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Big Stink in Rubbish Contract

Bernard Orsman has an article today in the NZ Herald about the controversial rubbish tender on Waiheke Island. There is much more to come on this for sure. Cr. Cathy Casey bizarrely is getting her lawyer involved, not to cover her ass on the canvassing claims but because she wants to go after the council officer who accessed her emails.

Anyway the upshot of all this is;

  • the Waiheke waste company (Clean Stream) broke tender rules by lobbying all councillors from City Vision and Labour by email. My understnding is that they are being recommended for disqualification.
  • Some City Vision councillors responded back in emails, including Glenda Fryer who offered to put Clean Stream’s attack points on another tender submitter on the City Vision-Labour caucus agenda.
  • Cathy Casey went further, suggesting ideas for media stunts to attack another other tender submitter, as well as how she could help Clean Stream. Casey also coordinated her messages with local Waiheke Island pressure groups and Cr Denise Roche, who is the partner of the Clean Stream director who was emailing above.
  • The independent auditor picked up on this highly unethical behaviour, and asked for councillor email records (all the above emails were sent to and from councillor email addresses). After reviewing the evidence he has recommended all City Vision-Labour councillors not participate any further in this debate.
  • The council audit and risk committee and CEO agree that Cathy Casey should not participate any further, and has possibly broken code of conduct rules.

After the Richard Northey debacle, where he stole documents from the office of Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga’s office, we now see that the Labour/Green councillors are involved in manipulating a tender process and troughing of the worst kind.

Here we have a company, with a director with a partner who is a left wing councillor who is also an ex-trustee of the company, emailing all the left wing councillors for support. Some of those councillors emailed back, offering various levels of support. They then tried to overturn the proposed decision in favour of their mate from Clean Stream. They’ve gotten caught by the strict auditing processes, and now they’re in big trouble. They even tried to get the independent auditor’s report hidden in confidential instead of out in the open.

Sounds like they should all resign before it gets more messy.

Northey-gate Part 7 – Tricky Dicky

Richard "Nixon" NortheyI am told that yesterday Richard “Nixon” Northey was all cock-a-hoop after reading Bernard Orsman’s article in the Herald, he was walking around the council building looking like the proverbial cat that had licked the cream.

Though today he may not feel quite so chipper. This blog has asked the tough questions of Northey. He so far has failed to front.

While Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga is being a gentleman in accepting the word of Richard “Nixon” Northey I am told that none of the 4 witnesses are quite so accommodating. That either makes the four of them liars or it makes Richard “Nixon” Northey a liar. I am picking the latter.

The other news that is interesting is that other Council members and staff have now taken to calling Richard “Nixon” Northey – “Tricky Dicky”. That was of course the moniker hung on Richard Milhouse Nixon before his resignation in ignominy.

How long before Northey falls on his sword or does Whaleoil have to cut his throat for him.

I ask again of Tricky Dicky. Does he still stand by his statement that;

“I certainly didn’t do any rifling through anything at all”

Despite the fact that no less than four witnesses say otherwise?

Does the Whale have to go and get affadavits from the four witnesses to get you to resign?

Wouldn’t it be better for all if your had a “health issue” that mean’t you needed to step aside?

Think about it Richard, think very carefully if you want to carry on down the path you have chosen.


Northey-gate Part 6 – Lying like a flatfish

Richard "Nixon" NortheyBernard Orsman has another article today on Northey-gate but unfortunately, it is isn’t online, nore is it even remotely close to the truth of the matters at hand. The headline reads “Snooping Claim Cleared Up“.

It is isn’t and here is why.

Richard “Nixon” Northey’s statements are in direct contradiction to the 4 eyewitnesses I have spoken to. These people are upstanding pillars of society with absolutely no reason to lie. One is actually a cloth cap socialist social worker and so more in line with Northey in his thinking.

All of the witnesses I have spoken to categorically deny that Richard “Nixon” Northey was ever given permission by anyone and they are gob-smacked that he continues to lie like a lizard.

Northey is probably cock-a-hoop after talking with Peseta Sam Lotu-iiga who Orsman has quoted as accepting of Northey’s explanation. Unfotunately I think that is mainly because Sam is just such a nice guy that he accepts the word of even veteran liars like Richard “Nixon” Northey at face value. Northey however flat out lies when he says;

“I certainly didn’t do any rifling through anything at all”

Of course with a statement like that Richard Northey is possibly not lying, he knows very well what he was rifling through. Note I have repeatedly called Richard “Nixon” Northey a liar. I do that on purpose so that he may try to sue me. The first thing I would do is invite him to swear an affadavit to those exact words. Then I will go get affadavits from my witnesses and we will see where this goes. I am happy to test my allegations in a court of law, Is Richard “Nixon” Northey?

Richard “Nixon” Northey should resign. He has repeatedly lied over this matter, not only to Bernard Orsman but also to Peseta Sam Lotu Iiga. I can prove he lied. If anything when this happened he should have apologised for giving the impression of his furtive rifling of papers. He didn’t he chose to lie about it. he chose the path that he is now on and this blogger calls for his immediate resignation from the Council or for Richard “Nixon” Northey to put his reputation on the line legally.

Northey-gate Part 4 – The MSM catches up

Richard "Nixon" NortheyEx-MP accused of snooping in National officeFormer Labour MP Richard Northey has been accused of riffling through papers at the opening of National MP Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga’s electorate office. Mr Northey yesterday said the allegations were nonsense. All he had done was pick… [NZ Herald Politics]

Bad Bernard Orsman, no attribution of the story. Bottom shelf drinks only on the Blogmobile for you.

Bernard Orsman belatedly catches up with Whaleoil who is now 4 posts past his reporting.

