SOLVED: The whole meat gives you cancer thingy…

beer and barbeque

The Economist reports on the solution to the whole meat gives you cancer palaver…add beer.

GRILLING meat gives it great flavour. This taste, though, comes at a price, since the process creates molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which damage DNA and thus increase the eater’s chances of developing colon cancer. For those who think barbecues one of summer’s great delights, that is a shame. But a group of researchers led by Isabel Ferreira of the University of Porto, in Portugal, think they have found a way around the problem. When barbecuing meat, they suggest, you should add beer.   Read more »


BBQ Gun? Gun BBQ… either way, less gay, more fun.


A little something to play at the BBQs this summer


No BBQs then?

David Shearer will be heading of on his Christmas break soon, and he is telling people all about it:

With Parliament due to wrap up soon, Mr Shearer was looking forward to the break, and would like a “new fishing rod” for Christmas.

Of course the rest of his Caucus will be attending barbecues while he’s at his beach retreat.

All I want for Christmas is…

If any of David Cunliffe’s family are stuck on what to get him for Christmas, here’s an idea for a stocking filler.

I’ve also found the perfect gift for Labour MPs this Christmas…


He lied again!

It seems that Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode is a pthological and compulsive liar. When faced with a question it appears that his first response is to lie.

The dogged Phil Kitchin, following his usual method of destruction of liars has delivered yet another cut in his death of a 1000 cuts political assassination of WRP, 63, MOPONFA.

Mr Peters has told Parliament that he “had to carry the can” for legal expenses incurred – but The Dominion Post has obtained copies of bills that show taxpayers paid nearly $24,000. The bills show Mr Peters’ lawyer, Brian Henry, was paid the money by Parliamentary Service for Winebox legal advice.

The Winebox papers detailed a complex Cook Islands tax scheme used by prominent New Zealand businessmen to reduce tax liabilities.

The bills were paid by the taxpayer-funded agency, which administers parliamentary business, eight months after a commission of inquiry was set up to investigate Mr Peters’ allegations that the Serious Fraud Office and Inland Revenue acted unlawfully or incompetently.

They are for services that included “researching into the Winebox”, obtaining copies of transcripts of evidence, “consulting re media briefing of the legal position of Sir Ronald Davison [the counsel assisting the Winebox inquiry]”, “preparation of media package in respect of events in the House of Representatives”, and advice on a Winebox select committee.

Once again WRP, 63, MOPONFA has been caught out in a lie and once again it is before the parliament that he told the lie. hen again in the mind of a man who can’t lie straight in bed he probably thinks that parliamentary services money is his personal bank account to raid at will.

Remember the prick still hasn’t paid back the money he nicked at the last election. Brian Henry is also in a spot of bother as his testimony before the Privileges Committee is now suspect as it conflicts with the direct evidence that Phil Kitchin has uncovered.

No doubt more allegations will arise. Helen Clark will have to sack WRP, 63, MOPONFA as the damage is mounting against her and the Labour Party through her determined yet strange unflinching support of WRP, 63, MOPONFA.