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Stuart Nash on the Boagan’s plans to nick the AECT trust

Stuart Nash has written a piece on Michelle Boag’s plans to nick the AECT funds to gift to Len Brown for his train set.

It is on a little read hate speech blog run by Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury, and so deserves wider attention.

Move forward to 2014, and John Collinge is at it once again.? Collinge, backed by another former National party president Michelle Boag, and helped by Auckland EMA CEO Kim Campbell, is trying to gather support for a scheme that would steal the shares off the people of Auckland for good.

Their miserable plan, as I have been led to believe, involves pressuring the National government to introduce legislation that would allow the shares, worth around $2.1b, to be nationalised, and then gifted back to the Auckland City Council for them to sell ? to the people of Auckland and overseas buyers.

Let?s put this into perspective.? This year the AECT returned a $335 dividend to all shareholders (75.1% of whom are the people of Auckland). This is a most welcome bonus to many who are currently struggling with the extremely high costs of living in Auckland.

Vector is an incredibly progressive and innovative company and so this dividend is only going to grow.? Why sell it?? This is about ideology ? and a massive disconnect by some wealthy individuals who simply have absolutely no idea at all how important $335 is to a huge number of Auckland families.? Read more »

It’s not kids we should be caging, it’s the mayor


Some wag put a fake sign on a council cage and some fools fell for it and got all outraged, as people seem to do these days.

It began with an email from Andrew Clerk to our ONE News inbox.

“I was bemused”, he told us.

We couldn’t quite believe it either. A caged off area in Auckland’s Waiataura Reserve with a peculiar sign.

The sign read “Parents: Put your small children in here – and enjoy a walk around the park in peace”.

It then went on to specify a maximum 30 minute time limit, as if the idea of leaving your child locked in a cage while you roamed a park was only negligent if you were gone for any longer than half an hour.

Andrew Clerk, who’s a parent of two children, says the concept was “bizarre and outrageous”.

“It would be absolutely stupid to leave your kids in the cage” he says. ? ? Read more »

Auckland Mayor Len Brown pushes Poll tax as distraction mechanism

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

3 News report

“Local government rates are generally speaking pretty complex, and I defy anyone to try and explain them,” [Mayor Len] Brown said on Firstline this morning.

“The first thing you need in a good taxation system is simplicity. Secondly, you really need fairness and you need a reasonable link to your ability to pay.”

Len Brown calling for fairness and simplicity.

Mr Brown says the council over the next six to 12 months will take a look at the alternatives, and hopes to spark a debate on the issue.

“I think there’s a general view on local government in New Zealand? that we have a real genuine assessment of the options and the alternatives out there, whether or not it’s some link to GST, or some link to some type of income tax arrangement.”

Last year rates went up an average of 2.9 percent, about three times higher than inflation.

Hopes to spark debate.

We had the Spark debate when Telecom announced its new name.

We are still having a debate about Len Brown’s integrity, infidelity and trustworthiness

The distractions aren’t going to work Len.

Step down Len Brown.



“…condescending piece of drivel…”

ACC rates process

ACC rates process

Hi again Cam,

Am I the only person in Auckland to be offended by this condescending piece of drivel from the council, exhorting me to set up a direct debit for my rates on the premise that all ratepayers are incompetent and late payers?

Like hell they are getting my money before the date it is due or having unlimited access to my banking.

What a liberty insinuating that ratepayers are going to come up with a ‘dog ate my homework excuse’ for not paying up.

Everyone I know in this city is struggling to foot the bill for very basic services and the dubious privilege of having a pillock at the helm.

Who the hell authorized this smart-arsed advertising smarm? ? Read more »

Thanks Len

Len Brown’s Unitary Plan is pandering to Len’s natural constituency in South Auckland.

What is proposed is out of control ridiculous

A couple have been told to apply to 14 different iwi to keep the water running to their home.

Brent and Jennifer Tassell will need approval to renew resource consent on a bore hole that has been operating for 10 years, supplying water to eight Puhoi homes.

