Financial movie magic to drive ongoing economic boost for New Zealand

Better to have a little of something rather than everything from nothing. ?The Key government has found the balancing point where we can ?keep our word leading talents at home, off the dole queue, and part of making a superior product that will continue to highlight New Zealand as a great filming destination. ?Nick Perry at the Herald reports

Fuelled by politicians giving out generous tax breaks, film-making talent is migrating to where the money is. The race allows powerful studios with hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal to pick the best deals.

This month, James Cameron announced plans to shoot and produce the next threeAvatar?sequels largely in New Zealand.

Cameron gets a 25 per cent rebate on production costs, as long as his company spends at least $500 million on the three films.

“There’s no place in the world that we could make these sequels more cost effectively,” says producer Jon Landau. It is neither the country’s volcanoes nor its glaciers that are attractive, because the?Avatar?movies will be shot indoors.

“We looked at other places,” said Landau. But in the end, “it was this rebate.”

The wreckers and haters on the left continue to say this is a bad idea. ?Labour and the Unions apparently prefer people to not work to somehow retain some ideologically pure poverty that comes from not being able to find any work.

The logic escapes me. ? Read more »

The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams show The Huddle with Josie Pagani for the last time this year.

Our topics were:

The Avatar film deal ongoing incentives programme announced this morning to put a shot in the arm of a very very lacklustre film industry. The government is caught between a rock and a hard place here. The liberal elites arts bludgers always have their hands out for more like a proverbial modern day Oliver Twist, and on the other hand when the government hands out the corporate welfare to billionaires the same moaners from the left who decry that not enough is spent will now cry that John Key is helping out his rich mates again. You know my position?bludging is bludging, no matter the clothes you wear.

There there is Len?s pathetic apology to the council. He should be resigning not apologising. He?s still lied and used council money to pay for his texting to his mistress as well as used free hotel rooms at Sky City ? all the while changing his stance on the convention centre deal, not to mention his use of the chauffeur driven car to run his floosie all over town. He?s not fronting to the media or any public outings ? how long can he survive? He is a lame duck mayor.? Read more »

Not if Helen gets her way

? NZ Herald

NBR Rich Lister James Cameron is showing his confidence in the New Zealand film industry even if Helen Kelly, ?Robyn Malcolm and their union mates best efforts to try and kill it off:

Hollywood director James Cameron says the?Avatar?sequels will almost certainly be shot in New Zealand where film crews have a freshness and flexibility that he no longer finds in the US.

But he’s told the?New York Timeshe’s not moving to New Zealand to compete with Wellington-based Sir Peter Jackson.


Quick file a Treaty Claim

I imagine the Maori liberal elite will see the possibility no mater how remote of extracting some cash from somewhere for some made up transgression against Maori with the latest claim from Avatar Director James Cameron.

The language of Avatar‘s Na’vi alien race is partially based on Maori, director James Cameron says.

Cameron and language expert Paul Frommer, of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, moulded the language, mixing Maori with European and African languages, The Press reported.

“The way that the language was created, it started off innocently enough as I was writing the script,” Cameron said.

“I came up with some place names and some character names and so on. You know, I was just sort of free associating, and I had been to New Zealand a few years ago and really liked the sound of the Maori language and some of the Polynesian form, so I put that in.”

At least one Maori academic sees this as a win for Maori, but I bet you he will be a loan voice.

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology Maori faculty dean Hana O’Regan said the use of Maori was “impressive”.

“I am not too possessive over the language being used for something like that, which is something that some people might get disturbed about,” she said.

Good on him for introducing some sensibility into the debate.


It's Science FICTION you dick!

I went and saw Avatar yesterday. It is simply the best movie I have ever seen. At three hours long it should be, but me, the missus and kids sat riveted the whole way through.

Then I read that some Maori “academic” has decided that Avatar repeats “negative stereotypes” about indigenous people. WTF! the Na’vi win! They defeat the evil colonisers and destroyers of nature. Next thing we will hear the Catholics are marching in the streets because the movie depicts God as Gaia, the Earth Mother.

The head of the School of Maori and Indigenous Studies at the University of Canterbury, Rawiri Taonui, said Avatar addressed the impact of colonisation on indigenous people in an entertaining way, but relied on stereotypes.

“It was a great movie and had some progressive themes, but did it in a way that still repeated some stereotypes,” he said.

Taonui said the “rhythmic body swaying” of the indigenous people during a ceremony only appeared in “B-grade movies” and “just doesn’t happen in any indigenous population”.

Uhmmm….the “rhythmic body swaying” is FICTION, it’s a movie, it isn’t a story about any indigenous population anywhere except in someones clearly furtive imagination. He makes sillier satements though if you could believe that was at all possible.

“The indigenous men were not very good when it came to sorting out the problems. They just grunted. That contradicts history,” he said.

“Indigenous people were overwhelmed by colonists, but they resisted against overwhelming odds.

“They all came up with strategies to try and overcome their situations.”

Contradicts history? What planet is this “academic” on? The movie is set in the FUTURE. It is FICTION. The film is set in the year 2154 on Pandora, a fictional Earth-like moon in a distant planetary system.

Now for sure there are some parallels to our history. For a start there is a correlation to the Plains Indians about the “Settlers coming like the wind over the land, you cannot stop them” or words to that effect. James Cameron has also said he drew aspects of the film from Dances with Wolves. The effect of white settlement on the Plains Indians and the eventual reservationisation of them is clearly a theme in the film.

But if you study any other history other than the incredibly short and violent history of the Maori, say for instance that of the rise of the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan then you can see the correlation there too of the rise of an indigenous population (the Mongols) rising from under their oppressors (The Chin) and defeating them. In fact Jake Sully actually has a Genghis moment when he implores all the tribes of Pandora to unite as a nation. Which is exactly what Genghis Khan did to amalgamate all the small tribes of Mongols as a nation to drive the Chin away and then the Tartars, and so on until his Empire was bigger than the Romans ever managed.

The stupid maori “academic” should just STFU and learn something more than the post-modern definition if “indigenous”.