Time to start taxing fat bastards

The Doug Sellman’s of this world, along with all the other troughers in the health sector want to start taxing sugar, fat and everything else that people eat and consume in a bid to reduce obesity.

They like to compare normal everyday food products with tobacco…and want to use all the same tactics as used against tobacco, including increased excise taxes, labelling regimes and bans on advertising.

The one problem they ahve with their claims is that tobacco taxes are only paid by the smoker, the one most affected.

Their plans go much further and want to tax everyone including the bloke with the body like a half sucked throatie.

No one it seems is willing to embark on taxing fat bastards.

The same?issue is being pushed in the UK.

Couch potato lifestyles have left the UK with one of the lowest levels of activity in the western world, and without change, the welfare state could collapse, health officials have warned.

A landmark report by Public Health England (PHE) says lack of exercise is as dangerous as smoking – directly contributing to one in six deaths.

Officials warned that the UK population is now 20 per cent less active than it was in the 1960s, with half of women and one third of men damaging their health through lack of physical activity.

Almost two thirds of the UK population do not do enough exercise, the report warns ? while in Germany and France, the figure is less than one in three.

Officials say that without major changes in the way people live their lives, the welfare state in Britain could collapse under the burden of self-inflicted diseases, which are fuelled by obesity, alcohol and smoking.

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Is Robertson making a move?

It looks like Grant Robertson is planning on making a move against David Cunliffe.

David Farrar reports that his Labour sources are saying that Robertson has the numbers in caucus and has done for some time.

My sources are telling me that though Robertson has the numbers he is scared of taking over in case h loses and ruins his chances forever.

One thing for sure though is Grant Robertson is back on a diet…losing weight too. Sources tell me that he has been on a diet for s short time.

Last night he appeared on 3News:

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It isn’t sugar or anything else that makes you fat, it is laziness


Fat bastards beware…the research is starting to unpack the lies of the anti-sugar lobby who hand out excuses for fat bastards being fat bastards by trying to blame things like sugar.

The reality is if you are a fat bastard is it is because you are also a lazy bastard.

A lack of exercise rather than diet is to blame for the obesity crisis, experts have warned.

A new study in the U.S. found activity levels have fallen dramatically in the last 20 years as average body mass index (BMI) increased and calorie intake remained the same.

Scientists said a drop in exercise and leisure time, especially among young women, may be responsible for rising obesity rates.

It is recommended adults do 150 minutes of moderate exercise – brisk walking, cycling or gardening , for example – each week. ? Read more »

Now the doctors union is advocating for taxes on sugar

The pressure is ramping up on food producers as the doctors union gets involved in suggesting taxes for sugary foods, especially drinks.

New Zealand is fat, getting fatter, and doctors say urgent action needs to be taken.

The New Zealand Medical Association, which represents thousands of doctors, says the soaring obesity rate is now a “public health crisis”.

In a report published today, the association calls for drastic cures for the bulge, including taxing or minimum prices for sugary drinks, restricting food advertising aimed at children, and taking fast food out of schools.

Tackling obesity should be embedded in everything from new building developments to school curriculums, the report says. Despite overwhelming evidence of the massive cost of obesity, the official response had been “piecemeal and largely ineffectual”, lagging behind many other countries.

The current Government’s move, when first elected, to scrap healthy food in schools, was singled out as a particularly troubling decision.

Reliance on self-regulation of the food industry was not working, the report says. “A prevailing ideology of individual responsibility and vested commercial interests have combined to thwart, dilute and undermine previous attempts at effective policies to counter the challenge of obesity.”

Association chairman Mark Peterson said more needed to be done to make healthy choices easier. “It is killing us and it is also costing us a lot of money.”

New Zealand was the fourth fattest country in the OECD, behind only the United States, Mexico and Hungary.

Otago University health researcher Professor Jim Mann said he supported the report’s recommendations, particularly a fizzy drink tax. Kiwis were becoming so big that they were almost blind to obesity. “Parents can’t even identify when their children are overweight or obese. Obesity is fast becoming normal.”

New Zealand’s poverty rates, particularly among children, and cheap access to fatty tasty foods were largely to blame, as was a lack of political will. “There is this obsession with the nanny state, that we shouldn’t be telling people what to do.”

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Charge the parents, don’t tax the drinks

I have long held the position that it is fat bastards who should pay for their health concerns as a result of their poor self control. Introduce a Fat bastard Tax not what the health busybodies want which is a tax on all products containing sugar or fat…or whatever ingredient they will hate on next.

In the case of children then tax the parents who let their kids become fat bastards.

Christina Odone blogs at The Telegraph:

“What do we hate? The Nanny state!” might be a suitable marching song for conservatives ? until, that is, children’s well-being is compromised. When parents abuse their role as their child’s protectors the state is right to intervene. Which is why the couple in Norfolk, arrested for allowing their son’s weight to reach 15 stone, should face court.

Imagine parents who regularly gave their son heroin; or a bottle of vodka. Anyone observing such behaviour would instinctively call the police to save the child. The same now has to be true of a child whose parents are feeding him too many of the wrong things. We now know that food ? junk food, fatty food, sugar, additives ? can prove as damaging to a child’s health as heroin or alcohol. Indeed, sugar is so toxic that experts claim it is as bad as tobacco: it leads not only to obesity, but to diabetes too.

