Bashar al-Assad

Terrorists are “definitely” hiding among Syrian refugees

Trump was right again.

In an interview with Yahoo News’s Michael Isikoff, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that terrorists were definitely hiding among the more than 4.8 million people who have been displaced by the Syrian Civil War.

Asked if some of those who fled are “aligned with terrorists,” Assad quickly replied: “Definitely.”

“You can find it on the Net,” Assad went on. “Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West.”

“You don?t need a significant number to commit atrocities,” he noted. He also said that the 9/11 attacks were pulled off by fewer than 20 terrorists, “out of maybe millions of immigrants in the United States. So it?s not about the number, it?s about the quality, it?s about the intentions.”

So Trump wanted to put a lid on it, and a liberal activist judge got in the way. ?In New Zealand, politicians don’t even acknowledge the potential problem in the first place – a refugee is a refugee, no matter what. ? Read more »

Phil Quin on Trump’s proposed appointments

Phil Quin comments on Donald Trump’s proposed appointments and gives, for a lefty, some reasoned advice:

US President-elect Donald Trump is said to be considering one of his most vocal internal critics, Mitt Romney, as Secretary of State.

Howls of outrage, left and right, predictably ensued since the the GOP’s 2012 nominee ? a mainstream Republican from Central Casting ? berated Trump mercilessly in the lead-up to the recent election. He couldn’t even bring himself to vote for him.

And yet, at this turbulent moment, as Trump installs one far-right figure after another to his cabinet, accusations of hypocrisy against Trump and Romney ? fair game in the normal course of events ? should be set aside.

Trump would be wise to offer the Secretary of State post; Romney should accept it; and the Senate should rush to confirm him before the wildly erratic President-in-waiting changes his mind. Here’s why.

While no doubt Mitt Romney retains his view, expressed as recently as August, that Trump is a “con man” and “fake” who threatens to bring “trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny” to America, the stakes are too high to allow politics as usual to get in the way of what would be a profoundly reassuring appointment.

Romney at the State Department would go quite some way to quelling fears among US allies, in particular NATO, that the Trump presidency is set to redraw the geopolitical map in terrifying and unpredictable ways.

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When the Guardian doesn’t agree with your climate claims then you know you are stuffed

The left-wing, Barack Obama, other politicians and even the idiot Prince Charles have all claimed that climate change is what has caused the war in Syria.

The myth has been widely exposed but the fools keep repeating it, but when a media outlet known for its unwavering support of climate change propaganda comes out and says the?claims about Syria are rubbish then you know they are rubbish.

Was the Syrian civil war partly caused by climate change? Prince Charles, for one, seems to think so. ?There is very good evidence indeed that one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria was a drought that lasted for about five or six years,? he told Sky News, adding that climate change is having a ?huge impact? on conflict and terrorism.

The Prince is not alone on this one: he joins a chorus of voices making similar claims. In the US President Obama, Al Gore, and the democratic presidential hopefuls Martin O?Malley and Bernie Sanders have all talked of a link between climate change and the Syria conflict, Sanders going so far as to argue that climate change is ?directly related to the growth of terrorism?.

In the UK, the Syria connection has been drawn in government-commissioned reports and by leading NGOs, as well as by activists and commentators ranging from Charlotte Church to George Monbiot.

Having spent some time analysing the evidence, we believe there is good reason to doubt the veracity of these claims. First, most of the public and policy discourse on the conflict implications of climate change is driven by politics, not science.

The earliest reports on the subject were not scientific studies but military-led attempts to dramatise the importance of climate change by linking it to security interests. And the recent outpouring of claims about Syria?s civil war is motivated by a similar attempt ? in our view misguided ? to ?securitise? climate change ahead of the Paris summit. While some scientific studies do find that climate change has conflict and security implications, just as many disagree. ?? Read more »

Is Erdogan a double-dealing tyrant helping Daesh?

From what I can tell Turkey was seriously over-reaching shooting down Russian’s Su-25 when it was barely over Turkey.

Putin won’t be pleased but there are other reasons why we shouldn’t be that pleased with Erdogan and Turkey at the moment.

Michael Burleigh writes in the Daily Mail about Erdogan’s actions and duplicity

Despotic presidents tend to have many admirers who will hail them as saviours of their nations. But they also have a tendency to lock horns with other despots.

The clash between Russia?s Vladimir Putin and Turkey?s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian fighter, is one which has set the entire world on edge as diplomats desperately work overtime to reduce the tension.

Putin is not blameless in this affair. His air force has been probing Western air spaces provocatively in a number of different locations in recent months. But was the Russian president right, after the downing of the jet, to accuse ?back-stabbing? Turkey of being the accomplices of ISIS terrorists?

And was there any truth in Putin?s accusation yesterday ? made just as Moscow was expelling 39 Turkish businessmen attending a conference in Russia ? that Turkey is propping up ISIS by buying oil from them?

This latest claim inevitably prompted a furious response from Erdogan, who accused Putin of slander. But the fact is that Erdogan?s regime has on many occasions turned a blind eye to ISIS activity in Turkey, as well as to Turkish businessmen and smugglers doing trade deals with the jihadist butchers.

To be fair, on the surface, Turkey?s president is fully involved in the fight against ISIS. In October he allowed U.S. jets to use Turkey?s Incirlik air base for operations against ISIS, pledging that his forces, too, would join the fight.

But the truth is that Turkey?s planes have aimed their missiles almost exclusively at the one army which poses a real threat to ISIS, and has won countless battlefield victories against them ? the Kurdish PKK forces inside Syria.

