Bay of Plenty Times

The tragedy in the celebration

The Bay of Plenty Times had, what appeared to be a happy story, about a couple who have had their third set of twins.

Feeding six boys would be a challenge for many parents but for Papamoa mum Tressa Simonsen, it’s almost become a military operation.

Not that you would know it. As a mother to three sets of twins, the 31-year-old almost makes it look easy.

“I’m a bit of a whiz at it now,” she says.

“But I’m very lucky because the new babies are great and feeding and sleeping well.”

But there is an underlying tragedy in this story, one that is yet to materialise, but it will. Unhappiness is stalking this family.

Tressa was already mum to four boys – Sharaz and Shaqiel, 10, and Daklan and Darius, 2, when the latest pair arrived.

Kramer and Kelly, weighing 6 pounds 11 and 6 pounds 4 ounces respectively, were born 20 days early on September 5 at Tauranga Hospital.

But there is an interesting twist in this story.

All three sets of twins are fraternal, which means they are not identical and come from two separate eggs. Identical twins happen when an egg splits.

The chance of having three sets of twins is only 1 in 500,000.

Wow those are some odds. I wonder if the repeater bothered to ask two simple questions.

1. Did you have IVF?

2. Did the taxpayer pay for it?

Three sets of fraternal twins….smelling a rat here? I know she says she has never taken fertility drugs, but that isn’t a never had IVF either. Bet she goes again to get a girl too, which is what she was probably doing the second and third times.