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All this talk of gifting seats to Labour is nonsense and wishful thinking

The Labour-Greens deal has been hammered as a meaningless piece of political theatre, and deservedly so because it achieves nothing. It could achieve something though, if the Greens stop being vote stealers and not run candidates in marginal seats where Labour has a chance of winning. Andrew Little should take a look at the Herald suggestions but not too seriously, and negotiate a deal to see Labour win seats because there is no Green candidate.

?Labour’s leader, Andrew Little, was quick to reserve his party’s options post-election, saying the agreement would end on election day. Is it a non-aggression pact for the election? It could be, they say. They might consider not contesting some seats to give a candidate from one or the other a better chance of winning. But that has not been decided either. Will it mean joint policies? Possibly.

The three seats where the Green candidate gifts the seat to National are Auckland Central, Ohariu & Christchurch Central.

Auckland?Central? Nikki Kaye has a margin of 600 over Jacinda Adern. Denise Roche, the Green candidate, won 2080 votes. Those votes going to Labour could have seen a relatively comfortable victory to Jacinda.

Ohariu? Peter Dunne has a margin of 710 over the highly rated Ginny Andersen. The Green candidate, Tane Woodley, got 2764 votes.

Christchurch Central? This is a?little harder for Labour to win as Nicky Wagner has a majority of 2420 thanks to exceptional work in the electorate over a long period of time, but she was running against a drip, Tony Milne from Labour, and David Moorehouse from the Greens won 2800 votes. Like Ginny Andersen, the Labour candidate, Duncan Web, is extremely highly rated by people outside the Labour Party, mainly for doing the Lords work fighting EQC, so he would have a good chance if the Greens did not run a candidate. ? Read more »

Third time lucky?

Annette King is said to be backing Jacinda Ardern to win Auckland Central in 2017…if she does it will be third time lucky after being beaten by Nikki Kaye in 2011 and 2014.

Labour deputy leader Annette King is backing Jacinda Ardern to win the Auckland Central seat in 2017.

King will stay on as deputy through to the next election after Labour leader Andrew Little snubbed rising star Jacinda Ardern for the job.

Ardern was widely-tipped to take over the deputy leadership after Little had previously signalled King’s appointment was only an interim measure while he sized up potential candidates in his first 12 months in the job.

King told TVNZ’s Breakfast that Ardern was an “incredibly talented woman” who was “going to go places”. ?? Read more »

Recognising fluff pieces

Claire Trevett has an article on the NZ Herald today, it is a fluff piece and of no consequence but somehow is a lead item for the Herald.

Dogs and slammed doors are usually the biggest problem confronting political party doorknockers, but a volunteer helping Labour MP Jacinda Ardern in Freemans Bay yesterday was given a bit of a shock when a man answered the door stark naked.

Ms Ardern, who is Labours candidate for Auckland Central, said that although she had been greeted by people wearing only towels, it was not common to come across a naked person at midday on a Sunday in the leafy suburbs. “He might have been trying to teach us a lesson.”

The volunteer was experienced in knocking on peoples doors to enrol them and try to win their vote. However, she did not think she managed to hand over any brochures this time.

“She may not have wanted to have his hands leave a certain area. I believe the volunteer was very polite to him, but I’m not sure she went through the process of enrolling him. I don’t think she lingered long.”

Ms Ardern said she had had a man turn around to urinate in his garden while he was filling out the enrolment forms. “I let him keep the pen.”

So, this si didn’t happen to Jacinda?Ardern, but to a volunteer…it is on Twitter?so at least we know where?Claire Trevett managed to get the start of the story from.? Read more »

The coming knife fight for the Labour List

Labour?s list ranking is going to be about as much fun as watching Christians being fed to Lions as Labour MPs work out that there aren’t going to be a lot of list MPs after the election.

Labour?s poor polling means that there aren’t likely to be any new Labour List MPs, but in a strange twist of fate Labour look like picking up a good number of electorates. The Maori seats look good for Labour. Kelvin Davis is in with a good chance against Hone Harawira.

The new seat of Kelston is a lock?for Labour. Sharples and Turia leave big gaps that Labour will likely fill. Flavell will probably hold but a three way fight with the Mana Party may see the Labour candidate win. ? Read more »

Why Holding an Electorate Matters

Scum List MPs are scum. They have far less mana than those who win a seat. That?s why Paula Bennett was like a rat up a drain pipe in her haste to get to Upper Harbour, and why Phil Twyford whored himself out around Auckland to win a selection in a safe seat.

List MPs are double scum if they have lost a seat. In 2005 National won seats off Labour and the Labour MP was back on the plane to Wellington the next week even though they had been voted out by their electorate.

