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D?j? vu: NZ Journalist, criminal hack, wikileaks and Kim Dotcom

Here we go again. Is this the new normal for politics? I guess it is. This time round instead of hacking Whaleoil, Rawshark 2.0 has gone directly after the National Government. No doubt emboldened by the fact that Rawshark has never been brought to justice they have allegedly stolen 2 terabytes of information. The only difference this time round is that the journalist (who once again is linked to Kim Dotcom) is not writing a book with the stolen information but is allegedly running away to Russia to claim asylum while the stolen information apparently is destined for Wikileaks.

Is this a Martyn Bradbury drug induced?fantasy? Is the journalist in question really that afraid or even a journalist? Suzie Dawson? Never heard of her. Our sources say she was a member of Occupy and a prolific tweeter during Dirty Politics. Even Martyn Bradbury calls her a blogger rather than a journalist. At one stage she took up a friendship with fraudster Ben Rachinger who December last year pleaded guilty to obtaining by deception and who is now awaiting sentencing. Ben Rachinger you may remember is the young man who approached Whaleoil offering to help us catch Rawshark after we were hacked.We were so taken in by him that we asked him to assist the New Zealand Police with their enquiries.

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Ben Rachinger

Let’s hope today’s court appearance by Ben Rachinger pleading guilty is the last of him as far as we are concerned.

Our story with him goes back a bit. ?He first appeared when he did a political video purporting to represent how the younger people might view politics. ?These have since been deleted, as is part of his modus operandi.

That was part of the path of gaining our trust. ?He did it quite publicly, and a lot of you actually kept a fairly close ?eye on him through Twitter, Medium and his various appearances on other blogs.

But it did all come apart at the seams, and Whaleoil has covered it all in some detail.

As he tried to turn all the media against us, we released a media statement to say that the Ben Rachinger hack never happened, and that the hack was never ordered.

But there was a court case to come, so we said nothing else until Cam Slater was offered and took diversion. ?After that, this blog could dissect a lot of the evidence against Ben Rachinger in detail.

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Ben Rachinger pleads guilty to theft by deception

The news has been out for a while that the man who spent months worming his way into Cam Slater’s confidence only to turn around and stitch him up stood in court today and admitted to the judge that he did exactly what he was accused of: ?taking money from Cameron Slater in exchange for showing him information he said he obtained from The Standard through accessing it illegally.

Rachinger?had led Cam to believe he already had hacked The Standard and was sending “samples” for Cam to see so he would part with $5000 for all of it. ?Cam never ordered the hack. ?There is nothing in evidence proving that Cam did. ? What is in evidence is Ben Rachinger providing progress reports into the investigation of who Rawshark was. ?This touched on The Standard as a potential accomplice in the Rawshark hack, and he started providing Cam with fake evidence and reports to make Cam believe this was true.

A hack was never ordered.

A hack never took place.

Which is why the crime Ben Rachinger was charged with involves fraud, and not hacking.

There are suppression orders in place on this appearance as well, which makes it difficult to freely discuss the situation without running into further trouble – the last thing we want to do. ? As a result, the comments on this post will be disabled. ?I don’t want any of you to accidentally get yourself, or by extension, us, in trouble. ? Read more »

Media Statement from Cameron Slater on Benjamin Rachinger and the hack of The Standard that never actually happened

Media Statement from Cameron Slater on Benjamin Rachinger and the hack of The Standard that never actually happened.

A lot of time has passed since the criminal hacker took the bulk of my emails and Facebook chats as part of a planned conspiracy against the Right. ?And a significant amount of time has passed since my last public statement about Ben Rachinger and the alleged hacking into The Standard blog. ?

A lot has happened. A lot continues to happen. And my approach has been to say almost nothing to stop it getting in the way of several police complaints, active investigations and court cases I am directly or peripherally involved in. Mostly as the complainant, I’d like to add.

All of this is connected to Kim Dotcom, to the NZ Police, to the NZ Herald, TV3, Colin Craig and several people I can still not name due to other court commitments. ?But the Ben Rachinger ?The Standard hack? issue has now resolved itself to the point where it can be talked about with some degree of isolation without getting in the way of the other issues before the authorities.

Today, with the lifting of the Police-requested and Court-ordered suppression, I am taking the opportunity to do two things.?

