Bart Simpson

Sum Ting Wong again, this time in Zimmerman coverage

The US media really are having a bad time of it.??They are certainly channelling their inner Bart Simpson.

It just goes to show how gullible “decent journalists, trained and skilled” are.

Just days after San Francisco TV station?KTVU rather stupidly named the pilots of Asiana Flight 214?as “Sum Ting Wong,” “Wi Tu Lo,” “Ho Lee Fuk” and “Bang Ding Ow”, USA Today failed to check its sources and quoted one “Howie Felterbush”?in an article about the George Zimmerman verdict.

Looking for reaction to Zimmerman’s acquittal, USA today found a man outside the court in Sanford Florida who was more than willing to give his opinion,?Deadspin reports. ? Read more »

The Simpsons on the iPad

? Mashable

You can now get the Simpsons on your iPad:

In a development that would make even Comic Book Guy proud, digital comic book platform comiXology is teaming up with Matt Groening?s Bongo Comics to bring America?s favorite family to the iPad. The partners announced the Simpsons Comics app for iOS, available today, at a panel at this week?s San Diego Comic-Con.

The?iOS?app is a?free download?for the iPad and the iPhone and will launch with a selection of digital versions of both recent and classic Bongo titles like?Simpsons Comics,?Bart Simpson?and?Radioactive Man. ComiXology will also give away a digital copy of Simpsons Comics #100 on its website for a limited time to mark the release of the app.