The bore draws water from 305m underground and is the only source of water for the properties in Slowater Lane, on the northern outskirts of greater Auckland.

“It’s a hole in the ground that’s been there for 10 years,” said Jennifer. “It’s completely over the top for our situation.”

Under the draft Auckland Unitary Plan, all applicants for resource consent for new or existing developments must apply to iwi for them to assess whether it would have an adverse effect on mana whenua.

Who needs the Resource Management Act to stifle the ecomomy when you can have your local Iwi do it for you? ? Read more »

Why does the Herald advocate on behalf of convicted fraudsters facing deportation?

This morning in the Herald is a story by The Gurnard about a convicted fraudster facing deportation…and no it isn’t Kim Dotcom for once.

Nonetheless the story is well within his bailiwick of reporting on a fraudster fighting deportation.

A fraudster who stole $350,000 of ratepayer money faces court action to have a deportation order enforced so he can be sent back to South Africa.

Attempts to deport Hendrik Pieter Jooste failed after he told a tribunal hearing deportation appeals it would be unfair on his children, who would stay in New Zealand.

The former Auckland City Council employee won a four-year stay on being deported.

The delayed deportation has been challenged by Immigration NZ, which has won Court of Appeal approval to fight the delay and have him returned to South Africa.

The deportation stems from a three-year fraud in which $350,000 of ratepayer money was taken to bolster a lifestyle which was beyond the means of a young immigrant family.

A recently qualified lawyer, Jooste moved to New Zealand in 2005 with his wife and daughter, 3. ? Read more »

A positive initiative by Auckland City Council

Uniting unwanted pets with new loving owners is a great idea.

via Twitter

via Twitter

Now, as you all know, Whaleoil is well connected.

9th floor? ?Just peanuts.

We have a contact inside the GCSB that know someone at the NSA that knows someone at DARPA, and they can see into the future.

Look what Auckland City Council will tweet as their next pet of the week tomorrow? ? Read more »

Serial litigant set to vex Len Brown

In many regards I have some sympathy for Len brown now that serial litigant, bankrupt and convected fraudster and blackmailer Graham McCready is pursuing him in a private prosecution, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If it is good enough for John Banks to stand trial over some dodgy aspects of donations then it is time to look into Len Browns ongoing misfeasance over donations, undeclared gifts and dodgy opaque trusts.

Former accountant Graham McCready has Auckland Mayor Len Brown in his sights for his next legal endeavour and plans to file papers against him next week for corruption and electoral fraud.

“I think there’s a case there and I think it’s a very important case and should be filed,” he said.? Read more »

Instead of policing paddling pools perhaps the council jobsworths should focus on contractors polluting waterways?”

Spotted this yesterday, and immediately thought of all the erosion, drainage and runoff control regulations builders and developers are faced with every day when working around waterways and stormwater drains. Surely polluting a waterway that drains into the Waitemata ?Harbour is more important than 30cm deep paddling pools?

Taking place at Trusts Stadium yesterday morning in Waitakere.

20131220_120939 Read more »

Len Brown still the best man for the job

The Stuff headline goes “Councillors still support Len Brown“.

Although that’s a factual statement, it would be similar to someone running the headline “People love Cameron Slater”. ?Even though factual, it is in effect useless.

In the case of the councillors and the article, it appears the actual reaction is more along the lines of fence sitting with a little bit of disgust thrown in.

In summary

Bill Cashmore, Franklin – “up to Brown” fence sitter

Dick Quax, Howick – Against Brown staying on

Alf Filipaina, Manukau – backs Brown

Calum Penrose, Manurewa-Papakura – backs Brown

Linda Cooper, Waitakere – Powerless to remove Brown

Chris Darby, North Shore – Not happy with Brown

Christine Fletcher, Albert-Eden-Roskill – fence sitting

Cowards: ?2

Stay: 2

Go: 3

I suggest a better headline: ?Brown lacks majority support from Council

Will be interesting if the Council is willing to work with this Mayor. ?If they do, that may be remembered at the next election.

Stand Down Len Brown. ? Get a fresh mandate.