Awaroa Inlet

Sigh, Maori want New Zealand’s latest publicly owned strip of sand given to them


Awaroa Beach becomes part of the Abel Tasman National Park today after 40,000 Kiwis raised the money to buy it – but local Maori want the Government to hand it on to them.

At least 200 people are expected to turn up by boat and on foot at midday for the handover of the remote beach, which sits in the middle of Abel Tasman National Park.

The beach was privately owned by European families until it was bought for the nation with $2.3 million donated through a Givealittle campaign last summer.

Wakatu Incorporation chairman Paul Morgan, who will speak for local iwi at the handover, said the 7ha beach property should not have been taken from its original Maori owners.

“Our view hasn’t changed, the Government is in possession of land that actually belongs to Maori,” he said. Read more »

Larry Williams disgusted with National

The Government has coughed up $350,000 to get Awaroa Beach into public ownership. Nearly 40,000 New Zealanders contributed to the nearly $2.3 million dollar price tag, but it seems the Government cash got the purchase over the line.

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says they now need to set up a trust to hold the land until it can be gazetted as part of Abel Tasman National Park.

The Government supported the bid with what they say is a “modest” contribution – but $350,000 is hardly “modest”.

Last night when negotiations got “tricky” the Government upped its contribution. This looks like code for the public tender not being the highest tender.

At the eleventh hour, the Government stepped in to match the highest tender to secure the property.

I don’t like the smell of this tender process. It also has a stench around the Government’s motives. It was straight out populist politics when they had no interest in that hunk of sand and scrub at the outset. Being seen to contribute and save the high profile campaign was for the Government “good for business”. Read more »

John Key sniffs a popular move; starts off by kicking Gareth Morgan in the slats


It’s all about that beach, ’bout that beach, in Tasman….

Prime Minister John Key has not ruled out a “modest” Government contribution to a public bid to buy?Awaroa Inlet, while taking aim at Gareth Morgan’s views the beach will sell for more than what has been raised.

More than 33,500 people pledged to Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner’s campaign to raise $2 million to entrust a sandy stretch of the inlet, in Abel Tasman National Park, to the public.

The $2m target was hit on Friday, but the organisers were urging the public to keep donating.

It’s roughly what the owner paid for it, so probably not enough yet. Plus, the owner is unlikely to be generous – this is a fire sale as they need cash to pay down urgent debt to the BNZ.? Read more »

That’s nice Andrew. Why don’t you dip into your own pocket and buy it?

Andrew Little thinks the taxpayers should buy a beach.

Labour is calling on the Government to stump up the remaining $1 million to purchase Awaroa Beach.

More than 11,000 New Zealanders have already pledged more than $1.1m to?Duane Major and Adam Gard’ner’s?campaign to raise $2 million?to entrust a sandy stretch of Awaroa Inlet in Abel Tasman National Park to the public.

The Government appeared to signal help toward the campaign just over a week ago, when Environment Minister Nick Smith said the Government did have a nature heritage fund “fund from which we might be able to provide some extra incentive”.

But the Department of Conservation indicated they would not be contributing money toward the campaign, though they would add the beach to the National Park if the purchaser gave it to them. ?? Read more »