McCully off to collect his 30 pieces of silver?

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

Murray McCully is off to his Islamic pals for a reach around:

Foreign Minister Murray McCully travels to the Gulf region this weekend for meetings in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain.

?Our relationships with this important region are growing at a great pace and my visit will be an opportunity to continue discussions about priority areas, including the NZ-GCC FTA, regional security issues and cooperation in areas such as renewable energy,? Mr McCully says. ? Read more »

Clapped out Iranian Navy ships ‘threaten’ US shores…snigger

Clapped out Iranian ship 'menacing' US shores

Clapped out Iranian ship ‘menacing’ US shores

Some ships from the Iranian Navy are currently marauding in the Atlantic Ocean?in a deployment that is a supposedly response to U.S. naval deployments near Iran’s coastlines and they are sending a message.

In other news?the Afghan Air Force are going to fly their stealth bombers to the edge of US airspace just to add to the tension.

This must be a worrying time for the seppos, ?we should offer our air combat wing in case they need some back up.

Iranian warships dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean will travel close to U.S. maritime borders for the first time in a bid to send ‘a message’ to the White House.? Read more »

What sort of test do they use?

How do you test for gayness?

Do they show them pictures of camel jockeys? Listen carefully for the appearance of an effeminate lisp? video them walking to detect mincing?

I’m genuinely perplexed as to how you can test for gayness?

A medical test being developed by Kuwait will be used to ‘detect’ homosexuals and prevent them from entering the country ? or any of the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), according to a Kuwaiti government official.? Read more »


How's that money coming along Terry?

Terry Serepisos is hanging his hat on the ability of a crowd out of the Gulf being able to stave off IRD, amongst others. I wouldn’t be too sure the money is coming through anytime soon though. Some Aussie developers are finding that out.

KEITH JOHNSON, the largest residential land developer in NSW, is seething.

The millionaire property developer has confirmed he is a victim of a sophisticated international scam that has led to Australians being defrauded by up to $100 million.

”They are fraudsters,” said Mr Johnson, referring to Western Gulf Advisory, which has offices in Bahrain and Switzerland.

”I can’t let this go on and for other people to become victims,” he said.

Others to have been stung include a former Queensland treasurer, Keith De Lacy, a former bank executive, David Kenny, and a raft of property developers, hoteliers and pastoralists.

The alleged mastermind is Indian-born Ahsan Ali Syed, who has duped hundreds of victims into paying millions of dollars to obtain loans that never eventuate.

Dollars to donuts The Poo-sis’ name will be added to the list. The story sounds oh so familiar.

Last August Mr Johnson paid an $81,000 non-refundable fee and then a further $3.8 million establishment fee to secure a desperately needed $150 million loan at 4.07 per cent interest.

His company Johnson Property Group, unable to get funding from Australian banks, looked overseas for funding for his billion-dollar redevelopment plans for 10,000 residential blocks from Lake Macquarie to Cessnock.

The WGA loan was to arrive on November 3. After countless excuses as to why the loan was held up, in January Mr Johnson demanded his money back.

Again, promises to return his $3.8 million were never fulfilled. Like other victims, Mr Johnson said he was threatened that if he went public his agreement would be voided and he would lose his refund. Yesterday Mr Johnson said he had had enough.

Yep all the same. That money will turn up just like the writ from The Poo-sis suing me….oh wait!