Losing your seat means you lose credibility. It gives the leader or the party an excuse to leave you out of cabinet. You become a second class citizen. That is why MPs work so hard to hold seats, even though under MMP seats do not affect the proportionality of parliament. ? Read more »

Scum List MP pretending to have an electorate, Neigh you’re not

I don’t much like most scum List MPs. They don’t even like themselves always trying to win a seat.

Nothing make me madder with scum List MPs though than when they pretend they represent a local area…like Jacinda Ardern


List MP pretending to represent an electorate

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Is Amy Adams trying to stitch up Nikki Kaye

This blog is National supporting but not incompetence supporting. There are two ministers who are badly letting National down, Kate Wilkinson and Amy Adams. Kate has increased union membership. Amy has totally screwed up the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Amy?s incompetence has been laid bare by Paul Cavanagah QC, who comes from Herne Bay. He schools her for being incompetent. My favourite line is this one:

If I were Nikki Kaye I would be shitting bricks. If Herne Bay swings against Nikki she is going to get hammered by Socialist Cindy. As this table shows Nikki Kaye?s majority is 741 in Herne Bay, but only 717 in Auckland Central.

Booth Ardern Kaye Margin
Herne Bay Bayfield School, 2 Clifton Road 398 969 571
Marist School, 82 Kelmarna Avenue 129 155 26
St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, 65 Jervois Road 232 376 144

Herne Bay Margin?741

Auckland Central Margin??717

Explaining this in simple terms that even Nikki will be able to understand, if Amy Adams allows Len Brown to remove the right to appeal to the Environment Court then leafy Herne Bay will turn into part leafy party slum high rise and the whole character of the place will change. Nikki has apparently given up on trying to win Auckland Central but if she changes her mind and tries again she will lose because of Amy Adams? stupid decision supporting Len Brown?s unitary plan.

Letter from Paul Cavanagh QC to Amy Adams

Paula Bennett and the Failure of the McCully Model

When the review of the campaign in Waitakere is undertaken the McCully model needs to be looked at carefully.

McCully is known to be Paula Bennett’s mentor and Paula implemented his strategy of doing nothing to build the party in your electorate. McCully has so few members East Coast Bays is selected by the board, not the electorate.

The problem with not having a strong electorate is you don?t have the supporters out doing the work over three years. You build a campaign team who work through the campaign, but you don?t have the momentum of people on the ground for three years working to boost your votes.

The campaign review should compare the efforts in Waitakere with those in Auckland Central and Christchurch Central. In both of those seats the candidate built their electorate teams and the results are now on the board.

This should provide a valuable lesson and all the new MPs need to look at the McCully model and if it is a good idea. Of course it also makes you vulnerable at selection because a challenger can come in, build the membership and beat you at selection.

Why do pinkos always want to spend more of our money?

Nikki Kaye is a good electorate MP for Auckland Central. She fits right in with the liberal elite and her big gay waste of money mardi gras confirms her vote winning potential with the gaggle that usually vote Labour. Fair play to her, she is doing her best to win her seat which is her job and word is she will get stuff all support from the National Party just like anyone else in a strategic seat, so she needs to take outlier positions.

Today she makes another pitch for the liberal elite vote, creating a tram system for other people to use. Trams are an expensive proposition, but worth it if they win votes. This blog may not agree with trams but it does agree that Nikki is bloody good at making people think she is not true blue which is a crucial strategy to hold a red seat like Auckland Central.

The biggest objection to trams is that they are not carbon efficient and they cost a lot more than a far simpler and more cost effective solution, Telecommuting. Everyone in the CBD working from a home office at least one day a week would ease traffic congestion, be friendlier on the planet and cost a lot less than trams.

The problem with Telecommuting is it doesn?t allow pinkos to spend our money on stuff they think we should use. So there is no pinko lobby for telecommuting, even if it is the most fiscally and environmentally responsible solution.

Why is Jacinda Ardern more conservative than Whaleoil?

In a total cop out Jacinda (Neigh Neigh) Ardern avoids supporting Gay Marriage. You would think she would have learned a thing or two about her constituents feelings on the matter with all the bar hopping in Ponsonby and the Viaduct she has been doing hand in hand with David Parker. This however puts her on the more conservative end of the social spectrum, in marked contrast to this blog which has a long stated policy on Gay Marriage:

Anyone silly enough to want a mother in law deserves one.

This is a clear points victory for Nikki Kaye who rabbits on about her big gay festival that she wants us all to subsidise before clearly stating her position on Gay Marriage:

If legislation came before Parliament I’d vote for it.

This is no surprise as the tipline suggests Nikki is desperate for a mother in law of her own and probably can’t see why others shouldn?t have one too.