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Documents from the police file into the Beaumont children case. Picture Campbell Brodie.Photo Source: The Advertiser.

Documents from the police file into the Beaumont children case. Picture Campbell Brodie. Photo Source: The Advertiser.

The Beaumont Children

On a bright summer day in 1961, three children vanished without a trace from a South Australian beach. 50 years later, their fate remains a mystery.

The disappearance of three siblings from Glenelg Beach on Australia Day 1966 has become symbolic of the day Australia lost its innocence.?Due back at 12pm, their parents started searching when they failed to return by They had been spotted in the presence of a blonde man at the beach, but have not been sighted since, sparking one of the largest police investigations in Australian criminal history and forever changing the way people supervised their children in Australia.

When a child disappears, it is a parent’s nightmare realised – but when three disappear from the same family all at the same time, it is an unimaginable tragedy beyond even nightmares. Yet that is exactly what happened to the Beaumont parents; Jim and Nancy, on January 26, 1966. The Beaumont case is one of the most famous unsolved crimes in Australian history and spawned its largest manhunt. How could three children just vanish without a trace from a busy public beach?

Jim and Nancy Beaumont thought nothing of it when their three children, Jane age 9,?Arnna, age 7, and Grant, age 4, took the bus from their home in Somerton Park, Australia to the beach. It was Australia Day, so of course the children would want to celebrate; and with the beachside resort Glenelg so close to their home, where better to spend the hot summer holiday splashing around in the surf?

Jane, the eldest, took charge of the younger two, herding them towards the bus for the five-minute ride to the beach. They left home at 10 o?clock in the morning, with instructions to return at noon.

But by three o?clock, they hadn?t made it home.

The Beaumont children would never make it home again.

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10 dogs and 1 cat. (Oh come on, be happy)


Idiot of the week. Darwin need a nap?

Caleb Harris and Paul Easton report

?A shearer was in such pain after wrecking his car on Castlepoint beach that he had to be held down while beachgoers tried to treat him.

The 22-year-old Pahiatua man was thrown from the car when it hit soft sand and rolled while he was sliding at speed or “doing snakies”, Sergeant Chris Megaw, of Wairarapa, said.

A Castlepoint resident said she saw people holding the man on the ground after the accident at the beach, east of Masterton, about 6pm on Thursday.

“The car was on its side, there was glass everywhere . . . he was lying on the ground in pain, they were trying to keep him still.”

An off-duty emergency doctor and a holidaying Spanish paramedic rushed to help the man, who was thrown 10 metres from the car.

The Westpac rescue helicopter arrived about 40 minutes later and flew the man to Wellington Hospital, where he was in a stable condition in intensive care yesterday.

There were three people in the Honda sedan when it rolled at the lagoon end of the beach.

Driving on sand can be deceivingly treacherous. ?Ask the people operating on Farewell spit and Ninety Mile Beach. ?But I suspect the driver being the only one thrown from the car may be related to a huge act of stupidity… ? Read more »


Huge hovercraft visits a busy beach

sw reports

A huge military hovercraft has made an unexpected landing on a packed beach in Russia.

Hundreds of people were sunbathing on the beach when the vessel powered towards them.

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I dare one of you to try this:


Snapped! Sunset on the Beach


I know we said no sunsets, but some of you have mind of your own or don’t listen very well.
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Is there anything more uncomfortable?

Deborah Coddington Facebooks a dilemma:

Yes Deborah there is something more uncomfortable…thinking about Glassons togs wedged up your butt crack filled with sand!

I’m sure Mr Carruthers QC can help fish them out.