Ben Affleck

Ayaan Hirsi Ali challenges Ben Affleck to play Muhammad

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a brave woman, challenging Islam almost daily.

Her latest challenge though is to Ben Affleck, to play Muhammed in a movie.

Truth Revolt reports:

Activist, Islamic apostate,?and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a question for Ben Affleck: would you play the role of Islam’s prophet Muhammad in a movie? The question is of course rhetorical; there is zero chance the actor would dare touch the part. He would call it respect, but fear is the obvious motivation. Only Muhammad is safe from Hollywood. Because actors don’t want to die. ? Read more »

If Sex isn’t dirty you are doing it wrong, or: how to spring clean your Vajizzle

Being an Actor requires a certain skill set just like any other profession. The ability to speak in public however does not necessarily equal the ability to make sensible and logical statements about politics or health. When I talk about Politics I am thinking about actors like Ben Affleck

Beardy weirdy Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

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Andrew Sullivan on Islam, jihadists and western apologists

Andrew Sullivan comes up with a brilliant explanation of?Islam, jihadists and western apologists like Ben Affleck.

he made these comments in response to the video of the Bill Maher/Ben Affleck debate.

I think it?s pretty indisputable that any religion that can manifest itself in the form of something like ISIS in any period in history is in a very bad way. I know they?re outliers ? even with respect to al Qaeda. But, leaving these mass murderers and sadists to one side, any religion that still cannot allow its own texts to be subject to scholarly and historical inquiry, any religion that denies in so many parts of the world any true opportunities for women, and any religion whose followers believe apostasy should be punished with death is in a terrible, terrible way. There is so much more to Islam than this ? but this tendency is so widespread, and its fundamentalism so hard to budge, and the destruction wrought by its violent extremists so appalling that I find Affleck?s and Aslan?s defenses to be missing the forest for the trees.? Read more »

Bill Maher and Sam Harris give Ben Affleck a good kicking over Islam

Ben Affleck is an ignorant idiot on things to do with Islam.

This is a must watch. Bill Maher and his guest Sam Harris are absolutely correct and present fact after fact after fact to Ben Affleck.

Watch Ben Affleck sulk.

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Tom Clancy dies

One of my favourite authors has died.

Tom Clancy has died.

Tom Clancy, whose high-tech, Cold War thrillers such as?The Hunt for Red Octoberand?Patriot Games?made him the most widely read and influential military novelist of his time, has died. He was 66.? Read more »