Australian Council of Trade Unions

Gillard and the union’s grasp

Julia Gillard is staying staunch, but then she knows what many in the media seem to be missing…that Rudd won’t take over to watch Labor get gutted like a trout…he will wait and let Gillard take the blame.

The bravest woman in Australia is Julia Gillard. She continues to defend her government staunchly and, as her troops falter and bicker around her, and the media exhibits an obsessional, monumental fixation with possible challenges to her leadership, she continues to get on with the job, focused on the core mission of her leadership – protecting and projecting union power.

There is now even a sanctimonious media chorus calling for Gillard to step aside, as if the federal Labor caucus has the option of telling the electorate: ”We’ve just knifed our leader and installed the leader we had previously knifed because he has better poll numbers. So vote for us because now we are competent and credible.”

Disaster. Voters do not like to be treated with contempt. Even if this desperation saved a few skins in Queensland, it would guarantee electoral disasters elsewhere. The poll numbers for Kevin Rudd the exile and martyr are one thing, but they will not simply translate to similar support for Rudd the recycled leader. Especially as minister after minister resigned rather than serve under him.

Why would Rudd want to be eviscerated in an election he cannot save for the sake of a few more months as prime minister? ?? Read more »

Even the unions are abandoning Labor

Julia Gillard has managed to alienate even the unions in Australia, as they abandon Labor like the rest if the country.

Not even Kevin Rudd can save them now.

One of the country’s biggest trade unions has proposed that all major unions donate extra funds to help the beleaguered Gillard government fight for re-election, but has failed to win support.

The response suggests that even the Labor Party’s staunchest allies see the election as a lost cause.

The national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, Paul Howes, made the proposal at a meeting of the leaders of key unions comprising the Australian Council of Trade Unions on Tuesday.

Mr Howes told the meeting that his union was donating more to the Labor Party than it did at the 2010 election, and urged others to do the same. None supported the proposal.