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Chris Trotter on Len Brown

Slowly but surely people on the left are deciding that to be aligned with Len Brown is to cloak oneself in the stench of a rotting corpse.

Chris Trotter backs away from Len Brown now.

IS AUCKLAND?about to join Toronto? A city with a mayor?some?would dearly like to be rid of but cannot sack?

Auckland?s Len Brown may not have smoked crack cocaine or clean-bowled an elderly councillor in the council chamber, like the rampaging Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but he is fast engendering a very similar sort of cringe factor.

Like Toronto, Auckland is its country?s commercial heart. Politically, it plays a similarly pivotal role. Who leads a city like Toronto or Auckland matters. Getting stuck with a laughing-stock mayor?would be but a short step away from becoming a laughing-stock city.

That Auckland?could?finds?itself?contemplating that possibility?is due to a peculiar constitutional anomaly.? Read more »