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Corrections debacle continues

Prison guard: Paremoremo like a ‘holiday camp’ – 01 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

What on earth does the Corrections minister do?, because it sure as hell isn’t running his portfolio.

Every day it seems there is bad news in the Correction portfolio yet O’Connor sits on his hands and does nothing. Today we hear from a Corrections staffer who must surely now be in fear of his job after going to the media. His comments are telling;
[quote]”We’re basically porters in a hotel. They say jump and we jump because management want to keep the peace. The prisoners run the place.

“There are threats every day from Burton. He threatens to burn the building down, or put out a contract [on prison officers]. Most of the guys are scared of what he did and what he is. He’s lost a leg but he’s still quite threatening. Every time we take him somewhere there’s always seven officers [with] him.”[/quote]

Prison is not meant to be a holiday camp, it is meant to be punishment.

If you are in any doubt that the minister has no idea that his portfolio is in disarray there is the case of two staff at Paremoremo prison who have been fired and one has resigned for their role in getting inmates to work on prison employees’ homes.

This comes from an invetigation into corruption that the Minister clearly said wouldn’t show anything. Further the Corrections Department admitted that “it was impossible to ensure that staff were honest.”

Wow! Time for a resturcture methinks starting with a new Minister.

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Oh dear me the Inquiry team is compromised already

Summary and recommendations ? Office of the Auditor-General New Zealand

I was reading the names selected for the whitewash inquiry into the goings on in the $50 million contract debacle at HBDHB and I thought one name was familiar.

It turns out it is very familiar and for all the wrong reasons.

David Clarke himself has been subject to an investigation by the Auditor-General back in 2005 when issues were raised by the Hon Murray McCully MP about the contracting policies and procedures of the Ministry of Health.

Between June 2001 and February 2005, the Ministry entered into 60 contracts with Allen and Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists Limited (Allen & Clarke). The total value of all contracts was around $1,362,000 excluding GST, with 32 of the contracts being for $10,000 or less. Only 4 of the contracts involved a contestable process. The other 56 contracts were awarded on a ?sole provider? basis.

Allen and Clarke were at this time, both the principals were working for the Ministry on 3-year fixed term contracts. One of the principals ? Mr Allen ? was working only 30 hours a week, and used his spare time to work on the contracts. A ninth contract was awarded on 16 January 2002, the day before Mr Allen left the Ministry?s employment.

The Auditor-General slammed the Ministry of Health over the way it awarded contracts worth nearly $1.5 million to the consultancy firm of two former employees.

An investigation has revealed the ministry awarded the pair 60 contracts, most of which should have been tendered out but never were. The report criticised the ministry for not following a proper tender process.

Clearly we can see now that the whitewash inquiry is hopelessly compromised.

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Call it what it is – A Payroll Tax

Ok, I haven't commented on the budget as yet for a number of reasons. One is that by and large it doesn't matter to me personally what the government of day does in the budget. The effect on me is almost always negligible so it is hard to be enthusiastic. The other main reason is I have been in a bit of a funk….but am now climbing out of that.

Now onto the main thrust of the budget. Cullen's Payroll Tax.

I fail to see any other way to explain his compuslory super policy for employers as anything other than a payroll tax. That is certianly what the small business owners I have spoken to in Ohakune think it is. Cullen has failed to grasp the essentials of Kiwi business and has shown this in a way that beggars belief. To give a tax cut that is unlike a tax cut to indivisuals in that individuals pay tax on earnings whereas companies pay tax on profit is actually not giving anything away. To cancel his chewing gum tax cuts just shows spite and parsimony. But the kicker for Kiwi business is the impost of a 4% levy against their payroll. That is what it is pure and simple, a payroll tax. The fact that Cullen has dressed it up as compulsory super does not disguise the actuality that it is a tax on payroll, ie an increase in taxation for business. the deceit is stunning and almost at the same level as their stealing of taxpayer money to fund their campaign.

National should immediately begin calling this the Cullen Payroll tax and say it loud and often. Cullen has obviously grown tired of kicking the average punter through taxes and has now decided to lick the crap out of the employers of the average punters. This policy WILL lead to downsizing for sure. Most companies and employers will now have to find 4% of their payroll per annum in either savings or cuts. Bet they cut, it is easier.

What do you get for $1 million?

If you are the government the answer is sweet fuck all.

The Government has spent well over $1 million on a recruitment drive via a website to link New Zealand employers with skilled overseas migrants.

So far this year New Zealand has two, yes two vacancies advertised and boy are they plum jobs too, a nurse and a hairdresser.

The website is supposed to attract skilled foreign workers to help ease the country’s skills shortage. (a nurse and a hairdresser!!!!)

Twenty-eight job vacancies were on the website last year. Wow!!! that many?

The website cost $1.15 million to design and set up, and a further $86,400 a year to keep running – is a complete and utter failure. Absolutely….$86400 a year to maintain…WTF are they maintaining with only 28 jobs last year that is $3085 to essentially cut and paste some fricken text……Rort, smells like one, tastes like, most probably is one.

Why is the answer always more taxes?

Why is it that when faced with an issue the socialists always respond that the solution is more taxes?

