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Vincent walks her two dogs, Danny, left, and Mikey. Vincent and her two sons also have hamsters, fish and an ill-tempered parrot. Photo: Ron Wurzer/Seattle Post-Intelligence

Victims Get A Life Sentence

Shared DNA is Not a Reason to have a Relationship with a Monster

One night when she couldn’t sleep,?Mary Vincent?got out of bed and drew her face. Within an hour, her large, dark eyes were looking back at her, drawn in pencil and accompanied by handsome high cheekbones, firm jaw and generous mouth. She even drew the tiny dent on the tip of her nose.

Considering that she hadn’t drawn anything more demanding than a shopping list since childhood, her proficiency was remarkable, but not to her.

“I’ve always been good with my hands,” she said.

True — except she doesn’t have hands.

In a nation beset by violent crime, even the most spectacularly vicious acts often fade quickly from the public consciousness, as if some sort of collective repression simply buries images too ghastly to retain. Certain horrors, however, seize the imagination and provoke public outrage years after the hideous drama has been concluded.

Larry Singleton was convicted of raping 15-year-old Mary Vincent, hacking her forearms off, and leaving her for dead in a California canyon. It was an act so barbaric that it was never forgotten; when Singleton, was paroled he was hounded out of one community after another. Not one town would have him, and the outcry forced him to accept refuge within the walls of San Quentin Prison, where he remained for the duration of his parole.

Lawrence Singleton?s daughter didn?t want to believe her father was a monster, but the evidence was there and she said she had ?no doubt that he was guilty.? He had also physically attacked her as a teen so she knew first hand what his temper was like. She was 15 years old at the time of the crime.

The family of Singleton as well, and many others whose crimes become national and world news do have to face the public?s scorn.

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Paris cop deliberately run down by car

Nobody dares mutter the “I” word…

A motorist has deliberately driven at and injured a policewoman outside French President Francois Hollande?s residence, according to French media.

It was not immediately clear if the incident was linked to the fatal shooting at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7, and comes amid a high security alert in France.

The four people who were in the vehicle quickly abandoned it, but two were detained by police. Two others fled the scene, and there is a manhunt on for them.

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Scumbag lowlife of the Week: Jesmond Albert Mosen

Jesmond Albert Mosen has lost name suppression for this particular despicable act

After his second attempt at killing his unborn son a Whanganui man told his partner “that’s done it” before making himself a cup of coffee, a court has heard.

Jesmond Albert Mosen, 27, was today sentenced to three year’s jail for a series of “extraordinarily dangerous” and “cruel” attacks on the partner, Ilana Te Huia.

A protection order was also imposed, meaning Mosen will not be able to contact her.

The jail term will be served on top of a two-year sentence imposed for separate offending.

How do the readers feel about a three year sentence for repeated attempts at murdering an unborn child?

I think it’s remarkably light. ?Out in a year and a half for good behaviour.

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