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If his name was Ahmed he would be out in a flash

There is a case in today's Herald about a man in prison. He has been there for two years.

He claimed refugee status when he arrived in New Zealand two months later. The Immigration Service rejected his claim in 1996, and the appeal authority upheld that decision at three subsequent appeals, saying he was unlikely to face any real persecution if he returned.

He attended English classes at St Benedict's Church in Newton, and converted to Catholicism there in August 1997.

He is likely to be persecuted if he returns now to Iran.

Now a couple of things you should know.

His spokesperson is John Minto, now that doesn't fill me with any confidence but lets give him the benefit of the doubt that he simply shose the wrong friend in this instance.

I don't know what the conversion rates are Muslims to Christianity but I would bet it is very low. I would hazard a guess that he is very genuine about his Christianity.

How come Ahmed Zaoui is roaming the strets giving speeches and advertising the state broadcaster and these guys are in the slammer? Either they should all be in the slammer or all out on the streets. Lets get some sanity into the issue huh!