I?m going to make a number of factual statements today in this release, and I am going to write a number of articles that will delve into some of the detail of what has developed. ?The first will be published on later today. Read more »

When it comes to Ben Rachinger, even his victims remain blinkered

Rangi Kemara - via Twitter

Rangi Kemara – via Twitter

Rangi Kemara, the man fingered by Ben Rachinger as the person responsible for hacking and stealing my emails and other data, has been keeping an eye on things and commenting publicly on Twitter. ?It’s mostly to mock me for being a fool, and the fact that Whaleoil is still up and running only because 1) I’m not an important enough target and 2) he can’t be bothered driving the truck through all the security holes he knows about.

All that is vintage Rangi.

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Ben Rachinger is the most honest person in New Zealand


Most truthful. ?So not entirely truthful.


RS = Rawshark, WD = Whaledump

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Ben Rachinger, Cameron Slater and the journalist that wanted to pay in blow jobs


Ben Rachinger, Cameron Slater and the journalist that wanted to pay in blow jobs

Ben has had a rocky ride with media in New Zealand. ?As it appeared he had information about Cameron Slater that was going to be negative, media were drawn to him as a moth to a flame. ?Cameron Slater stories sell papers and get people to tune in.

After he released intimate private photos of a New Zealand journalist however, that relationship between Ben and the NZ Media turned sour. ?Nobody wanted to be anywhere near him, with the exception of Lisa Owen and Tim Watkin of Mediaworks/TV3/The Nation. ?

Dragging up the history of Ben doing something that low is an easy way to fill a blog post, but I decided not to do it. ?In spite of the journalist?s feelings about me, which are hostile to the extreme, I saw no reason to rip that story back open just to kick Ben in the shins.

That story was dead, buried and irrelevant. ?And yet, here we are. ?What happened? ? Read more »

Rangi Kemara* shows Ben Rachinger how to hack a blog

If you arrived at this article without the background, you need to first cast your eye over


Before we start today, a disclaimer: ?*I do not claim any of the material that Ben Rachinger sent me, or conversations he had with me to be true. ?It can all be true. ?It can all be a lie and/or fabricated. ?It is likely a mixture of both. ?I do not claim that Rangi Kemara is Rawshark. ?All I claim is that Ben Rachinger went through great lengths to ?convince me.

Remember:?The Media Party have all claimed that what Ben Rachinger has said about me is all true, and so if that is true then they must start believing that this is true too.

How to hack The Standard, or Whaleoil, or The Daily Blog, or Kiwiblog…

Ben sent some screen shots of a conversation he claims he had with Rangi Kemara. ? Here’s the part of our conversation where that happened:

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A rare treat: David Fisher interviews Cameron Slater (EXCLUSIVE!)


The New Zealand Herald’s David Fisher invited me to an interview about the Ben Rachinger The Standard Hack story. ?My first inclination was to do what I always do with David’s emails: ?chuckle and delete. ? However, I have subsequently invited people to ask for interviews so I thought, “why not?”.

David and I have a tumultuous history, and it is no secret that I consider him to be hostile to me. ?I don’t believe he can be trusted to take my words and represent them honestly. ?I also have good reason to believe that he was complicit in the Whaledump saga, and directly connected to Hager and Rawshark regarding my?hacked emails and data.

So I will do David’s interview, but I’ll answer the questions on my blog. ?That way I can be assured that the answers won’t get re-engineered. ?That said, I have no doubt David will subsequently quote from this and manage to make black look like white anyway. ?Such is the game. ? Read more »

The Identification of Rawshark – by Ben Rachinger

If you have arrived at this article without first reading my press statement?and the first of these articles, then you may not have the context to understand what follows. ?Take the time to catch up, and then return here.


Ben Rachinger wrote a comprehensive report for me on his work in trying to expose Rawshark, the hacker of Whaleoil, and the provider of the data to Nicky Hager.

It is attached in its original form below, but let me step you through some of it here.


I don?t claim any of this information to be true. ?I don?t claim any of it to be factual. ?All I claim is that this is the document that Ben Rachinger sent to me.? The media party have all claimed that what Ben Rachinger has said about me is all true, and so if that is true then they must start believing that this is true too. Read more »