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Fattie wants taxpayer funded obesity surgery – goes on hunger strike to get it

Jason Patterson

Unbelievable, but there you go.

A fat bastard who wants the taxpayer to fund his surgery goes on a hunger strike to get it. That’s like fucking for chastity.

In what may appear to be a slightly self-defeating protest, a Rotorua man is going on hunger strike because ACC won’t fund his weight-loss surgery.

Jason Patterson has been starving himself for five days.

“The first two to three days are really hard,” he says. “I’m in this 100 percent now.”

Mr Patterson is 130kg. He says he gained the weight after being put on previous medication.

He now needs a hernia operation, which ACC has agreed to fund. But before he can have the surgery, he has to lose at least?50kg.

“It’s hopefully going to help me being on a hunger strike to lose weight,?because I need to lose weight before I have my hernia operation.”

Mr Patterson wants his gastric bypass surgery covered by ACC.?He’s made video diaries and created a fundraising website. But his case has been declined, so he’s gone on hunger strike.

“It’s just to show how serious I am about getting the weight loss surgery that I need.” Read more »

Is Robertson making a move?

It looks like Grant Robertson is planning on making a move against David Cunliffe.

David Farrar reports that his Labour sources are saying that Robertson has the numbers in caucus and has done for some time.

My sources are telling me that though Robertson has the numbers he is scared of taking over in case h loses and ruins his chances forever.

One thing for sure though is Grant Robertson is back on a diet…losing weight too. Sources tell me that he has been on a diet for s short time.

Last night he appeared on 3News:

robbo Read more »

Fat Bastard blames everyone else, gets stupid court to agree with him, $350,000 compo awarded

A fat bastard who is dying as a result of stuffing his gob with tonnes of food has managed to convince a gullible court that everyone else is to blame.

A morbidly obese man dying of liver cancer has been awarded more than $350,000 from his doctor because the GP failed to refer him to a weight-loss clinic or send him for lap-band surgery.

Medical experts say the case of Luis Almario is a legal landmark in NSW and will force suburban doctors to ensure overweight patients shed kilos or risk being sued.

What are they going to do, forcibly strap these fat bastards to a bench and starve them into thinness?? Read more »