Bay of Plenty

Why the hell did the police apologise?

I don?t get it. ?

Government officials refuse to apologise for the abuse they put kids in state care through, but a piece of filth does all that and his kid accidentally cops some pepper spray, and we are extremely eager to apologise to this scumbag and his family for what was clearly an accidental and unwanted outcome of his own attempts to flee the cops?

?Sometimes I wonder if the cops have gone too soft.

Police have apologised after a girl was caught in a cross-fire of pepper spray during a violent confrontation with the driver of a car she was a passenger in.

They said a man who was stopped in Whakatane on Friday night would not provide personal information and attempted to drive off. ? Read more »

Wonders will never cease, Maori turn down cash

Normally a taniwha will be found near a major project. And we all know that the only way to get rid of a taniwha is pay out wads of cold hard cash.

Now a Maori hapu?has turned down a cash payment.

Bay of Plenty Maori say they have been offered thousands of dollars to withdraw their opposition to leaving the Rena on Astrolabe Reef.

Hapu Patuwai this week rejected an offer of $750,000 from the owners of the shipwreck Rena, Daina Shipping Company.

Ngai Te Rangi iwi, Te Runanga o Ngati Awa and Nga Potiki a Tamapahore also said they have turned down offers but Rotorua-based Te Arawa confirmed it had come to an agreement with the shipping company but would not reveal how much it had been promised.

The offer of $750,000 was made to the Patuwai Tribal Committee who called an urgent tribal meeting this week, attended by more than 40 tribal members.

In exchange for the cash offer and an undertaking to carry out monitoring of the reef for 10 years, the tribe was asked to withdraw their submission to oppose the owner’s resource consent application.

The tribe refused, vowing to hold their position – that they wanted the Rena wreck completely removed from the reef.

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Do you want a home for $300,000 or less?

Are there any affordable homes in New Zealand for $300,000 or less? I let my fingers do the typing and searched Trademe for properties for sale for $300,000 or less. Previously I have blogged about houses for sale for $200,000 or less and $100,000 or less.

A 20% deposit on a $300,000 house is $60,000.

The fortnightly cost of paying off a 30 year table loan for $240,000 is $661.27

It turns out I am not the only person who has realised that it is possible to purchase a home if you lower your expectations.

While thousands of Aucklanders despair at their chances of owning a house, a determined 22-year-old student is proof it can be done.

University of Auckland under-graduate Brandon Lipman has just become a property investor and hopes to add a second house to his portfolio within 12 months.

“It’s not going to stop at one. There will be another purchase – it’s just a matter of when.”

He has always dreamed of being a homeowner. And on April 29 – his birthday – he bought a $300,000 Hamilton rental property after scraping together $45,000 through hard work and financial compromise.

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Do you want a home for $100,000 or less?

Are there any affordable homes in New Zealand for $100,000 or less? I let my fingers do the typing and searched Trademe for properties for sale for $100,000 or less.

A 20% deposit on a $100,000 house is $20,000. To pay off a mortgage of $80,000 it will cost you $220.42 a fortnight if you choose a table loan over 30 years.

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Why do the Police keep insisting speed kills?

Yet again the Police are in the media claiming that speed kills.

It doesn’t.

There are literally thousands of race car drivers who are still alive who can attest tot he fact that speed doesn’t kill.

What kills is stupidity, and sudden stops into hard objects.

But the Police keep on insisting speed kills.

When you look at their examples too you find that in one of them that speed didn’t kill, in fact the driver is still alive.

One man was detected driving 240kmh on the Waikato Expressway before he was pulled over.

“This speed is simply reckless,” said Grace.

She said that at that speed it would take 12 seconds and 450 meters to stop – given that the vehicle was in good condition of course.

“If you are travelling at this speed, and something untoward happens up to 450 meters in front of you – the chances of you being involved in a collision are high.”

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Face of the day


The Western Bay’s Volunteer of the Year Sara Hillier-Jones of Pyes Pa. Photo / John Borren

A wonderful article from my childhood home of the sunny Bay of Plenty, that reminds us all, that giving can give us as much satisfaction as getting.