Parents who ignore these facts and ply their children with excess food (or just really bad food) are abusing their children as clearly as those who let them take drugs. In the case of the couple in Norfolk, their son suffers from autism: he is all the more at the mercy of his parents’ care. They defend his weight by claiming that it is down to bad genes. Wrong: it’s down to the parents.

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Media commentators now pushing for food to be treated like tobacco

I’ve long predicted this, but who would have thought that one of the brightest commentators would fall for the lobbying of the troughers intent on treating food like tobacco.

Unfortunately Colin Espiner has bought the spin that it is the ingredients of food and not the fat bastard stuffing their gobs that is the fault and cause of the so-called obesity epidemic.

We’re eating?ourselves to death. Remember how we used to visit America and laugh at how many fat people there were? Who’s laughing now?

Rachel Smalley was right. Many New Zealand women are lardos and heifers. But even more so the men. And, sadly, their kids too.

A new health study has found 1.2 million Kiwis are not just a little bit pudgy around the middle, but obese. That’s nearly one in three adults and one in nine children. And that’s the overall average. In poorer areas of the country, it’s closer to 50 per cent.

How has this happened? How has New Zealand become the fattest nation in the OECD after America and Mexico? Aren’t we supposed to be a fit, outdoorsy nation living on fresh air and natural produce?

Health experts have been warning us for ages, but we haven’t taken any notice. Back when National took office in 2008, it was out with Nanny State and those pesky, dictatorial healthy eating programmes.

Labour was pilloried for banning pies and soft drinks and cream buns and sweets from school tuck shops. It wasn’t the state’s job to reach into the lunchboxes of our kids, we cried.

State funded health experts building lobbying businesses off of the back of ever increasing state funding…lobbying the government to spend even more with them…compromised much?

National wasn’t a fan of funding obesity programmes or education either. It felt the money spent on curbing our interest in unhealthy eating wasn’t actually a health priority. So Health Minister Tony Ryall cut funding for the Obesity Action Coalition. It closed on March 1, 2010.

But that wasn’t all. National scrapped the roles of district health board staff who helped schools implement healthy food and drink guidelines for schools implemented by Labour. More nanny stateism and bureaucratic red tape, it said. Better to channel the money into school sport – there’s not much a run around the footy field can’t fix. ? Read more »

They are coming for your food now with tobacco tactics

As I predicted the calls are growing for controlling food manufacturers like tobacco manufacturers…they are coming and they will use the same tactics.

Any food manufacturer who now thinks that plain packaging is only about tobacco really does have their head in?the?sand.

The food industry should be regulated like the tobacco industry as obesity poses a greater global health risk than cigarettes, say international groups.

Consumers International and the World Obesity Federation are calling for the adoption of more stringent rules.

These could include pictures on food packaging of damage caused by obesity, similar to those on cigarette packets.

The Food and Drink Federation said the food industry was working to make healthy options for consumers.

The two organisations – CI and WOF – said governments around the world should impose compulsory rules for the food and drink industry.

They said global deaths due to obesity and being overweight rose from 2.6 million in 2005 to 3.4 million in 2010. ? Read more »

Greens are going to spend $100 million on feeding fat kids

You might think my headline is a bit over the top.

But that is the reality of the situation. The Green party website is filled with references of the problem with child obesity, particularly for kids in poor families.

Source/ Green party website

Source/ Green party website

In 2012 Kevin Hague was banging on about obesity too.

?As soon as it was elected the Government dumped – for irrational ideological reasons – the healthy food standards that the Green Party had managed to get implemented,? said Green Party health spokesperson Kevin Hague.

“This new study, reported in the New York Times, shows that banning unhealthy food and drinks in schools reduces obesity. The Health Ministry’s nutritional guidelines released last week demonstrate the importance of healthy food to child achievement.

“The guidelines say under 18-year-olds should not be consuming energy drinks, and highlights how schools can be role models for healthy eating.? Read more »

Flakenstein donkey deep in class action against Coke and Frucor execs, Ctd

While Tony Falkenstein is trying to make out that he actually cares about sugary drinks,?his credibility and involvement in the obesity debate is tumbling?faster than his Just Water International share price.


Not only has the line ?just placed an ad in the newspaper seeking people for a class action against cola companies? been completely blown out of the water, Falkenstein is likely to have to face the wrath of a bunch of publicly funded troughers.? Read more »

Lord Tebbit reveals the dirty little secret of the cause of obesity

Lord Tebbit has let the cat out of the bag on why there is an ‘obesity epidemic’.

Predictably there is outrage that a politician could speak with such truth and clarity.

Lord Tebbit says fat people have only themselves to blame for their obesity if they insist on ?stuffing themselves silly?.

The former Tory chairman said people?s ?stupid actions? in eating ?rubbish? foods all day was behind the rise in obesity.

He was cheered in the House of Lords when he told peers that rather than setting up government initiatives to persuade? people to eat more healthily, ministers should simply tell them that weight is a matter of individual responsibility.? Read more »