Face of the day

Laith Al Saleh

Today’s face of the day is Laith Al Saleh. On the left is a photo of him when fighting for an Al-Qaeda linked rebel faction. On the right is a recent photo of him arriving in Europe as a ‘ refugee.’ How ironic is his Tee-Shirt? He certainly has a lot to be thankful for. Never before in the history of mankind has the Trojan Horse strategy been so?phenomenally?successful.

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Good news for Christians, especially the beheaded ones

Religion of Peace enters hostage and extortion business


Are ISIS running out of money? ?Why else would the men and women of Islamic State need to do such non-peaceful things as demand money for the return of hostages?

The Islamic State has released a video threatening to kill two Japanese hostages unless they receive $200 million within 72 hours.

It comes two days after Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged the same amount in non-military support of countries fighting ISIS.?

The clip, posted on militant websites associated with the extremist group, featured the British-accented jihadi widely known as ‘Jihadi John’ who appeared in the beheading videos of David Haines, Alan Henning, James Foley, and Steven Sotloff.

The militant with a British accent in the video said the Japanese were targeted for supporting Western military efforts against?the Islamic State group, which now holds a third of Iraq and Syria under its self-declared caliphate.

‘You have proudly donated $100 million to kill our women and children, to destroy the homes of the Muslims,’ the militant says.

A British-accented jihadi also has appeared in the beheading videos of slain American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and with British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning.

Jihadi John should be up for an Academy Award for all his movies.

It is clear that there is no reasoning or negotiating with these people. ?The sooner the West deals with them, the better.

The Islamic State group has beheaded and shot dead hundreds of captives ? mainly Syrian and Iraqi soldiers ? during its sweep across the two countries, and has celebrated its mass killings in extremely graphic videos.

Yep. ?Religion of Peace. ?Kills anyone who doesn’t particularly cares to follow the rules to the required standards. ?Rapes women, ?tortures children. ?And now is in the international hostage for cash business.

When will the world say “enough!”?

– Daily Mail


Senior strategist: NZ must prepare for IS attack

Jane Luscombe has this story

A senior military strategist has warned New Zealanders to prepare for attacks in the street from supporters of Islamic State (IS).

David Kilcullen also disputed the Prime Minister’s assurances about the safety of Kiwi troops if they are sent to Iraq.

“If I were advising Kiwis, I’d be saying, ‘Look, prepare yourselves for not only a significant military conflict, but one that could last quite some time, and prepare yourself for a domestic threat within New Zealand,'” says Mr Kilcullen.

That includes the possibility of beheadings, like the attack in London last year.

I think it would be naive to think we don’t face the same “on soil” threats as our friends have suffered overseas. ?But it’s one thing to say “prepare yourself”, and another to say what that means in real terms.

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Is New Zealand really safe from terrorism?

On the topic of the left side of politics not being able to catch a break, what could be more useful to John Key, under fire for imagined GCSB and spying excesses, for the Australians to do a huge terror raid right before the New Zealand election? ?It’s a conspiracy against the left, for sure

Security at Parliament House in Canberra is being ramped up amid reports of a planned terrorist attack.

Senior intelligence sources confirmed to News Corp Australia that spy, police and counter-terrorism agencies had intercepted information regarding a possible attack on Parliament House, and there are concerns the prime minister and other senior officials could be targeted.

The news report said there were fears the building had been “scoped out” for a “Mumbai-style” attack using automatic weapons.

Several armed Australian Federal Police officers have been redeployed to Parliament House, and more will join them in coming days.

Airport level security checks for visitors and barriers are also being considered.

That’s awfully ?close to home, isn’t it? ?And yet the likes of Bradbury, Dotcom, Harre and the ever two-faced Greens are telling you that the nasty government spying on your emails (only with a warrant, but they don’t say that) is the basis for the GCSB and related security services to be curtailed, and their operations publicly scrutinised. ?It makes me want to scream with frustration…. ? Read more »

ISIS hostage killers aided by Snowden leaks

Kim Dotcom, Laila Harre, David Cunliffe, Russel Norman, Metiria Turei, Glenn Greenwald… please note:

This is the somber outcome of not allowing our security services to operate properly

Intelligence officials, MPs and academics said revelations about the ability of GCHQ, the British government?s eavesdropping centre, and the US National Security Agency to intercept emails, text messages and phone calls has helped members of the militant group evade capture.

Spy chiefs in Britain and the US have warned that terrorist groups changed tactics after reading the classified files released last year by Snowden, an former intelligence contractor.

The ability of fighters from Islamic State ? also known as ISIS ? to operate with relative impunity indicates the enhanced difficulty that Western intelligence agencies face in detecting and disrupting terrorist activity after the leaks, sources said.

?It is one of the first cases where the damage to the West?s counter terrorism capability,? said John Bassett, a former GCHQ official. ?Within the community it has been very apparent. It has certainly reduced one of the West?s main tools in this situation.?

In an attempt to have his revenge on John Key, Kim Dotcom has brought the anti-GCSB nutters to town. ?Ably assisted by the far left, Labour and the Greens, they are all calling for the GCSB’s powers to be severely curtailed or even disbanded. ? Is this the price to bring down a National Government? ? Read more »