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-Screenshot 3 News Haider Lone FORMER President of the NZ Muslim Association and administrator of the Avondale Islamic Centre

Remember this guy? Today’s face of the day Haider Lone was the President of the NZ Muslim Association and administrator of the Avondale Islamic Centre when he appeared on this TV3 News clip in 2014. He had been beaten up in what he feared was an assassination attempt by members of a rival Islamic faction led by the centre’s Imam Sheikh Abu Abdulla who had been tresspassed from the centre two years earlier due to his extremist beleifs.

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It’s not the first 99 years that are worrying

More on the drama out in Avondale

New Zealand Muslim Association president Firoz Patel said there had been ongoing troubles within the Muslim community in Avondale.

Patel said he did not know who was responsible for the weekend’s fire but there had been fighting within different factions at the mosque, which had led to “disturbances”.

The mosque made headlines earlier this year when its former Imam Sheikh Abu Abdullah was banned from the centre after allegedly teaching extreme Islam and encouraging youth to fight overseas.

He denied the allegations.

Mosque administrator Haider Lone was beaten after trespassing Abdullah and the mosque was subsequently closed.

One of Abdullah’s sons, Abdullah Hamam, was charged with threatening to kill members of the New Zealand Muslim Association after the family was trespassed. He pleaded not guilty.

Another follower, Imran Patel, was also charged with threatening to kill, and had his passport cancelled.

Firoz Patel said the centre was forced to build fences and install CCTV cameras after a number of incidents, including people slashing tyres of community members during prayers.

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Avondale Islamic Centre fire “suspicious”


The question is: who did it?

A fire at an Auckland mosque that has been at the centre of allegations of extremist Islamic teaching is being treated as suspicious. Read more »

As seen in Avondale


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Nazi's say vote NZ First

New Zealand’s very own Nazi’s say that we shouold be voting NZ First.

That’s right, Kyle Chapman, psychopath, meat-head and erstwhile leader of the DDP posts on neo-nazi chat forum stormfront.org that NZ First is the party for him and all other Nazi’s.

A ringing endorsement for the only party in parliament with Nazi tendencies.


NZ First playing silly buggers with Privileges Committee

I received two faxes today that are very interesting. Interesting firstly because it appears that parliament is leaking like a sieve, including it appears the Speakers Office and interesting because it seems that Dail Jones and Winston First are playing fast and loose with the Standing Orders in order to try to smear Rodney Hide.

Remember, Rodney has brought a complaint to the Privileges Committee about Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode querying the $100,000 donation that Winston says he knew nothing about.

Dail Jones now says that; (pdf file)

Dail Jones complaint

Rodney, un-deterred, appears to have scribbled his reply (pdf file) back to the Speaker on the very note that he received notice of the complaint.

Rodney Hide reply to Speaker Wilson

Rodney appears to have boxed in Dail Jones. If Speaker Wilson does indeed call Rodney to account before the Privileges Committee then Dail Jones will have to excuse himself from the committee where he sits presently because Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode is conflicted, for exactly the same reasons.

Dail Jones is also likely to be replaced on the committee because it is likely he will be called to explain the $100,000 donation that appeared, that he was “mistaken” about.

I also would expect that the Committee would be calling in a banking expert and also the bank statement records of NZ First to explain the impossibility of a Credit existing without a Debit.