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Guest Post – Multiculturalism?s Treachery

16/10/09 TODAY Picture by Tal Cohen - Muslims protest outside Geert Wilders press conference in central London 16 October 2009, Wilders who faces prosecution in the Netherlands for anti-Islam remarks pays visit to the capital. The Freedom Party leader said 'Lord Malcolm Pearson has invited me to come to the House of Lords to discuss our future plans to show Fitna the movie.' Wilders won an appeal on October 13 against a ban, enforced in February, from entering Britain. Ministers felt his presence would threaten public safety and lead to interfaith violence. (Photo by Tal Cohen) All Rights Reserved ? Tal Cohen - T: +44 (0) 7852 485 415 Email: Local copyright law applies to all print & online usage. Fees charged will comply with standard space rates and usage for that country, region or state.

by Olivia Pierson

What do North Korea, Russia, Iran, Syria ? and the Zealots of Multiculturalism all have in common?? Communism? No. Religion? No. Totalitarianism? Close. It is hatred of the West.

Since 1776 America has stood as the great symbol of Western ideals; Reason, Freedom & Democracy.? More specifically, these ideals have evolved into becoming the hallmarks of all modern democracies in the Anglosphere and Europe; separation of religion from state (religious tolerance), the emancipation of women and children, a commitment to scientific discovery, freedom of speech and of the press, and the right to self determination.

I challenge anyone in the world to point to a group of human beings anywhere, who stand for anything nobler than the above political and cultural achievements. If Socrates? words ?know thyself? mean anything to us, then we in the West must be clear about what defines our civilisation?s daily character, for its creation is exceptional in the affairs of humankind.? ? Read more »

Obama breaks promise, puts troops into Syria

Barack Obama has been shamed into action on Syria by Vladimir Putin.

But in doing so he has made a liar out of himself.

Truth Revolt reports:

On September 10, 2013 President Barack Obama addressed the American people and promised,?”I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria,” as he called for limited strikes to take down Syrian President Bashar?al-Assad.

Yet on Friday the Obama administration announced they were doing just that:?putting American special forces on the ground in Syria. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted the deployment of less than 50 special forces troops was not a combat mission and was meant to train and assist local groups battling ISIS.

“That has been the core element of the military component of our strategy from the beginning: building the capacity of local forces on the ground,” Earnest said. ? Read more »

‘the lions of the caliphate are now the scared pussies’

It appears that the push by Assad troops aided by Russian bombing missions is starting to have an impact on ISIS jihadis who are reportedly cutting off their beards and running like hell to get away.

ISIS fighters are reportedly shaving their beards and dressing up as women in order to flee Syria, in the wake of Russia stepping up its military campaign in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Pictures said to have been taken near Aleppo last week shows mounds of what looks like cut off facial hair, alongside discarded packets of razors.

In order to cross the border to Turkey undetected, ISIS jihadists are said to be shaving and disguising themselves in niqabs – a veil covering all but the eyes worn by some muslim women.

The reports of fleeing Islamic State jihadists comes as at least 40 members of the group were killed in an airstrike in Hama, west-central Syria on Sunday. ? Read more »


How come so many men?

People have ridiculed the fact that almost every photo or video of the so-called refugees are mostly men.

They have have come up with various excuses…but the facts are now indisputable, released by the UNHCR no less.


72% men…in a war zone men are the ones usually killed and maimed…in Cambodia for example there was mass executions of men in particular.

It is an aberration that 72% of all “refugees” are men. ?? Read more »

Former Archbishop of Canterbury says Britain should help ‘crush’ Isil in Syria

The left-wing are moaning that Syria has been caused by us…it’s our fault, and therefore we should be helping the refugees.

It is an interesting claim because when asked to commit forces to Iraq to help battle ISIS/ISIL/IS they were at pains to demand that we didn’t participate in fighting these bad wogs.

Now they are saying we have to be involved in picking the up the pieces of their abject cowardice.

At the least the former Archbishop of Canterbury has got the stones to say it like it is.

Britain should “crush” Isil by taking part in military action in Syria, a former Archbishop of Canterbury suggests today amid mounting calls for further air strikes.

In an article for The Telegraph, Lord Carey says that it is “not enough” to send aid to Syria and admit thousands of refugees to this country.

He argues that Isil needs to be dealt with “for once and for all” and that “air strikes and other British military assistance” may be needed in Syria. ?? Read more »

Yeah, helping Iran so they can give even more money to Hamas is a really good idea

The Obama Administration is working tirelessly to undermine Israel and to promote the interests of Iran through their shonky deal.

All the while Iran has plenty of millions to throw the way of Hamas to help them re-arm after last years attacks from Gaza on Israel.

Iran has sent Hamas?s military wing tens of millions of dollars to help it rebuild the network of tunnels in Gaza destroyed by Israel?s invasion last summer, intelligence sources have told The Sunday Telegraph.

It is also funding new missile supplies to replenish stocks used to bombard residential neighbourhoods in Israel during the war, code-named Operation Protective Edge by Israel.

The renewed funding is a sign that the two old allies are putting behind them a rift caused by the conflict in Syria, where Shia Iran is backing President Bashar al-Assad against Hamas?s mainly Sunni allies.

Iran has sponsored Hamas?s military operations for years, despite the?contradiction that Hamas is part of the worldwide, Sunni-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, while Iran is Shia.

Hamas?s leader, Khaled Meshaal, who left Damascus for Qatar after falling out with the Assad regime, has often fought with Hamas?s military wing over the strength of the Iranian connection.

However, with the Sunni Arab world joining forces against Iran, led by Saudi Arabia and President Abdelfattah el-Sisi of Egypt, who are both hostile to Hamas, the Palestinian militant group has been left little option but to accept the Iranian largesse. ? Read more »