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Auckland Ratepayers Alliance forces Council back down

Bloody Hell! Nailed again

Bloody Hell! Nailed again

The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance has forced Auckland Council into a backdown over their plans for a new debating chamber.

Last night we went public on Auckland Council’s plans to spend up to $10 million on a new Council chamber so that the Mayor and Councillors don’t have to walk the 400 metres to the existing chamber in the Auckland Town Hall. The confidential briefing, provided to the Ratepayers? Alliance and given to One News, was requested by councillors who asked officials for “options to improve councillor and public experience” and move the chamber into the Council?s new office tower at 135 Albert Street.

As a result of our shining the light on what the Council was doing behind closed doors, the Council has backed down with One News today unable to find a single Councillor willing to support the proposal they had asked for!

The?One News coverage of our release of the secret briefing made to Councillors is here. We also uploaded the full presentation to?our website.

Today Mayor Len Brown fronted (unlike yesterday) but surprisingly blamed his CEO – even though it was pointed out to him that the presentation makes clear that this was an initiative the Councillors had requested?

For an organisation less than a month old, we are proud that our efforts have already forced a Council back down that will save ratepayers millions. Our work isn?t costless though ? if you can chip in,?donate now to help us keep the Super City honest. ?

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Banks shows more integrity than Brown

John Banks has resigned as a minister pending private litigation over the vexatious claims by a bankrupt, convicted blackmailer and tax cheat.

ACT Leader John Banks has resigned from his ministerial posts effective immediately in the wake of the Auckland District Court decision to send him to trial over his donations.

Mr Banks said he had told the Prime Minister’s office last week that he would offer his resignation if the matter was committed to trial.

“I have spoken to the Prime Minister this afternoon and he has accepted my resignation.

“I believe the decision in the Auckland District Court was wrong and I will be contesting the charge. However I do not want this to be a distraction from the Government’s programme.”

In doing so he has shown that he has buckets more integrity than Len Brown who is refusing to quit after using the Auckland Town Hall as his personal bordello.? Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Len Brown’s Town Hall to Downfall


Len Brown – sent lewd texts to mistress and conducted affair from Mayoral office

by Stephen Cook

Len Brown?s hold on the Auckland mayoralty is in serious jeopardy following bombshell allegations of a two-year extra-marital affair with a council employee 25 years his junior.

Brown ? who last weekend was returned for a second term with a 50,000-vote majority ? is expected to face enormous pressure this week to resign over what rates as possibly the biggest sex scandal in New Zealand local body history.

Among the allegations ? which are backed up by text messages – are that ?barely two-minute Brown? had unprotected sex with the 32-year-old on more than a dozen occasions during office hours.

This, says the woman, included numerous times in Brown?s council office and once in the ?Ngati Whatua Room? at the Auckland Town Hall – an area of special significance to Maori ? where they were? caught in the act by a security guard.

At the time, the woman says, she was completely naked and Brown had his pants down around his ankles.

Brown did not return phone calls or messages this afternoon despite multiple attempts to contact him.

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The Night-mayor starts the spend up

So one of the first things that Night-Mayor Len Brown wants to do is call in the renovators.

This will cost the ratepayers a packet. The Auckland Town Hall is a listed heritage building, and Len Brown wants to to take the wrecking ball to it.?Significantly changing the entrances and internal walls will cost a shitload of money.

How this a priority for Auckland, I don’t know. But then again cleaning the windows was one of his first priorities.

Can’t wait for the next 97 initiatives, the first three have been spectacularly lame.