Opposition leaders debate


Join us for a night of LIVE pub politics in AUCKLAND from the BRITOMART COUNTRY CLUB: Wednesday, 6th of June. Our Panel: Green Party Co-Leader Dr. Russel Norman, Labour Leader David Shearer, New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters and National MP for Auckland Central Nikki Kaye.

Looks like someone invited Nikki Kaye by mistake.

Taxes are like Acorns

Cactus Kate asked me to grab this video for her on capital gains tax.

Richard Prebble was at Backbenchers on Wednesday and showed up the crippled campaign manager even though he wasn’t in the panel. They asked him about Hone and the oath and Prebs delivered and then later they asked him about capital gains tax and Prebs showed he has still got it.

“If you could tax your way to prosperity the Soviet Union would have won the Cold War” and;

“Taxes are like acorns… they grow..when the Labour party brought GST in it was 10% and it was never going to be increased and it’s now 15%” and;

“When income tax was introduced all the politicians said it was only going to be on the wealthy and of course now it’s on all of us”.

Rounded off with the grand finale:

“You have Capital Gains tax and it will be on your family home, I’m telling you”.