Volunteering for the IHC has given Sara Hillier-Jones a purpose in life that she lost when crippling migraine headaches forced her out of the workforce.

The 49-year-old Pyes Pa occupational therapist was declared Western Bay’s Volunteer of the Year at a special champagne breakfast. ? Read more »

Has there been a coup in Labour?

It would appear so, the Bay of Plenty Times is reporting that Labour has a new leader…and its the old leader David Shearer.



And of course the whole article is about the mixed messages labour and their “new leader” are sending which is they love mining when their policies are dead set against it…especially open cast mines like this.

A visit to Newmont Waihi Gold’s mining operation was just one of the items on Labour MP David Shearer’s agenda when he visited Waihi last Wednesday.

Mr Shearer was accompanied by Coromandel Labour candidate, Korbinian Poschl and the candidate for Tauranga, Dr Rachel Jones who is 25 on the party list so is likely to get into parliament at this election.

None of the three Labour representatives had visited the mine workings before so the quick Newmont-organised tour was a chance for them to get a glimpse of the gold mining operation.

The three were visibly impressed when faced with the large hole in the ground which is the Martha Pit.

Newmont spokesperson and tour guide Kit Wilson explained the workings of the pit, pointing out different layers, old workings and the way the ore (and waste rock) is mined and sent to the processing plant.

Just as the mini tour was departing the siren indicating a blast went off and the Labour visitors quickly got back out of the mini-van to witness and feel a mine blast.

Ohhh, excited by bang bangs…who isn’t?


– Bay of Plenty Times

Looks like Labour’s forestry crisis is over


David Cunliffe averts another crisis, this time in Forestry

There will be other industries, like manufacturing and now forestry, that will be hoping that Labour declares a crisis in their industry. Because every time they do so things improve dramatically.

David Cunliffe and the former weatherman Tamati Coffey have been talking down forestry for a couple of months, saying it is in crisis and they are the ones who can fix it.

Seems like the industry is fixing itself without the need for interference from photo op seeking politicians.

Employment is on the rise in the region as one of Rotorua’s biggest industries enjoys what could be its best period in 20 years.

Rotorua’s booming forestry industry is experiencing its strongest growth since 1994, which is helping fuel a jump in regional employment, a local forestry leader says.

Bay of Plenty joblessness is down as national employment hits its highest rate since before the global financial crisis. Read more »

Sinking ship promises removal of sunken ship

Cunliffe seems to be trying to win votes by the dozens at enormous cost to the taxpayer, this morning it was a couple of million to a litigation fund to sue EQC on behalf of a few Cantabs, and now:

Labour would ensure the owners of the Rena would fully remove the wrecked containership if elected.

Making the announcement in Tauranga today, leader David Cunliffe said a Labour Government would order that the whole wreck be taken off the Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty.

It comes after the ship’s owners and insurers recently confirmed they would seek resource consent to leave much of the wreck on the reef.

The company expected the application, likely to be directly referred to the Environment Court, would be lodged between the end of this month and May.

Bay of Plenty iwi, along with Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby, have voiced their opposition to the idea.

Mr Cunliffe said the decision to seek permission to leave part of the wreck was an “insult” to Bay of Plenty people and to the environment.

“Daina Shipping must be made to clean up the wreckage and pay for the cost of doing so,” he said.

“A Labour government will clean the reef up. We will make the Rena’s owner pay through any means possible.”

Sounds like a policy win: ?Xenophobic, anti-big business and more green than the Green Taliban all at the same time. ?Except… ? Read more »

Is Simon Bridges Really a Future National Leader?

Simon Bridges has been touted as a future National leader by many since he entered parliament in 2008.

This is the year that could determine whether Bridges can build a faction to win half the votes in caucus to become leader.

Two blue seats in his region, Taranaki-King Country and Bay of Plenty, are up for selection and a man serious about becoming leader would have loyalists lined up for these seats. ? Read more »