Auckland Regional Public Health Service

#nannystate wants to ban dairies


It was only a matter of time before the busy-bodies and we-know-best public health activists reared their heads again.

These so-called experts are calling on restrictions on where new dairies, convenience stores and takeaway outlets can be located. Of course they know best.   Read more »

Beware the Health Commissars

NZ Herald

The Health Commissars are on the march. Now they want to ban legal products from advertising their wares. I expect Cat Pause will protest this though because it discriminates against her beloved fatties:

Health officials worried about an obesity epidemic want fast-food advertising dropped from public property, including bus shelters, and are questioning fast-food and soft-drink sponsorship of public events.

They have also raised concerns over the lack of political power to stop fast-food restaurants being built near schools and in poor areas.

The moves by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service are a return to the healthy-eating principles which drove the national ban on pies in school tuck shops.

The ban was among the last moves of the outgoing Labour Government in 2008. It lasted eight months, then was overturned by the National Government.

And they mirror moves in New York, where mayor Michael Bloomberg has upset the fast-food industry by banning trans-fats and super-size soft drinks.