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Helping Christchurch and New Zealand Rebuild #eqnz

Like most New Zealanders I have had a feeling of helplessness following the Christchurch earthquake. As much as many of us have wanted to go down there and shovel silt and help people repair their houses, it is not practical. Donations are great but it is not the same as actually doing something physical to help.

It is not just Christchurch that has taken a pounding. New Zealand?s economy has a $16 billion hole in it and this is going to hurt New Zealand for years, even as Christchurch is being rebuilt.

I read a brilliant article in the Sydney morning Herald?by Ben Groundwater entitled Friendliest people on earth need you … to visit:

Over here, calls have been going out for donations to help those affected, but we?ve had our own fair share of natural disasters lately, so it can be hard to keep doling out the dollars.

There is, however, a win-win solution: spend your holidays this year in New Zealand. Give money by injecting it into the economy, and enjoy yourself in the process.

It?s not just friendly people you?ll find in NZ ? that?s just something I picked out because it was what impressed me the most. Scenery-wise, it?s like a little slice of Europe that?s been dumped in the middle of our ocean. Culture-wise, it?s a rich mix of Maori, Islander and Western customs.

Plus, there are hobbit-infested mountains, beautiful islands,?really high things to throw yourself off of, good wine,?awesome beer, world-class coffee, half-decent rugby players, and loads and loads of sheep.

This has got me thinking about what we can all do to help in the long term, and to grow New Zealand?s economy so we can rebuild Christchurch quicker.

What I have come up with is a massive internet campaign asking people to take holidays in New Zealand. Increased tourist numbers will give a massive boost to our economy, and is the one way our friends overseas can personally help us.

So I am asking all my family overseas to come home for their holidays every holiday for the next few years to show they care. I am asking my kiwi mates overseas to do the same thing. And I am asking all my foreign mates to come here for their holidays to help us all out.

I?ll be doing this with my blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. I?ll email all my friends in the next week or so, and I will call a few people too.

Can you all consider posting something along these lines, and encourage your readers to change their facebook status to

?Help New Zealand Rebuild. Take your next holiday in New Zealand?

Help New Zealand Rebuild. Take your next holiday in New Zealand

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