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Now we know where Kevin Hague got his McCarthyist ideas from

Kevin Hague has been pursuing and victimising Katherine Rich in a rather creepy stalking and hounding campaign against her for daring to have a different point of view to him.

He has shown that he isis intolerant of opposing views and like all good Stalinists for McCarthyists he wants to shut anyone down who differed in politics to him.

Perhaps he has been seeking advice on pursing a witch-hunt like this from his fellow travellers in the Greens in Australia.

THE notorious US anti-communism campaigner Joe McCarthy would be proud ? the Australian Senate has adopted his tactics in?pursuit of independent think tanks.

Instead of ?Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States??, a Senate estimates committee is asking whether particular academics and specialists are ?connected? with the Institute of Public ?Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies.

The federal Education Department has emailed a dozen or more subject specialists who contributed to the national curriculum review.

The correspondence begins: ?The department has received a number of questions from Senate estimates. The specific question is: ?If any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public ?Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?? ?

Exactly the same modus operandi as Kevin Hague.

?This is outright McCarthyism,? IPA deputy director James Paterson said. ?It is pretty much ?Are you now or have you even been a member of the IPA?? ?

University of Wollongong historian Greg Melleuish said he was happy to answer the question because he had ?nothing to hide?.

The issue was the ?motives of the people asking the questions? rather than the department following up. The person who asked the question was South Australian Greens senator Penny Wright, who raised it at an October hearing.

?I am interested to know if any of the reviewers who were appointed are connected with the Institute of Public Affairs or the Centre for Independent Studies?? she asked.

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Labour parties are the same the world over

The headline is scarily similar to what happened here in NZ.

Labour the world over booby traps the economy of their victim countries.

When Joe Hockey was growing up and dreaming of becoming prime minister, he would not have imagined that his dream would lead him to joining a bomb disposal unit. Tomorrow, he will unveil the first bomb he must dismantle and it is almost nuclear in its capacity for destruction.

At 12.30 on Tuesday, Hockey, who has also been the stand-out thespian of the new federal parliament, will unveil the real horror, dysfunction and narcissism of Kevin Rudd’s contribution to Australian political history, disably assisted by Julia Gillard. Hockey will release the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook, known in the trade as MYEFO, which will show a budget deficit much worse than Labor led us to believe, probably close to $50 billion, debt obligations much higher than Labor led us to believe, and unfunded liabilities that are so irresponsibly crushing the government will have to walk away from many of them. The most monumental folly is the National Broadband Network, whose economic rationale was worked out on a piece of paper by Rudd. The scheme subsequently created by former communications minister Stephen Conroy would cost more than $70 billion and never recover its cost of capital. The Abbott government will have to start again.? Read more »

Taking on Tasmania’s Green Taliban

The Palmer United Party is coming good, in Tasmania at least.

They are calling to account the actions of the Green taliban and fronting them in a very aggressive manner.

The Palmer United Party has fiercely attacked Tasmania’s Greens, saying they should be subject to a Senate inquiry over the state’s high unemployment rate.

PUP’s federal senator-elect for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, is laying the blame for the unemployment squarely on the Greens and says she will seek to instigate the inquiry after she enters Parliament in July.

Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim.?Photo: Peter Mathew

“I simply believe that the Greens have destroyed all hope in Tasmania,” Ms Lambie said.

Silly Green tart

People who take offence at obvious satire or even name calling and trot off to court often get their arses handed to them in the most ignominious manner.

Take this silly green senator in Australia who is suing a magazine for a photoshop job…she has obviously never heard of the Streisand Effect.

Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young says?ZOO?magazine made her look incompetent and immature when they photoshopped her head onto the body of a lingerie clad model.

Senator Hanson-Young is suing the magazine on several grounds over the photo and article entitled “ZOO’s Asylum Seeker Bikini Plan”, published in July 2012, a week after her emotional address in the Senate about Australia’s humanitarian intake of asylum-seekers.

But NSW Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum on Wednesday struck out several of her arguments, saying she did not believe the photo made the senator look incompetent or immature.

The five myths about Tony Abbott that the election destroyed

Andrew Bolt talks about the 5 myths about Tony Abbott that have been destroyed by the election.

TONY Abbott’s landslide win over Labor hasn’t just destroyed perhaps our most deceitful and chaotic government.

It also exposed five myths that helped to ruin Labor.

Not that you would guess that from the self-denial of its leaders.

Kevin Rudd on Saturday night made out as if he’d actually left Labor in great shape, despite Labor winning the lowest primary vote in a century.

“I am proud that despite all the prophets of doom that we have preserved our federal parliamentary Labor party as a viable fighting force for the future,” he boasted.

The man tipped to be Labor’s next leader, Bill Shorten, even carried on as if Labor’s green madness was an asset, not a poison.

