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Yale Joel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images LIFE WITH BATMAN

Yale Joel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Where Is a Superhero When You Need One?

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“The Dark Knight” was ok, but a scene like this could have improved it


The greatest heroes known to man……


Black batdad!


Joker? No

People keep calling the Colorado nutbar, James Holmes, “The Joker” because he died his hair orange…and apparently called himself that. Here is a photo from his court appearance:

But I wish people would keep calling him “The Joker”. For a start The Joker has never had red hair.

From Wikipedia:

The old Batman Joker played by Cesar Romero always had green hair:

Jack Nicholson played The Joker also…green hair:

Heath Ledger‘s fabulous Joker also…yep…had green hair:

So that settles it…none have bright orange hair…that just makes James Holmes a sad ginger c*nt.

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The Dark Knight gets help from 1960s Robin


Holy hilarious parody Batman!

The 21st century Dark Knight may wield some pretty impressive gadgetry and a shiny, high-tech Batmobile but once upon a time Batman came from meager roots – a place where “Bam!” and “Pow!” were true mass weapons of destruction.


Contact's 'unjustified' price increase to face Cabinet scrutiny

Contact’s ‘unjustified’ price increase to face Cabinet scrutinyCabinet will today discuss whether Contact Energy is abusing a position of market dominance by introducing ‘unjustified’ price increases, Prime Minister Helen Clark says. The power retailer announced on September 30 it would increase… [NZ Herald Politics]

Surely this is a job for the Commerce Commission?

What on earth is Cabinet sticking their nose into this for other than we are in the middle of an election campaign and l;abour still has no policy.