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[EXCLUSIVE] Len Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong revealed [PHOTOS]

As we now know it appears that Len Brown took a secret trip to Hong Kong.

The exact details are sketchy, as much for Brown’s secrecy as for the mis-leading and false responses to LGOIMA requests.

But WOBH has now obtained some photographs of Brown’s secret trip to Hong Kong.

Remember that Brown’s staff have said that this trip ?was?a fact finding trip as a guest of the?Hong?Kong?government. The mayors office says he was 1 of ?a party of 3 leaders hosted by the government. The trip focussed on viewing infrastructure and transportation projects and the?Hong Kong system of governance. In other words an official trip.

One of his visits appears to have been to the City Gallery, which considering the considerable fuss over his providing a reference for his mistress to work in the Auckland Art Gallery is somewhat ironic. Remember too that Len Brown was still in a relationship with Bevan Chuang at this time.

Despite the Mayor’s office declaring that this was an official trip and that it was funded by the Hong Kong government there is still no declaration of that interest in the Council register of Members interests. This is no small error on the Mayor’s part.? Read more »

Len Brown’s statements don’t add up

Last night on Sunday Bevan Chuang said that she was in a relationship with the mayor when Len Brown gave her a reference.

The woman who had a two-year affair with Auckland Mayor Len Brown has revealed she was romantically involved with him when he acted as a referee for a council job.

Bevan Chuang, 32, told TVNZ’s Sunday programme that she was in a relationship with Brown, a married father of three, when he wrote a reference for a job at the council-run Auckland Art Gallery in July 2011.

“He was a referee…I got the job and of course the referees are important…yeah, that could be the advantage,” she said.? Read more »

Brown being cute with the truth now


The woman at the centre of the Len Brown sex scandal says the Auckland mayor not only gave her a written reference for the council job she applied for ? he also spoke to her boss.

External auditors Ernst and Young are currently looking into whether 32-year-old Bevan Chuang received any form of preferential treatment when she successfully applied for a position as a sponsorship coordinator at the Auckland Art Gallery back in 2011.

At the time of applying for the position Chuang was in the early stages of her two-year affair with Brown.

She was sacked three months to her employment after the gallery learnt of her criminal conviction she had relating to relating to the unauthorized use of a computer.

The conviction dated back to 2010 when she was an employee at the Auckland Museum. Chuang provided a contractor with a password to access a confidential email account believed to contain information detrimental to plans to restructure the museum.

It is still not clear whether Brown knew about the conviction when he endorsed Chuang for the art gallery position.? Read more »

Mayor withdraws…again, no milky residue this time

Bernard Orsman reports that under siege Mayor Len Brown has withdrawn…aren’t we sick of hearing that?…from his public appointment today:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has pulled out of his first, post-affair public engagement at Three Kings Primary School this morning.

The Herald understands Mr Brown did not think it was appropriate to make his first public outing at a primary school where there would be a strong media contingent.

Instead, he will spend some of this morning at an induction for councillors.

Mr Brown still intends to appear in public to open a compact showhome at Ellerslie this afternoon.? Read more »

Brown Inquiry widens to include jobs for jollies

The inquiry into Len Brown’s spending by the Auckland Council has been widened to include looking into his jobs for jollies from his mistress.

The inquiry also needs to widen further to look at any and all contracts Ms Chuang received from Council during the term of their ratepayer funded affair.

An Auckland Council inquiry into mayor Len Brown’s extra-marital spending is being widened to look at a reference the mayor provided for his ex-mistress to help her get a job at Auckland Art Gallery.? Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Brown helped Chuang get council job, gave personal reference


By Stephen Cook

The Len Brown sex scandal has taken a dramatic new twist today with revelations the two-timing Auckland mayor used his influence to help the woman he was sleeping with get a job at the council-run art gallery.

Less than 72 hours after going public with details of her torrid two-year affair, 32-year-old Bevan Chuang has revealed Brown acted as a referee for her when she successfully applied for a job at the council-run art gallery back in August last year. ? Read more »