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Photo: Jesse Rockwell

Photo: Jesse Rockwell

The Secret of The Abandoned Fish Mall

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Thai coup, will McCully put in place sanctions like with Fiji?

The Thai military has reacted to political instability and conducted their 12th coup since 1932.

Thailand’s military seized power in a bloodless coup, dissolving the government, scrapping the constitution and dispersing groups of protesters from both sides of the country’s political divide who had gathered in Bangkok and raised fears of a violent showdown.

The powerful army chief, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, announced the military takeover in a statement broadcast on national television.

It was followed by additional announcements including a nationwide curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and an order for 18 government officials – including the ousted prime minister – to report immediately to the country’s new governing military commission.

Soldiers kept a low profile in the center of the capital. But as the curfew approached, troops diverted traffic at key intersections and used armored personnel carriers to block some main roads, including the one in front of the US Embassy. ? ? Read more »


Manbearpig kills 63 in Thailand

From the it’s weather not climate change file, 63 people have died in Thailand because of cold temperatures.

That global warming is a real killer…not from heat though, from cold.

The Bangkok Post explains:

The unusually long cold spell across the North, Northeast and Central regions has killed 63 people in the past three months and Bangkok has suffered its coldest night in three decades.

Sophon Mekthon, director general of the Disease Control Department, said on Thursday that the 63 fatalities were reported in 27 provinces between Oct 22, 2013 and Jan 19, 2014.

Most of the fatalities were men. The youngest was a one-month-old baby and the oldest was a 81 years old. A Cambodian and a British national were also among the victims.? Read more »

Farmers on the bludge all over the world

Its the Thais turn now.

Why do farmers always have to stick their hand out?

This week an opinion poll carried out by Bangkok University found that the government?s approval rating has fallen to its lowest level yet. Most damaging to its reputation is its flagship scheme to subsidise rice. This was the brainchild of Mr Thaksin, who dictates most of his sister?s policies from afar. It was a useful vote-winner during the election campaign in 2011. But its costs now jeopardise both the government?s finances and the economy as a whole.? Read more »

DotCon lies and lies some more

In Fishy’s article this morning, Dotcon drops the clanger that he was in the throes of launching an IPO for his quasi song-swap service.

DotCom - Guilty

That Fishy could let this pass without mentioning some pretty obvious questions suggests that Fishy is wilfully blind to Dotcon’s crooked past.

For example:

Does Dotcon seriously expect to issue a prospectus in New Zealand for a sharemarket listed company when he has been convicted for insider trading/pump and dump stock frauds in the past? (The?

When Kim Schmitz was convicted in 2002 of manipulating shares in online retailer, it marked the end of Germany’s biggest insider-trading case ever and exposed just how easy it was to profit at other investors’ expense. The self-styled Internet entrepreneur’s previous conviction for computer fraud didn’t stop him from announcing a spurious rescue effort for the online retailer that temporarily goosed the stock — and gave him the chance to sell his shares at a profit of $1.5 million. Worse, when it came time for sentencing, Schmitz got a slap on the wrist: a 20-month suspended sentence after five months in jail awaiting trial.

Does Dotcon serious expect to get the FMA blessing for such a prospectus when he was found guilty and convicted of hacking?? Read more »

Gangnam Side Story

Can’t wait to see the stage show:?

Now,?Gangnam Style, by the South Korean pop star Psy, has inspired a?West Side Story-esque show of rivalry between two Bangkok gangs who are said to have had a dance-off before engaging in a gun battle.

The Independent News Network website reported the two gangs were dining in the same restaurant when ”the younger members of both groups danced provocatively at each other in the manner of top hit?Gangnam Style”.

The Buddhist


Humanity.TV is a travel webseries about fascinating people and places all over the world. Humanity.TV episodes offer a brief but intimate look into the life of captivating individuals while showcasing exotic travel destinations.

Ep. 12: The Buddhist from Humanity.TV on Vimeo.


Bet this tea tastes awesome

via Boing Boing

The tea this guy in Bangkok makes better taste as awesome as the way he makes it.

Telling it like it is, Ctd

The Bangkok Post tell things like they are:

Funeral for a despot?

I dont think Thailand and North Korea get along.

Wednesday Weapons – Bomb Disposal

Watch this Thai soldier get blown up as he checks out an?abandoned?car in Bangkok and then get up and walk away. Those Bomb suits are the business.