“There should be a price on carbon pollution,” he said after an election Abbott billed as a “referendum on the carbon tax”.

Don’t you just love politicians who declare an election is a referendum about something, then lose and want to continue litigating it.? Read more »

Will Labour take notice of this?

It’s probably a bit late for David Cunliffe…he has already effectively committed to not?fighting to get votes off the Greens with his comments about having?them as part of the economic team.

Shane Jones already hates the Greens, but if he wins it will be interesting to see how he deals with the electoral poison that they are. Polls in Tasmania are showing that ?the ALP will be wiped out…and commentators are blaming the Greens.

Tasmanian federal Labor MPs told The Australian they in large part blamed the party?s relationship with the Greens at the state and federal levels for the potential slide back into oblivion.

Dick Adams, a stalwart of the party who the latest polling suggests will fail to defend a margin of 12.3 per cent in rural Lyons, said the party should review its power-sharing deal with the Greens in the state?? Read more »

Things are looking grim for Kevin Rudd

The Aussies don’t appear to have bought Kevin Rudd’s spin. They are seeing through the hubris, the spin, the narcissism and the arrogance. This is especially true in Queensland and now it appears the rot has set in for South Australia.

LABOR is gone in the western suburbs seat of Hindmarsh and will struggle to hold the seats of Makin, Adelaide and even the once-safe seat of Wakefield as Kevin Rudd’s support tanks in South Australia amid a seemingly irreversible ?national swing towards the Coalition.

Both Labor and Liberal strategists have told the Sunday Mail they do not believe that Steve Georganas can hold the marginal seat of Hindmarsh, and internal Liberal Party polling has found that Makin, Adelaide and Wakefield are now up for grabs.

The southern Liberal seat of Boothby – one of the key seats Labor had to win to form government – is not rated a chance of changing hands by either side of politics.

Senior Liberals are now confident of picking up at least two seats in SA, with their polling showing the most likely scalps are Mr Georganas and Wakefield?s Nick Champion, who has been hit hard by ?Kevin Rudd?s decision to fiddle with fringe benefit taxes on cars. ? Read more »

Good news for Australia

The green taliban are the scourge of society. They oppose all and every possible technological advance. In Australia via their voting system it is possible to stop their advances.

NICK Xenophon?is an independent Senator from South Australia who makes a great Greek salad and says he was inspired to get into national politics because Kevin Rudd seemed genuine about problem gambling.

The scourge of the pokies is Xenophon’s driving passion, although he’s also a parochial SA booster who fights for the health of the Murray River, and has a following in his state that most politicians would die for.

He’s up for election this time and has an outside hope of getting a running mate elected as well. However, a decision he’s taken could have a dramatic impact on the Greens Party’s chances in his state.

Sarah Hanson-Young, a rising star in Greens’ ranks, is up for re-election but Xenophon may have spiked her guns.? Read more »

Green taliban want to send NSW to the dark ages

Just when you thought the green taliban couldn’t get any more stupid, the NSW Greens prove the point that we shouldn’t encourage these loons.

Could NSW be made to operate completely free of fossil-fuelled electricity within 17 years?

The Greens think so. The state branch of the party will this week unveil a bold plan to close down every coal- or gas-fired power plant in the state by 2030, while guaranteeing employment for displaced power sector workers.

The proposal, to be put before State Parliament on Thursday, would cost $8.2 billion a year, part of which would be funded by removing fuel subsidies for mining and power companies that amount to about $2 billion.

The Greens concede that the plan, which relies on the work of University of NSW researchers and the environment group Beyond Zero Emissions, is unlikely to gain much support from the Coalition or Labor.

Gillard and the union’s grasp

Julia Gillard is staying staunch, but then she knows what many in the media seem to be missing…that Rudd won’t take over to watch Labor get gutted like a trout…he will wait and let Gillard take the blame.

The bravest woman in Australia is Julia Gillard. She continues to defend her government staunchly and, as her troops falter and bicker around her, and the media exhibits an obsessional, monumental fixation with possible challenges to her leadership, she continues to get on with the job, focused on the core mission of her leadership – protecting and projecting union power.

There is now even a sanctimonious media chorus calling for Gillard to step aside, as if the federal Labor caucus has the option of telling the electorate: ”We’ve just knifed our leader and installed the leader we had previously knifed because he has better poll numbers. So vote for us because now we are competent and credible.”

Disaster. Voters do not like to be treated with contempt. Even if this desperation saved a few skins in Queensland, it would guarantee electoral disasters elsewhere. The poll numbers for Kevin Rudd the exile and martyr are one thing, but they will not simply translate to similar support for Rudd the recycled leader. Especially as minister after minister resigned rather than serve under him.

Why would Rudd want to be eviscerated in an election he cannot save for the sake of a few more months as prime minister? ?? Read more »