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Sometimes you do have wonder at the mentality of some people

This is Ben Uffindel’s idea of a joke…to glorify the murderous Islamic terror group ISIL (ISIS) by changing his logo at The Civilian.

Sometimes satire just falls flat.


I don’t know how he thinks that is a good idea.? Read more »


Finally someone addresses the elephant in the room for the left wing

Philip Matthews is a Twitter troll, and a journalist. He is a lot like John Drinnan, just with a smaller newspaper to bleat on it.

His?constant harping and screeching about Dirty Politics led me to block him, he like many journalists think Twitter is the real world. He still misses the point of Dirty Politics. It was an attempt to silence, in my case permanently, opposing political voices.

Nonetheless he has written an article in the DomPost addressing the elephant in the room…the left wings very own dirty politics brigade (but without the influence or relevance).

The left?wing mistook Twitter and blogging for the real world, and failed in their attempts to get me.

But are they part of the problem rather than the solution….after all Martyn Martin Bradbury established The Daily Blog with union funding to be “a Whaleoil killer”…and failed. He never even got close to his stated goal of a million pagewiews a month before the election.

In a parallel universe, David Cunliffe is the prime minister of New Zealand presiding over a Labour-NZ First minority government in a happy arrangement with the Green Party. Internet Mana, backed by German entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, has a few MPs in Parliament, including veteran activist Hone Harawira.

ACT is already history and former Prime Minister John Key has taken a long holiday in Hawaii.

Wake up. The Left was soundly defeated in the 2014 election.

“I think it’s fair to say we haven’t had dreams in colour since September 20,” says Left-wing activist and blogger Martyn Bradbury.

He freely admits he got it horribly wrong. That was his election prediction above. He “didn’t consider for one moment” that voters would rally to National and that high levels of early voting meant that New Zealanders were backing Key.

Instead, Labour had its worst result since 1922, the Greens slipped below their 2011 peak and Harawira is out of Parliament. “Despondent” is a good word to describe how those on the Left feel.

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Taxpayer funded Ben Uffindel in the Herald on Sunday

Ben Uffindel writes a piece for the Herald on Sunday.

I do wonder though where the promotor statement is, he is after all running a political party this election and is being funded by taxpayer to do so.

Nevertheless he is quite funny when he tries.

As I watched Thursday night’s debate between a relaxed blue tie and a concerned red tie, I couldn’t help but feel our country needed a similar rebranding.

How you perceive this election really depends on your political allegiance.

If you’re a big National supporter, you’ve got nothing to worry about, and subsequently nothing to invest in.

If you hate National, there’s a high chance you think this is the most important election of our generation, that this is the most right-wing government in New Zealand history, and there’s a vague chance your house is bugged.

I envy you in your fantasy world, Martyn Bradbury, because if you’re absolutely anyone else, it’s boring.

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Blog running as satire party gets $33,000 tax payer funding [ UPDATED ]


Tax payers’ money is hard enough to come by when you’re the government. ?To see it handed out to a blogger who started a joke party doesn’t thrill me.

The Electoral Commission last night released its allocation of public funding for political parties’ TV and radio advertising for the upcoming campaign and the allocation of time for each party in opening and closing addresses broadcast on TVNZ and Radio NZ.

National’s funding was trimmed from $1.18 million in 2011 to $1.05 million this year. Labour’s funding was cut from $1.18 million to $920,000.

The Greens, who received $307,000 in 2011, will receive $401,000 this year, while Winston Peters’ NZ First gets $201,000 ? double what it received in 2011.

The Maori Party’s funding is slashed by $60,000 to $100,000 while Act suffers an even deeper cut, going from $163,000 to $77,000 ? the same amount as new entrants the combined internet Mana party, Peter Dunne’s United Future and former NZ First MP Brendan Horan’s likely political vehicle, the NZ Independent Coalition.

Colin Craig’s Conservative Party receives $60,000, up from $20,000 in 2011.

Among the minnows, satirist Ben Uffindel’s Civilian Party gets $33,600.

