Egypt goes all ‘Game of Thrones’ on an innocent seventy year old woman


Actress Lena Headey in a still from Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is set in a make believe medieval world where violence, rape and brutality are common place. In one famous scene the young king’s mother is forced to do a naked walk of shame by the head of the church who has seized power from the crown. In an unbelievable parallel in 2016 an elderly woman has been forced to do a naked walk of shame because of the alleged actions of her son.

A grandmother was stripped naked and paraded around her village in Upper Egypt after rumours spread that her son, a Christian man, had an affair with a married Muslim woman.

Seven homes of Christians were torched by a Muslim mob after the accusations against the son of Soad Thabet, 70, sparked the latest sectarian strife in Egypt.

Nagwa Ragab, the Muslim housewife at the centre of the dispute, has denied being involved with Thabet’s son in the small village of al-Karm in Minya, a poor province around 300 kilometres south of Cairo and home to the largest Christian community in Egypt.

Christians, most of them from the Coptic Orthodox church, make up around 12 per cent of Egypt’s population of 90 million.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who became president through a military coup in 2014, has often avoided referring to such incidents, preferring to stress the importance of harmony between communities.
But the Soad Thabet case has drawn such attention that he felt compelled to address it in a nationally televised speech, saying: “Anyone who wronged, no matter how many they are, must be held accountable. I hope that this Egyptian woman is not too incensed, neither she nor the rest of Egyptian women, for what happened.”

He hopes she is not too incensed?

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All people are equal but not all cultures are equal



It is unpopular to say this but not all cultures are equal. All people are equal but if all cultures were equal we would not have the following words in our language.

  • Civilised
  • superior
  • enlightened
  • educated
  • moral
  • barbaric
  • uncivilised
  • bestial
  • perverted
  • deviant
  • uneducated
  • immoral
  • inferior

This equally applies to religions and political ideologies.We should not shy away from criticising cultures,religions or political ideologies ?that allow and encourage things that we consider barbaric, uncivilised, perverted and immoral. Politically correct people will want me to use the word different to describe something that promotes acts that my New Zealand culture considers to be perverted, immoral, uncivilised and barbaric.

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