The Swiss insist on cultural assimilation if you want to become a Swiss citizen


David Seymour and John Key need to have a chat to someone in the Swiss government about immigration. Unlike the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Swiss know how to protect their people and their culture. It turns out it’s not actually that difficult. All it takes is politicians prepared to draw a line in the sand: fit in or forget about becoming a citizen. It really is that simple. The Swiss value their culture and it is about time our New Zealand politicians stood up for ours.

If you want to be a Kiwi act like a Kiwi. Our culture is more important than yours. Our culture is the culture of New Zealand and you are a guest here. If you want to become one of us you need to assimilate to our culture just as we would have to assimilate to your culture if we lived in the country that you came from. Islamic countries have no difficulty whatsoever imposing their culture on immigrants. Why is it that we in the West are so squeamish and cowardly when it comes to expecting Muslim immigrants to assimilate into our wonderful democratic society? Why don’t we insist on equal rights for Muslim women inside our country? Why do we allow our Muslim immigrants’ religion to dictate to us how we eat, run our schools and our businesses?

GENEVA ? In the latest move to deny citizenship to those who balk at Swiss culture, authorities rejected the naturalization application of two Muslim girls who refused to take school swimming lessons because boys were present.

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If you don’t want to stand out…don’t

I was reading an article about how some Muslim women are experiencing verbal hostility from fellow Kiwis. As I was reading several things jumped out at me. The most important one was that the solution to the ‘problem’ the article was discussing was within the article. The solution to the problem is so simple yet it was overlooked.

The members of the Wellington Islamic Centre represent 40 different ethnicities, but their common identity is Kiwi.

…This room represents the safe haven they were promised, but as soon as they step outside the illusion is over.

…With rising global fervour against Isis, Kiwi Muslims are suffering marginalisation and abuse from fellow New Zealanders. This week has been particularly bad.

A 14-year-old girl ignores the taunts from her peers as she walks to class. She’s wearing a headscarf.

“Someone should check her backpack for bombs,” one kid says.

A founder of the Women’s Organisation of the Waikato Muslim Association (WOWMA) Aliya Danzeisen says these interactions are so common the victim doesn’t bother reporting it to a teacher.

For eight years, WOWMA has been helping young Muslim women from refugee and migrant backgrounds become confident, productive members of society. “Every activity we do incorporates Islamic and New Zealand values, which are actually quite consistent,” she says.

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Have National turned into the Borg* of politics?


Yesterday, reader “twr” observed

I don’t know why the Greens bother.

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Ideas for reducing travel

SSC asks for ideas on reducing government travel

The State Service Commission (SSC) has asked for proposals on way to reduce government department travel by 15 percent by 2010.

Interested parties have until August 31 to respond.

Numpties. Just cut the number of parasites living off the public teat by 15% and not only will you spend less on travel and wages, you’ll probably grow the economy.

You don’t need until August 31 to figure that one out…