Sorry farmers, Bill says no


Finance Minister Bill English is ruling out a Government bailout for struggling farmers to prevent widespread foreclosures.

Opposition leaders have called on the Government to offer a relief package to farmers, hit hard by low dairy prices and current dairy debt of $38 billion.

However, Mr English told TVNZ’s Q&A programme today that a bailout was out of the question. Read more »


Taxpayers’ Union slams Joyce for his expanded corporate welfare programme

Since the opposition is asleep at the wheel the job of holding a spendthrift government to account falls upon the shoulders of the Taxpayers’ Union.

They are holding Steven Joyce to account for his expanded corporate welfare programme.

Responding to Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce?s defence of corporate welfare, Jim Rose, the author of Monopoly Money, a Taxpayers Union report on corporate welfare since 2008, says:

“Mr Joyce defends over $3 billion in subsidies to KiwiRail and Solid Energy under his watch by saying that they are state owned. Bailouts are not the role of ministers as shareholders. Since 1986, state-owned enterprises have had a statutory duty to operate as a successful business and to be as profitable and efficient as comparable businesses not owned by the Crown. The whole idea of the State Owned Enterprises Act 1986 was to bring an end to bailouts and permanent deficits.?

?Instead of putting a failed business in the hands of receivers, Mr Joyce defends throwing good money after bad by blaming the previous government for buying KiwiRail. That was three elections ago. Elections are supposed to count for something. $3 billion in taxpayers? money cannot be handed out in subsidies with ministers bobbing and weaving about responsibility for the amount and wisdom involved. The Treasury Benches come with a full ministerial responsibility for every single dollar of taxpayers? money spent under your watch.? ?? Read more »

Why Canada isn’t falling of the fiscal cliff

As Americans wake up to the feckless spending of their government many are looking north wondering why Canada isn’t falling off the fiscal cliff:

It has long been said that when the U.S. sneezes, Canada catches a cold. So why have these debt-related ailments in the U.S. not afflicted the Canadian government?

The answer is that Canada has been practicing what the U.S. always preached: free markets, low taxes and minimal state interference. And it is working.

For example, Canada avoided the interventionist policies that led the U.S. to the sub-prime crisis.

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On Corporate Bludgers

Bludgers of any type are odious, but none?more-so?than corporate bludgers:

Consider the difference between Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who are taught to ?fail early and often,? and large corporations that leech off governments and demand bailouts when they?re in trouble on the pretext that they are too big to fail. Entrepreneurs don?t ask for bailouts, and their failures do not destabilize the economy as a whole.