign material and soliciting votes on a day that should be above partisan political activity. If you want to hand out campaign material over the corpses of New Zealand soldiers then you are not fit to hold public office.

It really is a kick in the teeth for veterans to have a Labour candidate campaign in an RSA on a day like this. ANZAC day is a day to, as Helen Clark said, “honour the service and sacrifice of all our veterans, and … pledge that our fallen will never be forgotten”.

The worst part is that he should know better. This wasn’t a silly mistake – it was a deliberate strategy from a perennial failed candidate with a former MP in tow. Just how out of touch is this guy? Does he really think taking a dump on the service of Kiwis who fought for our country is going to win him any votes? This is a fucking disgrace and Clark should dissassociate herself from this loon.

And that to the appaling display by What’s Her Face from Auckland Central, Jonathon Hunt who wouldn’t get out of his car because it was raining and Helen Clark who likes to sleep in and we start to see a pattern here of Labour MP’s disrespecting ANZAC Day.

Shame on them.



Ok enough is enough let's get it sorted

As Kiwi's quake in the boots in small towns and politicians whine and prevaricate it is time for Kiwi's to take back their streets.

I have news for the Prime Minister and the limp dick Minister Burton , an inquiry won't solve anything.

I vote we pay Sheriff Joe $1 million per annum to come down here to set up a Sheriff's Department to augment the Police. Their special focus is to be on Gangs and Drugs. He should also be put in charge of Corrections as he seems to have a way with running prisons.

We should also pass laws liberalising our gun laws so that innocent citizens can protect themselves from the depredations of criminals.

I also support the establishment of Posses under the jurisdiction of the new Sheriff's Department.

Bounty Hunters should also be established, as clearly the Police are too busy stopping speeders to worry about real crime.

Enough is enough, it is time to put some of these fuckers in the morgue. Let's mount up!