Beast of Blenheim

The Beast of Blenheim and preventative detention

via ODT

via ODT

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson will be released from prison again next year.

In statement today, the Parole Board said it saw Wilson today for further consideration of parole and decided to grant it from a date in late March 2015. Read more »

Give him a good stretch

The Beast of Blenheim, Stewart Murray Wilson is back behind bars where he belongs after attempting to abscond to Australia.

The Parole Board has found he still poses an undue risk to the community after evidence emerged that he made phone calls mentioning plans to flee New Zealand.

Stewart Murray Wilson was recalled to prison on an interim basis on February 21, pending yesterday’s parole hearing. He has now been recalled indefinitely.

The Parole Board deemed Wilson posed “an undue risk to the safety of the community or any person”.  Read more »

See How The Taniwha Handles This

Stewart Murray Wilson, or the Beast of Blenheim, is moving next to Tariana Turia.

The Maori Party are pretty soft on offending, preferring to give offenders cuddles and chance after chance after finding all manner of excuse for criminal behaviour.

Wonder how Turia will cope as a NIMBY especially with her moko and household pets around?

Mrs Turia said she would like to look into the laws around re-housing sex offenders.

“While we as a town are dealing with this issue today, the bigger issue here is about the law.

“It is about protecting our communities from high risk offences. It is about the relationship between central government agencies and our local bodies. And it is also about mechanisms for ensuring that communities have a say over what happens within their district.”

And would her views be any different if the Beast was a member of her whanau?

Whanganui is a good gang town.  I think Mr Beast is going to find it preferable to have stayed in jail.

Dry your Eyes, Rapist

The Beast of Blenheim has had a wee cry in prison…

He was the beast who cried.

Voice quavering, the man dubbed the Beast of Blenheim has spoken emotionally of the unfairness he has endured during what he called a “long stretch”.

Convicted in 1996 of 19 offences, including raping five females and bestiality, Stewart Murray Wilson, is said to still pose a high risk of reoffending sexually. Wilson has denied his crimes and has five times challenged decisions not to release him earlier.

A prison officer passed him tissues as Wilson, 65, made what could be his last bid for freedom ahead of his planned September 1 release.

Speaking via a video link to the High Court at Wellington this morning, Wilson complained – not for the first time – that he had been denied any treatment since being sentenced in 1996 to 21 years’ jail.

He said he had been denied one-on-one counselling, without being interviewed, because he would not say he was guilty “to please them”.

“I am having to accept the blame for not being open to change or consideration to be worked with because this is a determination that the psychologists have made.”

Over the years he had asked for one-on-one counselling but been refused and had that been different “we may not be here today”, Wilson told Justice David Collins.

“I am not given any credit for anything, I’m getting older and I’m getting wiser and I am a lot slower than I used to be.”