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Heather dpA wants our elections to be nice. Yeah nah

If you have seen the kinds of political attack ads that play on US television during the presidential campaigns you’ll know how nasty they can get.

One ad called Hillary Clinton a crook, another spent a long time outlining why Donald Trump isn’t fit to know the nuclear codes.

By contrast, our election campaigns are positively civil. A typical “attack” advert on New Zealand TV features some handsome kids rowing on a lake, music that sounds like Eminem and a two-second shot of the country’s most useless rowers crammed into a dinghy, dressed in the colours of the opposition parties. Ooooh. Mean.

And if that’s the way you prefer your elections – with a dash of decorum – it’s apparently time to brace yourself. We’re told attacks ads may pop up in this year’s election.

I can’t wait. ?It’s about time the gloves come off fully. ?As I am wont to say, politics is a dirty despicable game played by dirty despicable people. ? Read more »

Air New Zealand calls Jetstar out


I love attack ads in politics, and I equally love seeing them in the commercial sector.

Jetstar’s new regional services are due to start today but the airline is flying into flak from rival Air New Zealand, which has placed a pointed advertisement in today’s New Zealand Herald.

Jetstar’s 50-seat Bombardier Q300 is due to take off from Napier around 9am and get a water arch welcome from fire trucks on the runway at Auckland Airport an hour later.

The Napier-Auckland-Nelson service will be followed next February with flights to Palmerston North and New Plymouth as the Australian-owned airline challenges Air New Zealand on regional routes that have been very lucrative, depending on the number of full-fare passengers aboard. Read more »

Why can’t we have attack ads like this?

Politics crosses with pro wrestling.




Awesome Attack Ad

One of the main reasons I love Aussie politics, is that when someone is down, almost out, and bleeding in the gutter they still go in for a good kicking just to make sure they are really dead politically.

This is the Liberals latest attack ad.? Read more »

Attack Ads, Ctd

Another brilliant attack ad from the US.Trev should stop stealing underpants and just tell the truth….it is very hard to combat when you tell the truth about your opponents.

When attack ads fail

The one thing I like about attack ads is that generally you have to get the facts right…because when you get it wrong it really burns:

When the National Republican Senatorial Committee unleashed?a new attack ad?against?Sen. Jon Tester?last fall, it stuck to a familiar template?tie him to the president. As a narrator portrayed the rural lawmaker as a consummate Washington insider, an image of the Montana Democrat patting President Obama on the shoulder flashed across the screen. The Tester camp was predictably outraged, but not for the reasons you might think: Its ire centered?on a doctored photo?of the senator, seeming to show him with a left hand bearing all five fingers.?A childhood meat grinder accident?in the family farm butchery had in fact claimed all but Tester’s thumb and pinkie.

So they got it horribly wrong…when they could more easily attacked him for being a big fat bastard:

Not that painting Tester as a typical Beltway pol will be easy. He spends his weekends tending purple barley, peas, and wheat on his 1,800-acre farm outside of?Big Sandy?(population 598). He forks over $8 every three weeks for the same flat-as-a-butte buzz cut he’s sported since he was teaching trumpet lessons to elementary-schoolers in the late ’70s.?The?New York Times?once ran a story about the hand-slaughtered beef?he regularly transports to Washington in a special carry-on cooler, which, come to think of it, also explains what Tester likes to call “a shelf on my stomach?where I can put my drinks.”