Think I am telling fibs?, well witness this little debacle unfolding before your very eyes.

The government formed a so-called independent inquiry to investigate ways of mitigating the "rates burden".

So far they have come up with absolutely no ways to mitigate the burden and in fact have come up with many ways to increase it.

Alternatives for discussion include a local government equivalent of personal income tax, a local consumption tax like GST on goods and services, a citizen’s or "poll tax" on every adult, a payroll tax levied on employers, and taxes that apply to specific industries, for example, a bed tax for funding tourism.

Hmmm…how about cutting back on what councils are doing outside of what they are supposed to do as "core". How about dropping funding for stupid parades and overseas junkets and bridges to nowhere and penalty payments for changing your mind and sustainable housing ventures and affordable housing ideas and gay celebrations and seances and phone calls and marae visits and so on and son on….

See it is easy to ease the rates burden if you just look.

Outstanding Press Release

It is bad enough when you silly little stunt gets snapped. It is worse when everyone mocks you for it.
[quote]PR: Young Nationals concerned for welfare of Beehive staff

The Young Nationals have today lodged a complaint with Occupational Safety and Health on behalf of all the Government press secretaries in the Beehive.

"We’re very concerned that these press secretaries have been forced to spend all day on a keyboard, voting against John Key. Their employer should not be requiring them to endanger their health like this" said Young Nationals President Matthew Patterson.

Mr Patterson is referring to revelations in the Dominion Post today that over 17,000 votes in a Dominion Post online poll came from parliamentary computers.

"Did their overseers ensure that they took proper breaks of at least ten minutes every hour? Were they provided with ergonomically correct keyboards to facilitate their multiple online voting activities?"

"We call on the Department of Labour to investigate these practices and ensure Government press secretaries are not being put unduly at risk" [/quote]

Decoy Cops and now Decoy Cars

The only upside on this story is that an enterprising Fulton Hogan employee came up with the idea after people kept endangering their staff by ignoring temporary speed restrictions.

Unfortunately the cops will see the great success and probably start deploying their own ones.

Why I won't consort with the enemy

The seems to be this keen-ness for blog drinks with namby-pamby cotton wool socialist wankers.

I for one will not attend. I consider it to be tantamount to consorting with the enemy.

I loathe and detest the apologists of the left. Their arrogant holier than thou spouting about “progressive” policies, their silent approval of crooks and thugs and the tacit approval of theft from the public purse precludes me from sharing a room let alone a drink with these oxygen thieves.

I am not a polite person, if I meet fools I am almost obliged to tell them that they are so. It would actually be hypocritical of me to consort with the enemy.

Lickspittles like Jordan actually make me sick with their blind allegiance to the Killer Queen. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, I certainly won’t share a drink with them.

I prefer the company of people I actually like or admire and share common goals. Socialists by and large sicken me with their pursuit of mediocrity. In fact socialist is probably too good a name for them. Perhaps I will start calling them mediocratists.

Unions and the current Government are the epitome of the mediocratists debasing our society to the point where a large proportion are actually now bludgers from the state. We no longer celebrate greatness, we seek to punish it.

Wealth is the great evil, we must all be forced to part with it.

I on the other hand find wealth liberating. The more wealth I have the less I find that I care two hoots about the government of the day. The government actually hardly touches my life anymore nor that of my friends. It does however touch my employees and my customers in ways that disgust me.

That is why I blog to draw attention to that which others are too afraid or unwilling to say. That is my reputation in life to say that which is uncomfortable. I do not resile from it. I am known for my bluntness and that is the usual persona taken on this blog. I prefer to use few words to describe what others would take many to. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t use flowery words or sentence structure because I can, I simply choose to be short and blunt.

That in essence sums up why I will never consort with the enemy. You can stick your drinks up your arse.

On the other hand if true conservative blogger want to organise drinks with a token socialist whose role will simply be a pinata for us to whack then I am in with a grin.

Not so random impertinent questions

I'm a little confused. Help me out here will ya.

  • How come it is ok to forge paintings?
  • How come it is ok to piss in hotel corridors?
  • How come it is ok to sleep with an employee in your care?
  • How come it is ok to assault students?
  • How come it is ok to falsify company returns?
  • How come it is ok to rort housing allowances?
  • How come it is ok to leak documents?
  • How come it is ok to lie to parliament?
  • How come it is ok to nicked hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars?
  • How come it is ok to rort your constituents for immigration favours?
  • How come it is ok to Assault protestors?
  • How come it is ok to drive under the influence?
  • How come it is ok to undermine civil servants?
  • How come it is ok to speed through the countryside like an African Dictator?
  • How come it isn't ok to have extra-marital hetereosexual sex?

There that kinda puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

Microsoft Staff training video released

Two bloody funny faux training videos for Microsoft UK employees featuring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in their roles from the BBC version of The Office.

Video one and Video two

One of the best lines is;

[quote]Next time some one comes up to you and goes "I'm an honest person, I've got integrity". Look 'em back in the eye and go "ave ya, coz 9 times out of ten they'll be lyin'[/quote]

Cripes he must have been talking about our Prime Minister.

His comments on Nelson Mandela are fricken priceless.