Auckland City Council

Len Brown resource use “generally” within the rules. Generally.

According to Mr McKay, the report found that Mr Brown did not spend council money on gifts, car use or other travel to support his relationship with Ms Chuang. ?— TVNZ

Call me a cynic, but that doesn’t say “no council money or resources were used to support Len Brown’s relationship with Ms Chuang.

“Any use where it existed was generally within the permitted guidelines and policies,” said Mr McKay.


Not totally.


So some of it clearly wasn’t.

Where is this itemised, in the $100,000 “comprehensive” report?

Is having a piss taking the piss?

How would you like it if you couldn’t go to the toilet for 5 and a half hours at a stretch while at work?

Auckland bus drivers desperate for toilet breaks say over-zealous parking wardens are fining them for leaving their vehicles at bus stops while answering nature’s call.

Tramways Union branch president Gary Froggatt says 20 to 30 drivers have been fined in the past year for parking on bus stops, including two who challenged their $60 fines in court but lost.

Although some had simply stopped to buy food, in which case the union accepted they had no defence, others needed to find toilets and were being victimised for exercising a human right.

Auckland Transport parking officers were being “absolutely over-zealous and they are just not accepting there is a requirement to exercise discretion”. Mr Froggatt said drivers had to work up to five-and-a-half hours without an official break, and a reduced number of public toilets was causing difficulty.

Some carried empty soft drink bottles with cut-off tops to the backs of their buses to urinate into them.

“One of the drivers even carries a potty – it’s not used when there are passengers on the bus – the contents go into the gutter.”

Apart from the humour inherent in a situation where Auckland City Council parking wardens are ticketing Auckland Transport bus drivers, I think it is ridiculous that the “Most livable city in the world” has 3rd world conditions where drivers have to pee in an old soft drink bottle. ? Read more »

How Auckland councillors should behave

Here is what real councilors do when their mayors break “code of conduct violations”

Image By: Dave Granlund, captions by Cyber Billy

Image By: Dave Granlund, captions by Cyber Billy

Since when was rooting on the job acceptable behaviour under the ACC Code of Counduct?

It wasn’t for the Auckland City Council Security Manager.

Why aren’t the Auckland City Council Councillors being proactive in dealing with their Code of Conduct breaching mayor?

Silence is tacit approval, is it not?

Comment of the Day

An example why, even in 2013, cartoonists can cut through to the heart of the matter in a way that the written word can’t.

This, from one of our readers (Cyber Billy) today

Its like this folks “its controlled” the Auckland City Council have this little play pen and inside this pen are all these little piglets now if you don’t play nicely in the piglet pen then its OFF TO MARKET you go


A tourism idea for Auckland Council

A reader sent in this in. It is a proposal for a tourism idea that I think has some merit.

He tells me he has sent it to the Auckland Council

Kia Ora.

I am writing this email to seek permission and assistance from the Auckland City Council and the Mayor’s Office for?a paid tour proposal. The venture is a private one, and all costs associated would be met by the tour operator.?I am based in Palmerston North but I have several associates in Auckland City (ratepayers) who are looking to run the tour on a daily basis. We are looking to run and promote the tour in the same vein as the immensely successful Lord of the Rings and Hobbit tours that have proved so popular with both local and overseas visitors.?? Read more »

Questions about Auckland City Council employment legalities

A reader wrote to me with a whole host of sharp questions

Would an ACC employee have any claim to ?Unjustified disadvantage??in the Employment Courts should they feel they are being forced to?resign their employment with ACC, rather than risk being associated?working for an organisation headed?up by a now-proven corrupt?individual/Mayor?

If Len?s continued insistence he?s done nothing wrong and claims to still have a valid platform to represent Auckland ? then surely
his actions, by association are condoned by ACC in general? ? Read more »

The Whaleoil Quiz about the Len Brown Scandal


How well do you think you know the Len Brown Sex Scandal?

Take the test to find out:

What gifts does Bevan claim to have received from Mayor Len Brown?

A: Lingerie
C: A ?Pearl?Necklace?
D: All of the above

Where did Len Brown purchase the cheap lingerie gifted to Bevan?

A: The Warehouse
B: A Salvation Army Opshop
C: Trade Me
D:Bras and Things

What items do ratepayers think are likely to be thrown out in next months Inorganic collection by the Auckland City Council?

A: The table from the Ngati Whatua room in the Town Hall
B: The couch in the Mayors office
C: Len Brown
D: All of the above. ? Read more »

Seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign

Word has it that Len Brown has agreed to resign, but in a fit of pique and spite he is trying to keep that decision secret so that the final results can be declared with him the winner, he will then resign and force a by-election…costing the ratepayers a further $2 million dollars in the process.

His behaviour has been shameful…his non-apology on Campbell Live, his attempts to blame everyone else for his own actions and his disgusting spin, which unfortunately the media seem to be buying in an attempt to save him really make his claims to lad the city tenuous. While his multi-million dollar council funded spin weasels are working over time to smear Bevan Chuang, smear me and defend Brown, the girl he conducted the affair with has little or no resources to counter Brown’s desperate attempts to gerrymander the result of his supposed resignation, by smearing everyone else. The man is a disgusting little bully surrounded by equally disgusting nasty spin weasels.

This behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated in any other sector. The same left wing apologists who are sticking up for Len Brown are the same ones baying for Richard Worth’s blood…for far less of a ‘crime’.

Brendan Malone blogs about the seven good reasons for Len Brown to resign:

This isn?t rocket science, and based on the facts we know so far, I think that there are at least seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign as Mayor.

A man who is willing to disregard the most important commitment he has ever made in his life ? his marriage vows ? over a period of years, is probably not going to have too much trouble violating? other less important promises, like those associated with his public office. Anyone who tries to suggest that marital infidelity has no bearing on public office is living in la la land. Someone willing to engage in a calculated and ongoing violation of their marriage vows either has no problem lying when making serious and profoundly important vows, or else they have major character flaws/weaknesses that could easily be exploited with even worse outcomes if they remain in office. Either way you have a major problem here that directly impacts upon their ability to responsibly and justly execute their role in public office.? Read more »

Bushy Berms need a mow

Before you mow those berms…you are going to have to you know…make sure you send in pics to the Facebook page Bushy Berms.

Auckland City residents should follow the rest of the region, take pride in their community – and mow their own berms, says a councillor.

Rodney councillor Penny Webster says that at a time when household budgets are tight, the council cannot afford the $12 million to $15 million cost of mowing berms for the whole region.

“It’s not fair that one area gets berm mowing, while other areas mow their own,” said Mrs Webster, a former Act MP. “The council had to make things even without increasing rates even more.”? Read more »

Go on Len, explain this coincidence



Via the tipline

Guess whose property is not included in the Auckland plan for intensification?? It wouldn?t be Len?s would it in Tiffany Close?? Or how about John Robinson Papakura Local Board member further down Tiffany Close?

Would be interesting to do a survey on where Councillors, Local Board members and Council officers who have had an input into the Auckland Plan live. ? Read more »