One good thing in Orsman’s article is that Richard “Nixon” Northey is following the Richard Nixon form and lying. There is no way on god’s green earth that he would have been given permission to rummage a desk and certainly no way he would have been given permission to stuff papers into his jacket pocket.

I wonder if a Police report will be filed today?

Resign Richard “Nixon” Northey, Resign before your lies get you into more trouble.

Mad Mayor upset over text message

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownWhat is the definition of irony?

The Mad Mayor, the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams getting upset over a text message from John Banks and running off to Bernard Orsman in a tizzy.

I just popped off an email to the Clown of Campbells Bay thanking him most profusely for continuing to provide me with publicity and today he has even managed to get me to the front page of the NZ Herald, on Easter Monday, a high circulation day as well.

Of course it hadn’t occurred to the mad Mayor that Banksie might have been calling me a lunatic. You can read that text two ways.

Nevermind the Clown from Campbells Bay thinks Banksie was calling him a lunatic and so we now have a new moniker for Andrew Williams. The Lunatic of Lake Road.


Got 'im….but it is all a conspiracy

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the ClownMy little story about the Clown from Campbells Bay, North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams and his 72 bottles of piss has made the NZ Herald today in an article by Bernard Orsman.

I even get named, not once but twice and so does the blog. Thanks Bernard.

However the Mad Mayor still doesn’t get it and blames everything on a conspiracy against him and takes another flick against Mayor Banks.

Mr Williams will not be over-imbibing: “If you have too much of it it leaves a really bitter taste in your mouth. It’s best in small doses.”

I’ll tell what is bitter, the taste of paying rates for this complete numpty fool with a persecution complex.

As a public service here is the list of all people involved in the conspiracy against the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, the Mayor of North Shore, since the following have all been critical of Williams or have represented a “dark force” against his Mayoralty. I have helpfully assorted a score out of ten to assist readers understand how involved they are in the conspiracy.

Whaleoil – 10
Cameron Brewer, Newmarket Business Association – 8
Cr Chris Darby, North Shore City – 9
Cr Margaret Miles, North Shore City – 9
Cr Aaron Bhatnagar, Auckland City – 8
Cr Ann Hartley, North Shore City – 8
PM John Key – 3
Hon Jonathan Coleman – 4
Hon Wayne Mapp – 4
Hon Rodney Hide – 7
Chairman Mike Lee of the ARC – 5
Mayor John Banks – 6
Bernard Orsman, Herald Reporter – 6
John Roughan, Herald Columnist – 6
Ed Rooney, Editor of the Aucklander – 8
Esther Haward, Sunday Star Times reporter – 5
Gooner and others from – 7
Basketball NZ – 2
The Lamborghini driver on Hurstmere Rd who allegedly parked on a yellow line at night – 1
The Cafe owners who didn’t recognise Andrew Williams – 2
Youth Town, who didn’t do as Williams wanted – 2
Paul Henry, Breakfast TV – 5
Justice Peter Salmon, Royal Commissioner – 9.5
Ambulance officers – 3
Former North Shore Mayor George Wood – 7
Anyone who voted for former Mayor George Wood – 5
Senior North Shore council officers – 5

If I’ve missed anyone, my apologies. Please let me know and I can add your name.

Auckland given stick over water

Auckland given stick over waterAuckland City leaders came under fire yesterday at a parliamentary hearing in Wellington for "hoodwinking" the public over water bills. National MP Nick Smith zeroed in on the council using its water company, Metrowater, as a cash… [Auckland News]

Bernard Orsman finally starts to inject some truth into his reporting about water. Hubbard and his leftist council have been systematically hoodwinking Auckland City ratepayer by effectively subsidising rates through "charitable payments" from Metrowater. meanwhile they are helter skelter increasing borrowings of the council by over a $1 billion and quietly trying keep that secret.

Yes Bernard, I am onto your blatant lying to readers and your insistance of reporting what you want instead of the facts. Your behaviour and attitude will be revealed in due course.

Mallard back selling snake oil

It's clear Bernard Orsman has had a gutsful of this current council, and doesn't think much of Michael Barnett either :-) But I think he made a typo with "Eden Park". I think Orsman meant waterfront!

[quote]Auckland has responded as only Auckland can – by being bitterly divided over the issue, sideshows like Carlaw Park, widespread criticism and few leaders prepared to get in behind the Government's "strong preference" for Eden Park.[/quote] 

This is what he has to say about Michael Barnett.

[quote]Business leaders, such as Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett, have sat on the fence.[/quote]

Perhaps Orsman might like to the the return of Banksie, uh I mean decisive leadership. Amusing that the Action Hobson bicycle brigade still wants to push Carlaw Park. They must not realise that they're losing votes on this. Wonderful stuff.

And while we are talking about failed politicians and their big ideas, Deputy Mayor Dick Hubbard said the stadium was more than just about the Rugby World Cup. It was a unique opportunity to create a multi-use, world-class facility to be enjoyed by future generations. 

Some questions for you that the media won't ask.

  • Why do you and Mallard bang on about concerts not being able to be played at Eden Park…they never have? That is why Auckland has Western Springs, Mt Smart, North Harbour, The Showgrounds, the Pacific Events Centre, the monstrosity in Parnell, the stadium out west….get the picture, we don't need or want a multi-use stadium.
  • When you said last year that Eden Park was going to be a show-piece were you just kidding?
  • Do you have any clue as to what you are doing?
  • Did you realise that your cereal is crap?
  • What does the Helen and Trevor backsides taste like, you seem to like wedging your tongue firmly up their bottoms?

Hubbard a lame duck Mayor

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

This article by Bernard Orsman says it all.