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It is satire but sadly oh so true

With media becoming campaigners for this cause and that cause, investing themselves in making the news and being the news rather than reporting the news it comes as no surprise that Ben Uffindel has decided to lampoon it.

Sadly, though his post is satire there is more than similarities with real life than we would like to admit.

The Privy Council in London yesterday ruled in favour of the New Zealand media, who put forth the argument that the 2002 conviction of Mark Lundy should be overturned, as it would provide national media with a much-needed news event.

Having heard the media?s appeal of Lundy?s case back in July, the Law Lords of the Privy Council unanimously ruled that Lundy, who was convicted for the murder of his wife and children on August 29th, 2000, had faced a significant miscarriage of justice, and that, even if he hadn?t, the national interest of ?having journalists run around outside courtrooms, concocting softball questions to cobble together a feel-good narrative about a once-reviled, now-vindicated man? far outweighed the potential consequences of setting him free.? Read more »

The Civilian’s take on the “Man Ban”

Ben Uffindel at The Civilian has a hilarious take on Labour’s proposed “man ban”. it could be satire but I think the plan could work in Hutt South.

The Labour Party is divided today over a proposal to ban Trevor Mallard from standing in electorates.

Documents leaked to the media yesterday have revealed that the Labour Party is concerned about the lack of people in its caucus who aren?t Trevor Mallard, and is set to propose a new series of candidate selection rules that will ban the Shadow Leader of the House from contesting certain electorates.

One memo, which was leaked to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, argued that people who weren?t Trevor Mallard were ?underrepresented? in caucus, and that the number of Trevor Mallard on the party list did not accurately reflect the proportion of Trevor Mallard in the population at large.? Read more »

The Civilian on the Media, Wellington, Gilmore and Bullshit

Ben Uffindel at The Civilian comments on the media, Wellington, Gilmore and Bullshit:

New Zealand?s media are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after a bullshit story with zero news value miraculously saved them from the end of another.

Journalists, who were beginning to fear that they might have to cover real news, were anxious after this morning?s press conference with disgraced MP Aaron Gilmore yielded an emotional apology that seemed to prevent the story from evolving any further.

?It was a terrible position to be in,? said?Campbell Live?field reporter Rebecca Wright. ?We really thought we?d have to go back to covering substantive issues like the economy, or the other one. But then we heard what John Key said.?? Read more »

The Civilian on Kim Dotcom

Very funny, and eerily descriptive of 3News and the NZ Herald. The Civilian takes a potshot at Kim Dotcom:

Citing what he sees as a broadcasting media biased toward the interests of the United States government, internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is planning to establish his own independent television channel here in New Zealand.

The channel,?Kim TV, will feature 24 hours of nonstop Kim Dotcom-related programming, including interviews with the German-born immigrant, conspiracy documentaries about the U.S. Justice Department, and hours of original music he made in his bedroom.

It will also feature a news ticker at the bottom of the screen that will act as a live feed of Dotcom?s thousands of self-aggrandizing tweets, video game high scores and statistics about traffic to his new file sharing website Mega.

Dotcom said he hoped the channel would give a voice to those fighting to liberalise copyright laws, with countless hours of programming devoted to pictures of him posing with attractive women and obscenely expensive items.? Read more »

Mocking Colin Craig and his Numpty Lawyer

Ben Uffindel has responded to the legal threats by Colin Craig.

Good to see he has some stones.

Dear Mr. McKay,

Thank you for your email. The Civilian was horrified to learn that it had misquoted Mr. Craig in the article in question, and if you visit our website, you will see that we have taken urgent action to rectify our terrible mistake.

We would never dream of making Mr. Craig look ridiculous. Indeed, we?re quite content to leave that up to him.

I have attached to this email the retraction statement you requested, along with my signature, which we hope you will find satisfactory:

retractionstatement Read more »

Colin Craig is the stupidest man on earth

Colin Craig is genuinely stupid. He has issued a legal threat to satirical blogger Ben Uffindel at The Civilian. You have to read it to believe it…surely this is some sort of pisstake.

I mean high priced corporate lawyer, John McKay ?can’t even get his client’s name right.


I mean WTF? Who is Mr Crag and what did he say? Can you believe this?? Read more »