Back to the Future

Photo of the Day

John DeLorean with His Automobile. DeLorean made sure his cars looked cool, but even more importantly, he made sure John DeLorean looked cool. When DeLorean first rose to prominence in the 60s he became known as a swaggering bad boy with dyed-black hair, big sideburns, and unbuttoned shirts. As the head of Pontiac, DeLorean became a show-business fixture in Hollywood who dated starlets like Ursula Andress.

Playboy Carmaker John Z. DeLorean

Inventor of the GTO. Father of the DeLorean. Lover. Huckster. Genius.

John DeLorean?was a 6′ 4″ automotive superstar. The tall, good-looking guy had it all ? wealth, fame, style, success, a fashion-model wife. Father of the GTO, brain behind the Firebird, instigator of the Grand Prix, and eponymous founder of the DeLorean Motor Company. Shaggy hair?dyed jet black?thick sideburns, Italian suits, and shirts unbuttoned to the navel. He wore gold chains and had a garage stacked deep with foreign sports cars.

A Detroit native, DeLorean started in the business with Packard but soon moved to General Motors where he ultimately ran the Pontiac and Chevrolet divisions and is best remembered for starting the Muscle Car era by putting a big engine into a Pontiac Tempest and renaming it the GTO.

Unlike the conservative and reclusive auto executives of the time, DeLorean dressed in designer suits, dated and married models and starlets, and moved in celebrity circles. Yet, despite his high profile, many considered him to be on the fast track to one day lead the world’s biggest automaker.

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Because hoverboards

It had to happen…someone has?finally made, albeit a clunky version, but a hoverboard nonetheless.

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Back to the future… acoustically

Back to Back to the Future.

The No Campaign Campaign, Ctd

Continuing on my series about?Labour’s No Campaign Campaign. One?small article in the NZ Herald yielded so much information about Labour?that I have decided to split it up into several posts.

If you could map the actions of Bill English’s 2002 campaign against the 2011 Labour party campaign you will see the exact same follies and delusions. Multiple policy releases that are mostly?tl;dr, poor caucus discipline, rogue candidates, and an invisible leader.

Labour have failed not only Campaigning 101 but also Sales 101. Brian Tracy says in his sales training courses that a salesman (politician) has two ears and one mouth, and you should use them in that ratio. Labour has yapped, and whined, and talked and they have not listened.

If they had listened they wouldn’t be releasing stupid policies like their Back to the Future labour policy, their gay marriage (shhhh don’t say gay marriage out loud) policy, and an Interfaith policy that is long on weasel words and short on meaning.

All Labour wants to do is talk and hector and lecture, using their mouths and ears in the exact opposite ratio to what is needed.

No wonder they have a No Campaign Campaign.

Labour’s official campaign vehicle?

Sometimes these things just happen…The NZ Herald has a feature on the DeLorean DMC-12, ironically just a week after Labour launched their own back to the future labour policy, now affectionately known as the Marty McFly Policy.

delorean - Labour's back tot eh future campaign car

Could it be that the DeLorean is Labour’s official campaign vehicle?

Chart of the Day

This chart shows why Labour’s new vaunted “Marty McFly – Back to the Future” industrial relations policy is doomed from the get go.

TRADE unions are a last choice when seeking greater flexibility at work, according to participants of the New Work Project.

Results from survey of more than 22,000 Australian workers reveal that just eight per cent of workers say a collective agreement sought through a union would be the best way to gain greater flexibility options in their jobs.

And Labour says they are trying to bring us in line with Australia.

Nike releases "Marty McFly" boots

Nike announced the shoe on Thursday in a very limited run ? just 1,500 pairs ? all proceeds of which will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for funding research to fight Parkinson?s Disease.

Stars from Back to the Future are helping with the promotion: